todds box pp1. dont dont dont means do not dont pick it up, todd

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Todd’s Box pp1 pp1

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Todds Box pp1 Slide 2 Dont dont Dont means do not Dont pick it up, Todd. Slide 3 Of of Of means taken fromOf means taken from This is not a box of rock!This is not a box of rock! Slide 4 So so So mean thus, thereforeSo mean thus, therefore The ant is so little.The ant is so little. Slide 5 Words to Remember Dont is a contraction for do notDont is a contraction for do not Of mean taken fromOf mean taken from So means thus, therefore.So means thus, therefore. Slide 6 1.S ay the words. 2.R ead the sentence. 3.F ill in the blank. Slide 7 Kim and Pam ______ to help. now of want dont so Slide 8 My book is _____ funny. dontdont tootoo soso ofof helphelp Slide 9 See the pile ____ rocks. wantwant soso nownow ofof dontdont Slide 10 Mom, will you _____ me? soso help help of of too too dont dont Slide 11 I __________ need help. playplay dont dont now now so so of of Slide 12 Say the Sight Words allall amam areare dontdont ofof so up we yellow you Say them again!! Slide 13 The End Created by amiller