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This is a simple presentation for those who need to know the basics of twitter usage, to facilitate for them its utilization


  • 1.SOCIAL MEDIATrainingTwitterCairo, January 10, 2011Jasmine AladdinSocial Media Marketing Specialist

2. What is Twitter?!Micro- Sharing bloggingPicturesVideosHot TopicsBriefMessages On-the-YourSpotnewsBrand Engagement Public & Asking OpenQuestions. Givinganswers 2Mobile, social media & Email marketing18/01/2011integrated 3. Twitter Account could be about NewsPublic FiguresCorporate NewsCelebritiesEventsPolitics Photography3 Twitter Basics 18/01/2011 4. Your Twitter ProfileYour twitter name like: website domain name Careful Choice for the name. Represent your business linein your twitter name if you can (CompanyNamePR) (company name Adv)(CompanyName IT) Etc.Branding your Account Professional AccountBranding your Personal Account Your Bio Information. - Make it friendly. Your corporate identity background. - Talk about yourself Interests. Your Logo.4 Twitter Basics 18/01/2011 5. Your Twitter Profile : Brand YourselfLead your company. (put your Company Logo butyour name to attribute yourself). 100% personal branding.Your logo, ur profile in theMutual Branding.avatar and your own bio not theEmployees with their namescompanys. photos but your company logo.5Twitter Basics 18/01/2011 6. Your Twitter Profile : Hashtags #Attribute any topic to the hash sign in order to identify it. To spread info in an organizedmannerFollow common topics discussed Find a certain Topic Join any topic Dont forget the HASHTAG of it.Give your Hashtag Context (explain it No Vagueness)Dont overuse them (Spams).Make sure it has a value. (So people would follow you).They are beneficial in Events (early reminder).6 Twitter Basics18/01/2011 7. TimelineIs the newsfeed in twitter of thoseSearches: you chose to follow. The place where you can search for aMentions topicPeople replying to one of your tweets. You can save your search.Engaging you in their discussions. ListsRetweets: Followers or people you follow; thatThe Tweets that you re-share you choose to group under one list(retweet).To get similar feeds of people with Tweets that are retweeted by Others.common interests.Your Tweets Retweeted by Others. 7Twitter Basics 18/01/2011 8. Your Twitter Profile : How to list and Be Listed?ListsChoose toList peopleaccording to theircategorization.8 Twitter Basics18/01/2011 9. Trending Topics Trending Topics :Hot current topics on twitterThe Most Tweeted about topicsYou can Make it World Wide or Choose Local Trends.9 Twitter Basics 18/01/2011 10. Your TwitterFollowing & Followers Following : People you choose to follow.Followers : People who choose to follow you.P.s: You can Protect your tweets.Messages : You cant message someone who is not following you.Favorites : tweets you choose to list as Favorite.10 Twitter Basics18/01/2011 11. Your Twitter Profile : Find People!11 Twitter Basics 18/01/2011 12. Your Twitter ProfileAdd the people you already know.Check the people who mention you.Check the people who follow youRead the Bio and decide who to follow.Search for the kind of people you want to followPromote others and they will promote youP.s: - Finding people in your town --Twellowhood 12 Twitter Basics18/01/2011 13. Your Twitter : Learn the Lingo DM = Direct Message @ = Use to reply and always include proceeding a Twitter ID in a reply RT = Retweet Tweet = Sending a message on Twitter Tw + any other word. A fun practice on Twitter is to develop a new twist on oldwords. For example, Tworld = Twitter world, and Tweeples = Those who use Twitter.You get the picture.WebsiteAdd your twitter Account to : Social MediaEmail Signature Networks Newsletters Business card13 Twitter Basics 18/01/2011 14. Interact Egypt7B Omar Shaaban,Nasr city, Cairo Grazie! 18/01/201114