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Thriving on Change John Oechsle Executive VP Strategy & Product

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un-keynote for Rocky Mountain ProductCamp on 11/13/2010


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Thriving on Change

John OechsleExecutive VP Strategy & Product

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Thriving on Change• Adaptive industries, organizations, and

individuals– People continuously adapt to new

situations to prosper and thrive– Effective communication– Constant change keeps organizations agile– Continuous learning

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First satellite imageAugust 18, 1960

CoronaDiscoverer 14 mission

Mid-air recovery of film bucketsBlack & white

25-foot resolution

Mys Schmidta Airfield, Russia

Changing Industry

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WorldView-2 Electronic downlinkMt Merapi, Indonesia Natural colorNovember 12, 2010 12-inch resolution

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Organizational Change

• Either fostered or hindered• Change is ongoing, not an event• Stable reference points help people

cope with change• Leadership is critical

Page 7: Thriving on change

Individual Change

• People don’t resist change, we resist being changed

• Some thrive, others are hostile• Different approaches to coping

Page 8: Thriving on change

Adapting to Changing Markets• Multi-source product concepts –

from customers, R+D, market analysis of domains

• Research - market potential, compelling reasons to buy

• Value proposition and business justification; prioritize, re-prioritize

• Target Market Initiative (TMI) details Whole Product – deep understanding of specific customer problem







Business Justification


Product Lifecycle - Decision Points

Page 9: Thriving on change

Turning Around Product

Joint Dev Projects

Early Adopters Beta Launch

Decision Points

• Proven Market Potential– Establish joint development partners– Early adopters for test and feedback– Refine product

– Rigorous decision points for go/no-go– Launch with full marketing & sales support

Page 10: Thriving on change

Take Aways• Industry, organizational, and personal

transitions to change• Change can be enabled, but not managed• Knowledge and communication are

essential• Rapid delivery provides important early

experience and feedback• Keep learning…and have fun doing it

Page 11: Thriving on change

Questions & Interaction

Page 12: Thriving on change

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