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Session 1805: Universal Worklist - Top Ten Recommendations for Best Use Ginger Gatling Senior Product Management SAP NetWeaver Solution Management SAP Labs, LLC

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Session 1805: Universal Worklist - Top Ten Recommendations for Best Use

Ginger Gatling Senior Product Management SAP NetWeaver Solution Management SAP Labs, LLC


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1. 2.

Know when to use UWL Know personalization options for end users Update UWL look and feel UWL task customization

6. 7.

UWL API Recommendations for substitution Use with extended notifications Configure delta pull What is next for UWL

3. 4. 5.



UWL action handlers10.

SAP 2009 / Page 1

Difference between UWL and SAP Business Workflow UWL is not part of SAP Business Workflow UWL uses workflow APIs to read the inbox SAP Business Workflow can be displayed to users:SAP Business Workplace (SAP GUI) SAP Business Workflow Workplace (SAP NetWeaver Business Client) Extended notifications with Outlook / Lotus Universal Worklist

SAP 2009 / Page 2

1. When to use UWLYou have multiple SAP applications that use SAP Business Workflow The same users have alerts and workflow tasks from multiple systems You want a central task list for multiple systems (SAP and non-SAP)

SAP NetWeaver Portal

Universal Worklist

KM Notifications

SAP Business Application Application Workflow

System System

Non-SAP tasks

SAP NetWeaver BPM

Guided Procedures

Alerts Application System

SAP 2009 / Page 3

Skills you need to be successful in UWL

Customize UWL Patience, must read online help XML Possibly Web Dynpro Portal content directory and administration Java programming for APIUWL is a niche skill, you will be very popular

#1 issue with UWL Underestimating skills needed Not including UWL in overall project plan SAP 2009 / Page 4

2. Know personalization options for end userThe Universal Worklist Out of the BoxStandard inbox features: Substitution

You can also: Add attachments View history Standard workflow features: Forwarding Assignment

Main launch action: Launch via button or via hyperlink SAP 2009 / Page 5

2. End user personalization

Column order Sorting Lines per page Deadline indicators Good or bad thing for end users to do their own personalization? SAP 2009 / Page 6

2. Filters for end users1


SAP 2009 / Page 7

3. Update UWL look and feel Two options1. Create a custom XML file

2. Use the UWL customizing wizard

SAP 2009 / Page 8

UWL Configuration WizardThe UWL Administration view includes these wizards:Define custom attributes and customize the corresponding view Define and configure what you want to launch when an item is clicked Customize attributes and define what you want to launch when an item is clicked (both of the above options) Customize the look of the UWL main page (tabs, etc.)

SAP 2009 / Page 9

3. Update UWL look and feel In just three steps1. Create a custom UWL XML configuration file (use the standard files as examples) with your delta changes 2. Upload the file. You can upload multiple files and name them however you wish (e.g., mycompany.PLM.).

3. Dont forget to clear the Cache!

Tip!Using an XML editor is helpful, but not essential you can maintain your XML file using WordPad if you wish. Use the UWL Configuration DTD file to check your XML syntax.

SAP 2009 / Page 10

3. Change UWL DisplayChange sort orderProperty sortby in the View tag

Change column orderProperty columnOrder in the View tag

Change durations for due date color codingProperties dueDateSevere (turns due date red) and dueDateWarning (turns due date yellow) Note: Duration is in milliseconds (e.g., 86400000 = 1 day)

SAP 2009 / Page 11

3. You can also hide unwanted featuresCompletely hide unwanted features globally by adding the Exclude from UWL Preview and Detail property change decision to your own decision name On the first button only: Turn on the note and set

up the note title

On the other buttons: Indicate if a note is mandatory

Tip! SAP 2009 / Page 16

Get the correct values for the decisionKey by running function module SAP_WAPI_DECISION_READ against any work item based on the relevant workflow task

4. UWL task customizationCreate your own process-specific filtersFilters show as Subviews if, and only if, the user has work items of that process in his/her worklist Filters automatically give a count of new/total number of work items

SAP 2009 / Page 17

4: Task customization - add your own columnsAdd your own Custom Attributes

Tip! Try the UWL Configuration Wizard! SAP 2009 / Page 18

4: Mass processing Use Multi-approval/rejection

Tip!Save time by using the standard view WorkItemApprovalsView

SAP 2009 / Page 19

4. How to create the subviews for the tasks1. Copy the ItemType tag for your workflow task from uwl.webflow. 2. Copy the defaultView tag from file uwl.standard. Rename it, add a description, and link it to your process-specific tasks." connector="WebFlowConnector" defaultView=OurShopCartView"

Tip!If there is no ItemType tag for your task in uwl.webflow., copy uwl.task.webflow.default from file uwl.webflow and change default to your task ID TS9999999

SAP 2009 / Page 20

4. XML for BUS1006 taskItemType ]>

SAP 2009 / Page 21

4. XML for BUS1006 taskViews

SAP 2009 / Page 22

5. UWL by default knows how to launch tasksThe default launch mechanism for all work items sourced from an SAP Business Workflow is SAPGUI for HTML, but you can override this.Tips!You can override the default launch mechanism using any of the following: Special settings in the task (e.g., DECISION.PROCESS method) Settings in transactions: SWFVISU, WF_EXTSRV Creating a custom UWL XML configuration file Globally in the PCD entry for the UWL iView

Dont forget to re-register and clear the Cache! SAP 2009 / Page 23

5. UWL action handlersUse action handlers to execute custom UIs for the task This is recommended but requires programming knowledge Common handlers are Web Dynpro, BSP, Function Module, iView

SAP 2009 / Page 24

5. Use action handlers to create a custom forward buttonAdd your own actions using the Action handlers (e.g., create your own custom Forward to Superior button calling your own custom function module using the FunctionModuleActionHandler)IViewLauncher SAPAppLauncher SAPMiniAppLauncher SAPIACLauncher SAPWebDynproLauncher SAPWebDynproABAPLauncher SAPTransactionLauncher SAPBSPLauncher ObjectLinkLauncher ObjectNavigationLauncher

Tip!Make sure you read the UWL Advanced Configuration guide to understand what properties are relevant for each handler!

UrlLauncher XhandlerLauncher TerminatingEventHandler FunctionModuleActionHandler UpdatingContainerHandler UserDecisionHandler PortalEventLauncher

SAP 2009 / Page 25

5. Use transaction code SWFVISU to configure your action handlerYou need to enter your application type and application ID The application type pre-determines what other details are needed

Tip!To apply the SWFVISU settings you need to: Re-register the system You will see a matching entry in the file uwl.webflow.MySystemAlias

Dont forget to clear the Cache! SAP 2009 / Page 26

5. Recommendations for action handler customization Three major options when customizing tasks:1. 2. 3.

Manually create your XML and upload it UWL wizard Transaction code SWFVISU

Recommendation: Use SWFVISU when possibleSAP delivers tasks in SWFVISU Easier to maintain than XML files

SAP 2009 / Page 27

6. One Inbox for All Work SAP and Non-SAPInclude non-SAP work in the UWL by using the UWL Java API to create your own UWL Connector

SAP 2009 / Page 28

6. How Much Work Is It to use the UWL API?UWL API has the following parts:1. Registration Service to register a unique ID for the non-SAP system ID 2. UWL Connector Service to push and pull the worklist from the non-SAP system and map it to the UWL item attributes 3. Action Handler Services to support any buttons you need 4. Attachment Connector Services to support any attachments you need (optional) 5. UWL XML Configuration for your non-SAP item types Estimated effort: 10-30 person days depending on depth of integration. Basic integration is usually possible within 10-15 days.

SAP 2009 / Page 29

6. But Has Any One Else Done This This has been implemented at a number of customers already and its the same approach as is used for the standard connectorsConnectors already exist for:WebFlow Ad Hoc Workflow Alerts KM Action Inbox Generic ABAP connector SAP NetWeaver BPM SAP NetWeaver MDM

Publicly available details of how others did it:SONiC Connector available as part of the SONiC download UWL Connector for MDMSee SDN Blog

RSS Feeds presented at SAP TechEd

SAP 2009 / Page 30

7. Substitution is done either in provider systems or UWLYou can prevent users from creating/deleting substitution rules in the Object Visualization section in the Portal Content Directory

Tip!To find the iView go to: Portal Content > Content Provided by SAP > End User Content > Standard Portal Users > iViews > SAP 2009 / Page 31

7. Recommendations for substitution

UWL is only for user based substitutes Set up substitutions on backend if using multiple systems (turn off substitution in UWL) Use HR A210 relationships for position based substitutes

SAP 2009 / Page 32

8. Extended NotificationsUse Extended Notifications to notify users of work, giving hyperlinks to launch into the UWL. Avoids complex integration issues with mail groupware versions.

SAP 2009 / Page 33

8. Setting Up Extended NotificationsMinimum setup of Extended Notifications in transaction SWNCONFIG, then schedule a batch job for program SWN_SELSEN1. 2. 3. 4. Create a Delivery Schedule Add a Subscription to Scenario WORKFLOW Category STANDARD Create a Schedule Selection for filter ALL_DELTA Adjust the General Settings

SAP 2009 / Page 34

8. Setting up Extended NotificationsSolution: Minimum changes for General SettingsAddress priority: Where do I want the email address to come from? Infotype 105/0010? Transaction SU01? UWL link and caption: Hyperlink to the UWL Sender name: Make sure it identifies the system/client to avoid confusion during testing Messages (NA) and Dialog Texts (DT): Used as header/footer of the email notification SAP 2009 / Page 35

9. Configuring Delta PullUWL administration setup

Delta Pull Channel Refresh - set to every few secondsWithout using the refresh feature, new items are fetched from the backend every minute. Default: 60 seconds, 30 seconds for alerts. No optimized pull take place if you leave the field empty or enter a negative number.

Delta Pull Channel Snapshot 1440 is one a dayAll items at the current time are fetched from the backend (for example from the SAP Business Workflow). The cache is synchronized thereafter. New / modified / deleted / updated items are fetched every session (every log on) if you leave the field value empty or enter a negative number. SAP 2009 / Page 36

9. Configuring Delta PullUWL_SERVICE user



3 SAP 2009 / Page 37

9. Configuring Delta PullNote 133821 and Online HelpDefine the following two batch jobs: UWL_DELTA_PULL_1: ABAP report RSWNUWLSEL in FULL mode. Run the job once a day. UWL_DELTA_PULL_2: ABAP report RSWNUWLSEL in DELTA mode Run the job every 1-3 minutes.

SAP 2009 / Page 38

10. What is next for UWLSAP NetWeaver 7.2 (ramp up planned 2009)Real-time refresh upon task completion Office notifications in UWL Accessibility 3.0 standard CCMS monitoring Attribute loading improvements

SAP NetWeaver 7.02 (ramp up planned 2009)Office notifications in UWL Accessibility 3.0 standard Attribute loading improvements

SAP 2009 / Page 39

UWL Strategy TipsConsider what you will need for the long term (not just for the first-phase workflows) Consider how you want your users to use standard featuresEspecially Substitution and Forwarding

One workflow inbox in the Portal the UWLDecide your corporate attitude towards the Windows GUI SAP Business Workplace inbox (avoid supporting it if you can)

Dont forget the obviousConsistency in subject and detail text format

Dont turn it off until you understand what it does! SAP 2009 / Page 40

Debugging tipIn your Development Portal, turn on the UWL Support Information in the Portal Content Directory. This can save you a lot of time when configuring the UWL XML.

Support Information: Appears immediately below the work item preview.

SAP 2009 / Page 41

Key Points to Take HomeDont settle for UWL Out of the Box Dont leave usability up to your developers Include UWL in your project plan and allocate time to learn Business process owners need to sign off on usability As a minimum, set up UWL Filters to improve usability Set enterprise-wide Workflow Standards to improve consistency Consider what you will need for the long term Dont turn it off until you know what it does SAP 2009 / Page 42

Resources UWL ConfigurationAdvanced Configuration of UWL meset.htm

SDN UWL by=cm_rnd_rankvalue

SDN Extended Notification alse&sortby=cm_rnd_rankvalue

SAP SDN BPM and Workflow Forum

UWL FAQ SAP Press Universal Worklist with SAP NetWeaver Portal Practical Workflow for SAP, 2nd edition, due June 2009

SAP 2009 / Page 43

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How can YOU participate? Access to docupedia: more about docupedia at ASUG:3002 - Lowering the Total cost of understanding via interactive documentation 05/12/2009 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EP 2 1603 - Making SAP's Knowledge Architecture More Effective 05/12/2009 @ 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM Influence 2 5309 - Strategy Session: docupedia 05/13/2009 @ 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM NetWeaver 3 5311 - Strategy Session: docupedia 05/14/2009 @ 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM NetWeaver 3 Test drive Docupedia @ Usability Lab Tuesday through Thursday:

44 SAP 2009 / Page 44

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