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Wikibrands Digital Engagement Resource Deck #1 “Top 50 Websites” May, 2012

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Wikibrands' Sean Moffitt itemizes the 100 pt criteria of leading websites and profiles 50 great websites in a first of a series of Wikibrand resources.. Plus, a link to the 4th annual Buzz Report survey.


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WikibrandsDigital Engagement Resource Deck #1Top 50 WebsitesMay, 2012

Top 10 Wikibrand FactorsExecution (MILCC)Measurement/Metrics/Monitoring/InsightInternalizing CommunityLife Stage PlanningCommunity ManagementCulture Building

Strategy (FLIRT)FocusLanguage, Content and ToneIncentives and OutreachRules, Guidelines and RitualsTools and PlatformsCustomers dont forgive organizations for bad websitesIt takes 99% of us less than 4 seconds to determine if they want to stick around your website

Whats it saying? Users spend most of their time on other websitesthis means that users gear their expectations for your site by what they have learned to expect elsewhere. Jakob NielsenThe Higher Call of Great Websites

Top 10 Landing Page Features

The 100 Point Website TestWebsite Criteria 100 pt. ScaleCriteriaImportanceOverall Impact25 pointsContent15 pointsNavigation15 pointsUser Experience15 pointsFindability15 pointsSociabiility15 pointsTotal100 pointsWebsite Criteria Overall ImpactOverall ImpactCriteriaPts.First ImpressionsCreates immediate wow, looks contemporary, causes to sign up, engages for significant time/10SimplicityUncluttered, readable, graphic/colourful, strong calls to action, infographics/flowcharts, above the fold/5UniquenessDistinctively branded, unique graphics, brand consistency, look and feel diff. from competitors, Typography/5DynamicSlider windows, Dynamic news feeds, Rollover prompts, Real-time response and feedback/3MultimediaVaried and interesting use of animation, pictures, video, music, mashups/2Website Criteria - ContentContent

CriteriaPts.UsefulnessHelps users, up-to-date, interactive, provides real value, customized, well-presented, breadth, has a point of view/3TransparencyReal people/employees, mission statement/manifesto, policies and rules/3CredentialsEvidence of popularity, third party or customer testimonials, Organizational authority/3Human/FunConversational language, Humour, Consistency with audience, enthusiasm, Stories, leaves you wanting more/3Incentives/NewsDynamic stream of news, Campaigns, Offers, Competitions, External links, Opportunity for fame/3Website Criteria - NavigationNavigationCriteriaPts.Search abilityInternal search engines, menus, support, mental model on what to expect when you click/3LinksGraphic links, internal links, return to home menu easy, links open in new windows/3IntuitiveTop options for clicking dependent on user and place on site, priority of information/3MenusConsistency of presence, descriptiveness/3Types of user reactionNew vs. returning user, Country and language of user, Tiered user access/3Website Criteria User ExperienceUser ExperienceCriteriaPts.UsabilityLimited click to completion, no need to upload new software, browser and monitor capability, Download speed, Cross platform/3Knowledge of usersAdaptive, flexible taxonomies, know history, analytics inform experience, customizable environment/3SecuritySafe for users to use, not flagged by filters, password protection/3TroubleshootingStrong Q&As, How-tos, Tracking orders/process, Virtual live customer service/3Easy to ContactAvailability of forms, contact us page, triage to the right person in the organization/3Website Criteria - FindabilityFindabilityCriteriaPts.Smart URLShort, intuitive, .com, Multiple vanity urls/3Metatags and KeywordsOwn the best relevant words, each page sufficiently tagged and named/3LinksGood level of working inbound and outbound links, seamlessly linked microsites/3Partners and AffiliatesNetwork of partners, community of ambassadors, employee extensions/3FunnelSocial networks and content drive back to website/3Website Criteria - SociabilitySociabilityCriteriaPts.Blog ContentFrequent, well-tagged, relevant, engaging posts, Smart headlines, Strong user engagement/3Social IntegrationTop social network integrated apps, easy to register through social profiles, activity linked to social network feeds/3CommunityProvides forums, crowdsourcing and microcommunities for participation, community moderation/3Easy to linkCompatible with all the key social networks, automated actions/emails, widgets/3ParticipationAbility to participate, to give and receive, hear and respond, real-time feedback, peer to peer capability, leaderboards/350 Great Websites

#1- lululemon Fitness with a CausePros - Visual, Point of view - Manifesto, Great Content, Ambassadors, Menus

#2- Icebreaker Visual Active StorytellerPros - Photographic, stories of founder/history, Authenticity - Trace back your garment

#3 TakingItGlobal Global Youth Leader CommunityPros Great set of resources and community tools for youth

#4- Ashoka Changemaking via YouthPros - The power of microfunding, great team profiles

#5- Tourism Australia Map-based Travel DiscoveryPros - Great location-tagged photography and experiences

#6- Twitter Stories Tales from 140 CharactersPros - Curated stories, emotional meaning, photographic impact

#7 The Loveable CommodityPros - Friendly tone of voice, visual impact, helpful user-generated hints and tips Outside 127 Hours User-Generated Video InspirationPros - Powerful use of video, competitive entries, inspirational

#9- The Responsibility Project From insurance comes conversationPros - Issues discussion, intercativity and guides, bringing to life a commodity product

#10- SHFT Curating the Best Sustainable Stuff to Notice and Talk AboutPros - Great visual impact, well-categorized by activity, recognition for authors

#11- NASA Making Space WatchablePros - Key headlines, images and multimedia

#12- Mint Bringing to Life Personal FinancePros - Clarity, simplicity, aggregated member data, user experience

#13 - Tribeca Film Telling the Stories of the StorytellersPros - Simple navigation, visual display, most popular posts, filmmaker profiles

#14- Freelancer Crowdsourcing simply explained..Pros - How it works, latest dynamic statistics, menu/category system

#15 - Sundance Festival A lot of content colourfully displayedPros - Dynamic slider, extensive drop down menus, clean aesthetic

#16- Open Ideo Posing Challenges to the Creative WorldPros - Ranking of challenges and status, key statistics and activity, optimism

#17- Crowdrise Real-Time Call to ActionsPros - Focus on projects, events, people visual impact above the fold

#18- Historypin Creating a new category of visual website Pros - Creative idea, well-explained in video, clean and simple

#19 Vibram Provocative TechnologyPros - Simple concept provoactively rendered

#20-- Life Cultures and Eras in PicturesPros - Black and white and hitory appeal, social media integartion, featured

#21- The Johnny Cash Project Multimedia Creative ProductionPros - Wonderfully simple crreative crowdsourcing idea

#22 - The Tiziano Project Kurdistans Tapestry of StoriesPros - Video collage, individual stories that tell a bigger story

#23 National Geographic Nature as an Art GalleryPros - Visual impact, editors picks, social media integration

#24 Dropbox Simple Solution, Simply ExplainedPros - Directed attention, simple education Vitro Design Museum Content on a Different Menu PlanePros - Unique menu system, supporting dynamic content

#26 Lego Toys with Announcement ValuePros - Colourful background, product display

#27 Boss Bottled A Super Curated, Nocturnal, Manly Problem SolverPros Good use of data and design, global site

#28 AARP Bringing the Everyday To LifePros - Interesting content, fun and games for older people

#29 AVAAZ Wearing a Cause on a Digital SleeevePros - Great global multilingual site, social proof

#30 Ushahidi Simple CrowdsourcingPros - Clean layout, mobile enbalement

#31 Brains on Fire The Personal and Intimate AgencyPros - Personable/human tone, great About Us/Team area

#32 TED Inspirational 20 Minute Video BlissPros - Video, collage effect, common format, well tagged, socially integrated

#33 Kiva Telling Stories and Providing Hope Around the WorldPros - Inspring, stortytelling, simple layout, call to action

#34 Quirky If You Can Think It, You Can Do ItPros - Clean, colourful, economy of words

#35 Equinox The Fitness Experience and Lifestyle BrandPros - Balance of information and lifestyle, mutimedia elements

#36 GE Ecomagination Imagining The FuturePros - Visuals, great content, infographics, loose distinctive web design

#37 One Multiple Channels, One Cause Pros - Dynmaic slider, typography, visuals, Facebook inegration

#38 Wonderopolis Daily Educational InspirationPros - daily editorial calendar, simple focus, background imagery

#39 Freerice A Reciprocal and Fun RelationshipPros - novel educational fundraising model, real-time feedback

#40 Nike+ - Aesthetically Beautiful FitnessPros - Aesthetically beautiful, customer experience driven, use of icons

#41 Nesta Solving for a Different Kind of FuturePros - Words over pictures, compressed menu of information

#42 Umbra Design Well Designed Pros - Hero visuals and secondary menu

#43 The Nature Conservancy Providing Greener HopePros - Calls to action, what they do, descriptive dynamic slider

#44 NOLAs Make It Right The Continuing Hurricane Katrina CausePros - Results, icons, vdeos

#45 Crumpler Fashion Icon MenusPros - lead visual impact, full catalogue on front page

#46 Threadless Fun and Irreverent Design Challenges and T-ShirtsPros - simple 4 menu structure, personable/human, elegant voting process Trendwatching Prescribing and Anointing Whats NextPros - creating new vernacular, deep content depth, colur schematic

#48 8Tracks A Gallery of DIY DJs Pros - Tagging, Front page mix portfolio, onc-click functionality

#49 Pinterest Curating Visual SplendourPros - object-centred focus, balance of presnted and user-generated reaction

#50 Blurb Putting Personalization Right Into Your Hands SimplyPros - Tagline, Big Visual, 1-2-3 Step process, Focused Call to Action, Value adds Apps, Extra, Ideas , Content Rich (50 menu opts)

#51 Life is Good Shopping OptimismPros - optimistic tone, visual categories, typography, storytelling

The 4th Annual Buzz Report Survey


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