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Photography as a topic of discussion, needs technical and visual backing to make it engaging and easily understood by the audience.

Here are some do’s and don’ts while hosting photography webinars.

PLATFORM AS CREATIVE AS YOU:To make your photography webinar hosting a more engaging and effective experience use a platform that suits your creative needs.Ideally a webinar platform with relatively more advanced options that would help you explore your creative freedom.

FROM YOU, FOR THEM:You might know your subject really well but remember that your audience is there to learn and use fewer technical terms and more descriptive images to explain, based on the average level of understanding of your attendees.

PERSONAL WORK:Make sure to introduce yourself with a little help from your successful work. But remember not to brag because nobody wants to listen to a know it all. Humanize yourself and be open to interaction.

FREE! FREE! FREE!If this is your first time then start with hosting a free webinar, not just for you but also for your attendees. This will give you your first fighting chance to make your attendees want to come back to know more from you.

CHOOSE WISELY:Don’t try to cover a very vast range of topics. Keep it precise and choose wisely exactly what you want to talk about.Don’t sway from your topic stick to the point.

DEMONSTRATE:If a difficult subject is being covered then depending on your time constraints, demonstrate the process at least in short. Once they have been bombarded with theoretical information, they will want to know how it is actually done.

HAVE FUN:Unless you are having a very serious discussions, try to make it lively with fun pictures and assignments that you have worked on. Don’t overdo it, keep it factual yet subtly funny.  

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