time's furious passing

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Post on 04-Jul-2015



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Focused moment for West Hill United, www.westhill.net, for October 9th, Thanksgiving Sunday.


  • 1. An eternity of thanksgivingand still the world would turn and turn into new beginnings,

2. new beauty,new wonder. 3. There can be no end to gratitude, 4. to heartsstilledinamazement, 5. to breath stopped by wonder, 6. to minds sparked by possibility. 7. But we whoseheartsbeat instaid,sedateandsteadyrhythm, 8. whose breath is measured, unengaged, u 9. whose minds are numbed by thelength of our days 10. we could starvefor lack of inspiration. 11. May we feelthe rush of time before us approachingwith a fierce,irreversible zeal. 12. May we boldlyopen our arms, stand nakedbefore itsturbulent truth, 13. and know that it is all we ever have to lose. 14. Then, with hearts caught in wonder, grace, and gratitude, 15. may we dance in timesfurious passing 16. and learnto lovethe dance.