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  • 1. (Social) Networking and your Career Plan
    • Tina Watson
  • http:// www.linkedin.com/in/twatson
  • [email_address]

2. Key Principal of Networking

  • What can I do for you?
  • (not what can you do for me?)

3. The Handshake 4. Business Cards

  • Free sites:
  • www.vistaprint.com
  • www.marketsplash.com
  • Make your own
  • www.avery.com , paper from Staples

5. Events

  • Attend 2-3/week
  • Choose a few that fit you to attend regularly
  • Make at least 2 new contacts at each
  • Notes on back of business cards
  • It takes at least 2-3 separate interactions for someone to be part of your network.

6. Where to find events?

  • Spark newsletters -www.annarborusa.org
  • GLITR (Great Lakes IT Report) calendar -http://www.wwj.com/pages/1665369.php
  • A2geeks.org mailing list
  • Meetup groups www.meetup.com(e.g. A2 Newtech meetup)
  • ConnecTech www.connectech.org

7. Good newbie groups

  • LA2M Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing Wednesdays 11:45 Connor ONeills
  • A2B3 Ann Arbor BiBimBop Thursdays, 11:30Eastern Accents
  • These groups have some structure and pass-the-mike introductions

8. More networking places

  • PMI (free if unemployed)http://pmi-hvc.org /
  • Automation Alley
  • TechTown ( www.techtownwsu.org )
  • Michigan Council of Women In Technology ( www.mcwt.org )
  • Womens Exchange of Washtenawhttp:// wxwbusiness.com /

9. Linked In 10. Recruiters

  • Include recruiters in your network
  • Establish a relationship directly with recruiters check in with them periodically
  • Every vendor has a set of firms they work with use more than one
  • You should not have to pay the recruiter
  • Note:This is not a recruiters market, but they still have some opportunities

11. Growing Companies

  • Find companies that are growing and build connections
  • www.concentratemedia.com
  • www.metromode.com
  • www.modeldmedia.com

12. Example:Finding a contact www.concentratemedia.com Oct 2008 13. Example 2:Finding a contact www.concentratemedia.com Oct 2008 14. Linked In to do list

  • Create a profile photo, job history
  • Customize your link (use it in your email signature, business card, etc.)
  • Add websites and customize the names
  • Recommend someone (unsolicited recommendations feel great!)
  • Ask for a recommendation
  • Join a group start with college alumni
  • Answer a question
  • Search companies
  • Research your interviewers

15. Facebook and Twitter

  • Business/groups beginning to use facebook
  • Fan Pages
  • Different networks
  • Twitter use is growing
  • Reserve your name

16. Some References

  • Facebook and Twitter and Blogs, OH MY! Word Factoryhttp://www.ttms.org/margotlester/DETROIT_Social_Media_Packet_2.pdf
  • 10 Ways to use Linked In Guy Kawasaki
    • http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2007/01/ten_ways_to_use.html
  • Twitter
    • http://www.optimalwebworks.com/- search on this site for 'Twitter Tools'