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TOEFL IBT SPEAKING TRONG PHAN THI NOI GOM 6 PART: Part 1: hobbies and description Part2: preference and opinion Part 3+4: listening and reading Part 5: problem and solution Part6: listening and sum up PART 1: Chia lam 2 phan hobbies va description Hobbies Question: 1. What is your favorite colour? Sport? Dish? Fruit? T.V show? Book? Season? 2. What will your job in ten year time? 3. Which subjects do you like the best? 4. What is your ideal life?

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Tips for speaking TOEFL


Page 1: TOEFL Ibt Speaking


TRONG PHAN THI NOI GOM 6 PART: Part 1: hobbies and descriptionPart2: preference and opinionPart 3+4: listening and readingPart 5: problem and solutionPart6: listening and sum up

PART 1: Chia lam 2 phan hobbies va description Hobbies Question:

1. What is your favorite colour? Sport? Dish? Fruit? T.V show? Book? Season?

2. What will your job in ten year time?3. Which subjects do you like the best?4. What is your ideal life?5. Which part do you like in TOEFL test?6. What do you do when it is sunny?7. Your favorite time of the year?8. What do you treasure most in life?9. What do you expect in your parents?10. If you have a wish, what would you wish?11. What should student do in holiday?

Page 2: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

12. What do you miss most when you are away from home? ( cac ban suu tap them cau hoi de tu luyen)

TEMPLATE:Personally, S + V … due to two reasons / because of two reasons. First and foremost/ firstly, A enables me to…../ with A, I can… (Add examples vao de lam supporting sentences)Secondly, thanks to A , I can … / only by V-ing, can i …(Add examples vao lam supporting sentences)

EXAMPLE: Personally I love money the most due to 2 reasons. Firstly, money enables me to satisfy my hobbies. For example, I love fashion so much; with money I can buy a lot of brand name clothes which are so expensive.

Secondly, thank to money, I can help a lot of people in society. For instance, now, there are a lot of people who do not have shelter, food and medical care. So, by having money, I can meet these basic needs for them.


QUESTION : phan nay doi hoi mo ta su kien , vat, nguoi, place

1. Describe a book you‘d read, explain why it is important.

Page 3: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

2. Important study aid material? Describe?3. Describe dream house?4. Des job you had, why important?5. What make a good neighbor?6. How is birthday celebrated in your country?7. Des the person you want to meet? Why/8. Des the most popular event in your country?9. des the place in your country you would

recommend others to visit.10. des one of political events in you country?11. Quality of a good teacher?12. des one of your favorite room in your house

and say why you like it ?13. des the painting you have seen explain why

like it14. des the poem ? why like it15. des your first day at school why like or not16. des happy time in your life why like17. What make a good politician? (president)18. Quality of a good son/ daughter?19. des a poem ?20. des a job you admire ?


1. EVENT: mo ta su kien

A is celebrated in a/an adj… way Before the …A…, preparation ( noi ve su chuan bi truoc su kien) 2-3 cau

Page 4: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

On the A…., Activities ( mo ta hoat dong dien ra trong skien) 2- 3cau

After the…., your feeling ( dung mot cau noi ve feeling cua you ve skien de chot lai)

Example: Des one of the political event in your country? The Election Day is one of the biggest political events in my country. Before the event, streets are clean and decorated with a lot of flowers and slogans of candidates.

On the event, citizens get up early than usual. They dress well and concentrate on central sections to welcome new candidates.

After the event, everybody feel more proud of their countries.

2- mo ta vat and explain

Describe materials and give reasons why you like them.

Firstly, describe appearance: color, size, materialSecondly, describe function of that material (thuong la giai tri hay phuc vu hoc tap cong viec)

and the reasons why you like them. ( ly do thuong la ban duoc cha me tang nhan dip sinh nhat, tot nghiep…do vay rat yeu thich)

Page 5: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

For example: Describe a poem you like? Why?I love my father’s poem the most because of some reasons following here:

Initially, it is quite short and contains simple words so I can understand and memorize it easily. It likes a picture of countryside with fields and bamboos.

Furthermore, although it is brief, it touches my heart whenever I read it because it talks about family attachment emotionally and turns on my imagination of peaceful countryside.

( luu y khong nen ta cac tac pham qua noi tieng)

3- PEOPLE: mo ta nguoi bao gom appearance and personality

Dang 1: vi du : describe a person you want to meet and why?The person who I want to meet is……… Firstly, appearance (hair, face, skin…) . Secondly, character or personality

For example: The person who I want to meet is Mrs. Kim because of two main following reasons:Firstly, she is really beautiful and has flair for fashion so she catch other’s eyes, including me.

Page 6: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

Secondly, she is humorous and kind person. She always inspires me and makes me laugh when I get confused or worried. More interestingly, she also has insightful knowledge in IT so that I can ask her a lot of questions about IT.

Dang 2: VD: what makes a good teacher?

S + possesses /has + two main features/ characters:Firstly, S must be…Secondly, S…

For example: In my point of view, a good teacher should possess two main characters:Firstly, she must be dedicated to her job, because a dedicated teacher will always listen to her student’s thoughts, and care about her student to make sure that they understand lessons.

Secondly, she has to be a humorous and creative so she can make the most boring and toughest lectures interesting and also can inspire her student.

MOT SO GRAMMAR DUNG DE MIEU TA NGUOIAppearanceTo look + adj/ likeTo wear in a bun / a smile ( nguoi luon cuoi)She is the one with a (an)+ adj+ NTo work as …

Page 7: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

CharacterTo be kind / nice / helpful to sbTo be ready / reluctant to do stTo show one’s care / consideration/ sympathy/ admiration/ anger toward sb


NameLocationIt is located ……k/m away from the city centerWeather, scenery, people (friendly, helpful, funny…)

PART 2: Opinion (u agree?), preference

Phan nay co hai dang :DANG 1

Do you agree?

Questions: 1. small children should have cell phone? (Parent can keep an eye on their children, function: relax with game, study with dictionary)

1. Parental control on tv. Do you agree? (Yes. PA have experiences to choose right program, children now addicted to TV)

Page 8: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

2. Business can do any thing to make profits. Do you agree or not ( No. law obedience : people can not violate law to make business, Professional ethics: VEDAN company walk over professional ethics destroying environment so their products have been boycotted)

3. Children should do part-time job? (Yes. Money: having money to share burden with parents, communication skill: interact with many people, knowledge accumulation: many millionaires learn how to run a restaurant by working in a restaurant because it gives them knowledge of how a business work.

4. Having a lot of money is important? (Yes. Personal enjoyment : shopping , Family attachment: feed on parents, share burden with parents , Social contribution: help poor people)

5. Children should participate in class’ discussion? (Yes, self-confidence improvement: Some students are shy and fear speaking in group, giving a wrong answer, class discussion can change that. Skill enhancement : improve persuasive communication skill when defending their ideas)

Page 9: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

6. Telephone should be prohibited in some areas? (Yes. For example: in theatre: ruin performance, in hospital, conference: lose concentration)

7. TV destroys family communication? (NO. TV offers topics for discussion so family has time to share ideas and close to each other. Through TV program parents can educate child)

8. Sometimes people should tell lie? (Yes. In military, tell lie to protect countries from enemy. In business, is the same? Tell lie to give hope to cancer patient)

9. There is nothing that the young can teach the old? (Yes, the young can adapt to social change quickly, Inborn ability : Everybody has their own ideas, creation)

10. People should make decision quickly? (Yes.(Not loose chance, skill enhancements: critical thinking skill, problem solving skill)11. Teacher should be paid according to how

much the students learn? (study efficiency: teacher have more responsibility, care about students, listen to student make sure they understand the lessons. Relationship improvement: more care, more understanding, more attachment)

12. Internet is the best way of communication? (Yes. Financial saving: cheap, voice chat… Global

13. communication : make friends, keep touch with family and friends while sailing)

Page 10: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

14. Children should learn English as soon as the start school? (Yes. Study efficiency Easy to imitate, learn faster according to scientific research. Future preparation: to succeed in the age of global integration.)

15. Classmates have more influence on a child’s success than parents. (No. Family attachment: parents give birth to children and raise them up,

Deep emotion. Parents usually spend a lot of time with their children from early age to growth)

NOTE : tat ca cac phrase gach chan o tren la name cua mot group nhung ideas. Dung nhieu o phan independent writing. TEMPLATE: Personally, I strongly agree/ disagree with this statement due to two reasons/ some reasonsFirstly,………….Secondly,………

DANG 2: which prefer?

Questions: 1. saving /spend money?2. Getting into TV, internet or book?3. Oral test or written test or doing assignment?4. In door/ out door teaching?5. Size/location/ facility which affect your choice of

school?6. Indoor activities or outdoor activities?7. Study daytime or night time?8. Maintain or replacing old building?

Page 11: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

9. Learning from books/ advices when facing problems10. Working at home or in office?11. Live alone or with roommates?12. Stay at home or hanging out with friends13. Being a leader or member?14. Doing by machine or doing by hand15. Take many subjects or take one subject?16. Traveling alone or with a guy?17. Earth is being harm or people make it a better

place?18. Traveling alone or with a guy?

TEMPLATE: From my perspective/personally, I greatly in favor of/ find A… preferable/ show great interest in… due to some reasonsFirstly,………..Moreover,…….

PART 3 +4

Prep time: 30 s, speak: 60s, reading: 45sPart3:Trong phan nay bai reading thuong la mot article, memo.. con listening thuong la conversation, discussion between 2 students ve bai doc


Page 12: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

While the reading is…( article,announce,memo… –heading of the reading) the listening is the talk between 2 students.

In the reading, it is stated that/ informed that/ announced that …..In the listening, 2 students are expressing their feeling….

(sau do tuy thuoc cai ban nghe duoc ve y kien cua 2 Students, ban phai noi duoc how each person feels and why they feel so? )

PART 4: the reading dua ra dinh nghia hay de cap mot van de, con bai listening thi neu vd de giai thich

TEMPLATE: While the reading is (about) + heading (tieu de cua bai doc nhu part 3)

The listening is the lecture/talk in a/ an…….. class ( co the la mot biology chang han tuy bai nghe)

In the reading, it is stated that ……./ A is defined as….

In the listening, some/an example is/are presented to support the reading/ the definition in the reading.

Page 13: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

chu y khi noi cac ban phat am bat cac am tiet “tion’’ va “ sh” se co loi the hon lam bai noi ro rang

PART 5: problems and solutions

Phan nay ban hoan toan nghe 2 students noi nhung cung duoc chia lam hai dang :

PART 5A: one student got problem and ask her friend for solutions, which solution you prefer and why?

TEMPLATE: The list is the talk between …

A is confronted with/ facing/ suffering +the problem that …. So A ask B for solution

B suggested 2 solutions * namely V-ing or V-ing hoac

B suggested either A + V or V

Personally, I prefer A to take 1st advice due to two reasons:

Firstly, with this solution…./ thanks to this solution…/only by taking this solution, can A…../ this solution enables A to….

Page 14: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

Trong truong hop chi nghe thay duoc mot ly do, thi voi ly do thu 2 co the viet:

Secondly, thank to this solution, A will have more experience so A can be self confident to confront the same problem in the future.

TRONG truong hop ban qua met khong nghe thay gi ban stop đúng chỗ 2 solution* o tren va tiep tuc:

Personally, I prefer the first solution due to two main reasons

Firstly, this solution will solve the problem efficiently and A certainly does not need to worry about it any more.

Secondly, Y nhu tren.

( gia su ban ko nghe thay ca van de cua A la gi, ban co the viet : A is facing a serious problem and A is really confused . So, A decides to ask B for solutions. )

PART 5B : Both students give ways to solve problems. For example, ways to study better, ways to do a good assignment…


Page 15: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

The list is the conversation between two students, discussing/ describing ways to do…….While A often Vs , B usually Vs

Personally, I prefer the girl’ way due to 2 reasons:

Firstly, …. Secondly, ….

Thuong thi co the them vao : the girl’ way can enhance plan making skill/ time management skill/ critical thinking skill, communication skill, presentation skill, …. vi cac methods to study thuong de cai thien cac ki nang

Vi du: Secondly, only by taking the girl’s way, can I improve my skills such as …. Nhu tren

PART 6: Phan nay phu thuoc 100% vao cai ban nghe duoc.

The list is the lecture in … classThe professor is mentioning about….Sau do tuy thuoc cau hoi va cai ban nghe duoc

Trong phan noi nay part 1 2 giong independent writing To co dua ra mot vai vd minh hoacho template, tren thuc te ban co the sang tao bao nhieu ideas tuy y ban Hay len internet bat chuoc, nhung ban nen chon cai ban support duoc nhieu chu khong phai vi prefer hon,moi cau hoi support >, = hai ideas la on kem theo examples. Khi

Page 16: TOEFL Ibt Speaking

practice ban nen bam gio chinh xac thi tu ban co the control duoc bao nhieu ideas la du. Khi practice nen chon mot template duy nhat cho minh de khi thi co the phat ra ngay lap tuc vi thoi gian noi qua ngan khong du de nghi .