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Tips for Social Selling Professionals Transforming the way you sell

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  • 1.Tips for Social Selling Professionals Transforming the way you sell

2. Developing a Reputation: Building a strong online reputation that showcases your experience and increases your credibility Gathering Intelligence: Researching social information to prepare for sales conversations Building your Network: Developing relationships with people who can share information and provide referrals Offering Insights: Providing meaningful insights that earn opportunities to engage with and influence contacts Using Social Selling Solutions: Taking advantage of innovative selling solutions such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator What is Social Selling? 2 3. Why Apply Social Selling Techniques? 3 The best reps are not just present in social media, they position themselves as credible and influential sources in customer networks. -Sales Executive Council 4. Why Apply Social Selling Techniques? The B2B social buyer relies on social media and online communities during the purchase process. -ITSMA 4 5. Why Apply Social Selling Techniques? 5 Effective use of sales intelligence increases revenue productivity per sales rep by 17%.* CSO Insights *2011 analysis 6. Where are you on the social selling spectrum? 6 Weak Online REPUTATION NOT Gathering INTELLIGENCE Reactively Building NETWORK NOT Contributing INSIGHTS NOT Using Social Selling SOLUTIONS Laggards Tip-Toers Leaders Low High Strong Online REPUTATION Gathering INTELLIGENCE Proactively Building NETWORK Contributing INSIGHTS Using Social Selling SOLUTIONS 7. 7 Build Your PROFILE 5 Steps to Becoming a Social Selling Pro Gather INTELLIGENCE Develop Your NETWORK Contribute INSIGHTS 1 2 3 4 Use Social Selling SOLUTIONS5 8. 1. Build a Strong Professional Profile Add a photo, experience and skills that showcase the brand of YOU 8 9. 9 2. Gather Intelligence Be prepared for every interaction by researching contacts and companies 10. 10 3. Proactively Develop Your Network Build trusted relationships who can support your professional objectives 11. 11 4. Contribute Insights Share ideas through status updates, and participate in groups 12. 12 5. Use Social Selling Solutions Sales Navigator: LinkedIn Premium for sales professionals Build prospect lists with Lead Builder Reveal full profiles of 3rd degree contacts with advanced search Leverage co-worker connections with Team Link 13. Best of luck in your journey to becoming a social selling professional! 13 For more information: or