todds 18 present to his friends and supporters

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Todd is a Bundaberg resident who's grown up a tad differently than most of us - at the age of 18 some special people in his life tell his story


  • 1. Todd s 18 th Birthday I want to thank everybody who has helped me have the best life and also kept my mum and dad sane !!!
  • 2. In the beginning.
    • I was born in Mackay on March 26 1988.
    • It was The International Year of the Child.
    • My Mum, Dad, Ben and Luke thought I was pretty special
    • Little did they know just how special.
  • 3.
    • I grew up on a yacht called Tere Hau Moana. My dad looked after me while Mum and my two bros went to school.
    • It was a great life.
    • I didnt know that I was different until I started school . I am Autistic and I also am mentally impaired which means my brain doesnt work that good.
  • 4. Ben, Dad and I having fun at home.
  • 5. School days
    • When I was two we came to live in Bundaberg. We still lived on our yacht at Elliott Heads. I started school and my Dad had some free time to himself.
    • School was so good cos My mum was with me .
    • Eventually I went to Special School where I met more kids like me.
  • 6. Holidays .
    • My mum and Dad are so good to me . They take me on holidays all over Australia and sometimes overseas like Fiji and NZ.
    • We have lots of fun and meet heaps of people.
  • 7. Fun around the Pool.
  • 8. My Big Bros
    • Ben is my brother and I love it when he comes home cos he takes me places like, to the movies or to bowling. He picks me up from school and drives me home. I make him laugh when I sing.Selma came from Portugal to meet me. She gave me a great soccer shirt.
    • Luke is my brother and he spoils me too. He buys me cool clothes and DVDs.
    • When Luke comes home he takes me to the Go-Carts or the beach.
    • Louie is Lukes girlfriend and she is cool.She comes from Perth. I went there to see her a few years ago.
  • 9. At Lukes Air Base in Perth.
  • 10. Ben and Selma
  • 11. Luke and Louie
  • 12. Now I am 18!
    • Lots of people ask me what I want to do. Well I dont know I think I will just chill out with My mum and Dad until I can live by myself when I am older.I know I am different but I still can do lots of things.
    • My mum wants to write a book and call it Mr T .
    • My Dad wants to go sailing with mum and me too.. I hope
  • 13. Jenny, My special friend who I stay with in Gympie
  • 14. Xmas 2005/6
  • 15. I started my love of drivinganything
    • I started with a Go Cart. I had a motor bike for a while but I just love my Bush bashers!!!!
    • Dad reckons I have had 14 cars.
    • Cortina, Chevy-Luv ,Mini-Moke, Ford XD, Corolla, Datsun 200B,Corolla,
    • Camira ,Lancer, Datsun 120Y, Laser, Datsun 1200,Corona
  • 16. Doing Doughies!!!!
  • 17. Schizophrenia. I almost forgot to tell you that I am suffering from schizophrenia. It is really a bit scary but I am OK if I take my tablets. Lots of people suffer from depression and I have a type of that.
  • 18. My Mum with her friends and mine too.
  • 19. Thank you
    • Thank you for being my friend and a friend to my special family.
    • You have really helped Mum, Dad Ben and Luke especially when I have been a pain .
    • Dont feel sorry for me cos I have a great life .
    • Why wouldnt I when I have such cool people in my family !!!
  • 20. Think about this
    • If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
    • Perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
    • Let him step to the music he hears
    • However measured or far away.