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  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 1



  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 2

    Table of Contents

    Unit Page

    One 3, 4

    Two 5, 6

    Three 7, 8

    Four 9, 10

    Five 11, 12

    Six 13, 14

    Seven 15, 16

    Eight 17, 18

    Nine 19, 20

    Ten 21, 22

    Eleven 23, 24

    Twelve 25, 26

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 3

    Unit One A

    Complete the following sentences with one of the words in parentheses.

    (Add not where necessary)

    1. John: ________________ you a student? (Are, Am)Zach: Yes, I ________________. (are, am)

    2. Amanda: Are you a teacher? (are, am)Sara: No, I _________ ___________. (are, am)

    3. John:How ________________ you? (are, am)Zach: I ________________ fine. (are, am)

    4. We ________________ happy. (are, am)5. We ________________ from Saudi Arabia. (are, am)6. They ________________ from Britain. (are, am)7. My brother and I ________________ tall. (are, am)8. Amanda and her sister ________________ good students. (are, am)9. Sam: ________________ you sick? (are, am)10.Zach: No, I _________ ___________. (are, am)11.Riyadh and Jeddah ________________ in Saudi Arabia. (are, am)12.If you ________________ in danger, phone 997. (are, am)13.My brother is tall, but I ________________ short. (are, am)

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 4

    Unit One B

    Complete the following sentences. (Add not where necessary and use

    contracted forms).

    1. Rick: Whats the colour of your car?Sam: It ________________ red.

    2. Amanda: Whats this?Sara: It________________ a book.

    3. Teacher:________________ you and your friends from America?Student: No, ___________ ____________. We ________________ from

    Saudi Arabia.

    4. Teacher: How________________ you?Students: ________________ fine.

    5. Teacher: Whatsyour favourite subject?Student: My favourite subject________________ English.

    6. Teacher:________________ you ready for the test?Students: Yes, ___________ ____________.

    7. John: You ________________ my best friend.Zach: ________________ my best friend, too.

    8. Amanda: ________________ you tired?Sara: No, I________________ worried about my sick uncle.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 5

    Unit Two A

    Complete the following sentences with one of the words in parentheses.

    1. Is ________________ your car? (this, these)Yes, it ________________. (is, are)

    2. Are ________________ your books? (this, these)Yes, they ________________. (is, are)

    3. Is ________________ your parents house? (this, these)Yes, it ________________. (is, are)

    4.________________ she a doctor? (Is, Are)No, she ________________. (is, isnt)

    5. What are ________________? (this, these)________________ are my keys. (this, these)

    6. Whats your job?I am ________________ student. (a, an)


    Sam: Are these your pens?John: No, they ________________. (are, arent)

    8. Whats this?Its ________________ umbrella. (a, an)

    9. Where are the teacher________________ offices? (s, s)They are in building 4.

    10.The teacher collected all the student ________________ mobiles beforethe test. (s, s)

    11.I have ________________ old umbrella. (a, an)12.I bought ________________ new umbrella. (a, an)

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 6

    Unit Two B

    A. Complete the following sentences with the correct pluralformof the nounsin parentheses.

    1. I have two ________________. (dictionary)2. My sister has three ________________. (child)3. There are three ________________ in this room. (watch)4. I borrowed two ________________. (eraser)5. Some ________________ work in banks. (woman)

    B. Complete the following sentences with one of the words inparentheses.

    1. I work in ________________ factory. (a, an)2. Is this your ________________? (laptop, laptops)3. Are these your ________________? (pen, pens)4. These ________________ my new notebooks. (is, are)5.________________ is Sam. (This, These)6. I had an ________________ in the morning. (egg, eggs)7. My sister has a new ________________. (flat, flats)8. Craig ________________ thoub is white. (is, s)9. There are twenty-four students in the classroom. The student ___________

    thoubs are white. (s, s)

    10.What make is your father___________ car? (s, s)

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 7

    Unit Three A

    A. Complete the following sentences with one of the words inparentheses.

    1. That's ________________ dog in the picture. (my, Im)2. Does ________________ cat like tuna? (you, your)3. He left ________________ book in the car. (he, his)4. That's ________________ car over there. (her, she)5.________________ color is yellow! (Its, Its)6. Thats Ricks house. It's________________ house. (his, her)7. This is Amandas notebook. It's________________ notebook. (our, her)8.________________ farm produces tomatoes. (we, our)9.

    This isn't our car. It's ________________ car. (they, their)

    10.Craig:Is this your pen?Zach:No, its________________ pen. (my, your)

    11.Craig: Whose lunch is this?Zach:It's ________________ lunch. (you, your)

    12.Craig: Whose picture is this?Zach:It's ________________. (Johns, Johnis)

    13.Craig: Who do those books belong to?Zach: They're the ________________. (studentis, students)

    B. Put the words in the correct orderto make questions.1. family\is\what\name\your


    2. is\new\where\school\your__________________________________________________________?

    3. the\is\where\supermarket\nearest__________________________________________________________?

    4. Jacket\is\whose\this__________________________________________________________?

    5. favourite\what\your\food\is__________________________________________________________?

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 8

    Unit Three B

    A. Complete the following sentences with one of the words inparentheses.

    1.________________ dog is like a member of the family.(Our, We)2.________________ house isn't far, is it? (You, Your)3. Whose book is that? It's ________________ book. (I, my)4. Is this your pen? No, it's ________________ pen. (her, she)5. Whose house is that? Its________________ house. (they, their)

    B. Writeyes\No questions. Then complete the answers.1. your cousin\outgoing

    Question: __________________________________________________Answer: _________________________________________________

    2. your father\strictQuestion: __________________________________________________

    Answer: _________________________________________________

    3. your partner\lazyQuestion: __________________________________________________

    Answer: _________________________________________________

    4. you\thinQuestion: __________________________________________________

    Answer: ____________________________________________________

    5. your teachers\SaudisQuestion: __________________________________________________

    Answer: ___________________________________________________

    6. the weather\cold todayQuestion: __________________________________________________

    Answer: ____________________________________________________

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 9

    Unit Four A

    A.Complete the following sentences with one of the words in parentheses.1. I ________________ people and parties. (like, likes)2.

    Eva ________________ newspapers and magazines. (read, reads)

    3. They ________________ speak Chinese. (dont, doesnt)4. My cat ________________ eat tomatoes. (does, doesnt)5. She ________________ a house in Jeddah. (have, has)6.________________ teachers wear a uniform? (Do,Does)

    No, they ________________. (dont, doesnt)

    7.________________ he play football well? (Do, Does)Yes, he ________________. (Do, Does)

    B. Unscramble the words to make questions.1. out\on\weekends\you\go\do________________________________________________________?



    3. people\know\you\from \countries\do\other________________________________________________________?

    4. snow\it\in\Saudi Arabia\does________________________________________________________?

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 10

    Unit Four B

    A. Complete the following sentences with one of the words in parentheses.1. My friend ________________ to the gym every weekend. (go, goes)2. People in Japan ________________ on the left. (drive, drives)3. My friends ________________ watch DVDs. (dont, doesnt)4. Mary has lunch ________________ the afternoon. (on, in, at)5. Craig watches TV ________________ night. (on, in, at)6. My mother washes our clothes ________________ the weekend. (on,


    7. I get up early ________________ day. (before, after, every)8. Sam works at a restaurant ________________ school. (before, after,


    9. Phil wakes up late ________________ Fridays. (on, in, at)10.Does your father ________________ in a company? (work, works)11.Do your children ________________ early? (sleep, sleeps)

    B. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the words inparentheses.

    1. Sam _______________________ (have) a new car.2. _______________________ (he\have) an apartment?3._______________________ (you\exercise) in the morning?4.

    _______________________ (she\like) apples?

    5. They _______________________ (study) hard.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 11

    Unit Five B

    A. Unscramble the words to make questions.1. books\type\read\of\what\you\do

    ________________________________________________________?2. do\holidays\where\go\you\on


    3. store\time\what\open\the\does________________________________________________________?


    5. tests\your\start\do\when________________________________________________________?

    B. Rewrite the sentence using the adverb in parentheses.1. They are early to class. (usually)


    2. Craig and John swim in the lake by their house. (often)____________________________________________________________.

    3. Do you have a vacation? (hardlyever)____________________________________________________________.

    4. When do you go to bed? (usually)____________________________________________________________.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 12

    Unit Five B

    A. Rewrite the sentence using the adverb in parentheses.1. Sam is late to work. (never)

    ____________________________________________________________.2. I study every weeknight during the semester. (always)


    3. I have time to go to parties and visit friends. (hardlyever)____________________________________________________________.

    4. My sister calls me at night. (sometimes)____________________________________________________________.

    5. I am sick. (hardlyever)____________________________________________________________.

    6. How often does he call you? (usually)____________________________________________________________.

    7. Did you travel during vacations when you lived in your country?(sometimes)


    B. Unscramble the words to make questions.1. do\who\with\you\work


    2. he\talk\what\about\does________________________________________________________?

    3. time\do\spend\how\you\your\free________________________________________________________?

    4. do\work\after\what\you\do________________________________________________________?

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 13

    Unit Six A

    A. Complete the following sentences with one of the words in parentheses.1. There ________________ three cars in the garage. (is, are)2. There ________________ no sugar in the tea. (is, are)3. There ________________ a lot of salt in the food. (is, are)4. There ________________ a couple of cafes in the university. (is, are)5. There ________________ some water in the bottle. (is, are)6. There ________________ some books on the desk. (is, are)

    B. Unscramble the words to make sentences.1. John\car\old\an\ has


    2. is\smart\student\a\Rick______________________________________________________.

    3. big\are\in\parks\Medina\there______________________________________________________?



    4. tomorrow\to\lets\desert\go\the______________________________________________________.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 14

    Unit Six B

    A. Complete the following sentences with one of the words in parentheses.1. There ________________ one computer in the laboratory. (is, are)2. There ________________ two supermarkets in my neighborhood. (is,


    3.________________ there a subway in your city? (Is, Are)4. There ________________ some museums in the city. (is, are)5. There ________________ no message for you. (is, are)6. How many rooms ________________ there on this floor? (is, are)7.________________ there a pool in our university? (Is, Are)8. There ________________ a couple of bathrooms in this flat. (is,are)

    B. Unscramble the words to make sentences.1. is\desk\classroom\a\in\there\our


    2. some\paintings\are\room\this\there\in______________________________________________________.

    3. theatre\is\in\no\Medina\there______________________________________________________.

    4. do\coffee\how\you\drink\often______________________________________________________?

    5. time\does\plane\take\your\off\what______________________________________________________?

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 15

    Unit Seven A

    A. Complete the sentences.1.______________the children ______________ (sleep) right now?2.______________it ______________ (snow) today?3.______________ you ______________ (travel) this summer?4. ______________ John ______________ (study) hard this semester?5.______________ he ______________ (practice) exercise these days?6.______________ I ______________ (do) the right exercise this week?7.______________ they ______________ (write) for a newspaper this


    8. Who _____________________ (play) on the team this season?9. What ______________ she ______________ (do) this evening?10.Why ______________ Dad ______________ (go) to the store now?

    B. Correct these conversations. There is ONEmistake in each conversation.1. A:Why aunt Mary is sleeping?

    B:Shes sick.

    2. A:Who singing in the shower?B:Sam singing in the shower.

    3. A:Why you are studying, Sam?B:I have an English test tomorrow.

    4. A:Why you wearing a suit today?B:My other clothes are dirty.

    5. A:Who you talking to?B:Dad. Hes at the supermarket.

    6. A:What she wearing?B: A blue dress.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 16

    Unit Seven B

    A. Correct these conversations. There are THIRTEENmistakes.1. A: He playing cards right now.

    B:No, he not. He is playing chess.

    2. A: Are wear my T-shirt?B: Yes I am.

    3. A: Is raining?B: Yes, it is.

    4. A:Are they read in the living room?B: No. They read in the bedroom.

    5. A: Steve working hard?B: Yes, is he.

    6. A: Am sitting in the right seat?B: Yes you are.

    7. A: Is she do her homework?B: I dont know.

    8. A: Are they eat breakfast?B: I think so.

    9. A: He getting a hair cut?B: Im not sure.

    10. A: Are he playing football?B: I dont know.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 17

    Unit Eight A

    A. Complete the sentences with This, These, That orThose.

    1. _______ is a cat. 2. _______ are trees. 3. _______ are pills.

    4. _______ is a house. 5. _______ is a rose. 6. _______ are planes.

    7. _______ is a CD player. 8. _______ is a city. 9. _____ are coins.

    11._____ are buildings. 11. ____ are cards. 12._____ is a mobile phone.
  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 18

    Unit Eight B

    A. Complete the sentences with This, These, That orThose.

    1. Is__________ your father?

    2. Are__________ your books?

    3.Are__________ his umbrellas?

    4.Is_______ a plane.5. Is_______ her family?

    6._______ are really great pictures.

    7.The teachers of _______ school are nice.

    8._______ is our radio!!!

    B.Complete the following paragraph with the most suitable words.Hi, my name is Sam. (Those, These, That) __________ is my family. (It, That,

    Those) __________ my father and (that, these, those) __________ is my


    They are great parents. (That, It, These) __________ are my brothers Alan and

    George and (this, these, it) __________ is my sister Sara. (Those, It, That)

    __________ are my pets. (This, Those, It) __________ is my dog "Spark" and

    (This, It, He)__________ is my kitten "snow ball".

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 19

    Unit Nine A

    A. Complete these conversations. Usecan or cant.1. A: We _______________ hear you.

    B:Sorry. Is that better?

    2. A: We _______________ hear you.B: Thats good.

    3. A: I _______________ believe it.B:Its true

    4. A: I _______________ believe it.B:Well, I cant

    5. A: I _______________ see the board.B:Then change your seat.

    6. A: I _______________ see the board.B:Good. Please read the sentence on the board.

    B. Correct these sentences. There aresix mistakes.1. Craig can to understand English, but he cant speak it well.2. Mary cant speaks English. She can to speak Spanish.3. Jim is a good ice skater. He can skates very well.4. Mary can singing well, but she cant notdance.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 20

    Unit Nine B

    A. Complete the sentences. Usecan OR cant.1. Eva speaks quickly. We ________________ understand her.2. Im sorry. I ________________ help you right now. Im busy.3. I ________________ hear you very well. Its very quiet here.4. He________________ lift 50 kilos. Hes very strong.5. The ________________ smell the roses. They have colds.6. The boy ________________ reach the button. Hes too short.

    B. Complete the sentences. Usecan OR cant and the word inparentheses.

    1. Most African parrots ____________________ (learn) to speak. Theyare very intelligent birds.

    2. I ____________________ (see) the sign. We are too far away.3. My dog ____________________ (sit), but he ____________________

    (bring) me my shoes. Im trying to teach him to get things.

    4. We ____________________ (walk) to our school. Its near our home.5. They ____________________ (speak) two languages, Spanish and

    Italian. Theyre learning English now.

    6. My uncle ____________________ (drive). He wants to take drivinglessons.

    7. He____________________ (open) the door. His arms are full.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 21

    Unit Ten A

    A. Correct the mistakes in the messages. There isONE mistake in eachmessage.

    1. Im sorryI did miss your call. Please leave your name and a shortmessage.

    2. Hi Sam. This is Faisal. I am arrived this morning.3. Hello Sam. This is Jim. I talk to the manager yesterday. He liked

    your speech.

    4. Hi Sam. This is Phil. Sorry I was missed your call. Call me I havesome exciting news.

    5. Hi Uncle Sam. This is Mary. I receiving your gift this morning. Itswonderful. Thank you so much.

    B. Complete the following sentences with thesimple past of the words inparentheses.

    Yesterday, John _________________ 1 (have) one of those days. He

    _______________ 2 (get up) at 8:00. He _______________ 3 (be) in a hurry,

    so he _______________ 4(not, take) a shower. . He _______________ 5(eat)

    a piece of toast and _______________6 (drink) a cup of coffee for breakfast.

    John _______________ 7(leave) the house at 8:20, but his car was in the

    shop, so he _______________ 8 (take) the bus. He __________ 9 (arrive) at

    the office at ten. His boss ______________ 10 (see) him came in and

    _______________ 11 (not, be) happy. At lunchtime, he ________________

    12 (go) to a restaurant. Then he _______________ 13 (go) home.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 22

    Unit Ten B

    A. Complete the following sentences with the simple pastof the words inparentheses.

    1. A:________________________ (you\have) breakfast this morning?B: Yes, I ________________________ (have) eggs, toast and tea.

    2. A:________________________ (yourparents\getup) this morning?B: No, they didnt. They ______________ (sleep) until 10:00 A.M. Its

    Friday, remember.

    3. A:________________________ (it\rain) in Riyadh yesterday?B: Yes, it did. It ________________________ (rain) all day.

    4. A:_______________________ (yourfriends\go) to the mall withyou?

    B: Yes they did. We all really________________________ (enjoy) it.

    5. A: ________________________ (they\leave) on vacation.B: Yes, they did. They______________________ (leave) this morning.

    B. Rewrite the following sentences. Usenegatives.1. I drove without a license.


    2. I went to my grandmothers house._________________________________________________________

    3. I ate Kabsa last night._________________________________________________________

    4. I came late today._________________________________________________________

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 23

    Unit Eleven A

    A. Complete the questions and answers with was, wasnt, were, orwerent.

    A:__________ 1Rosa in class yesterday?

    B: yes, she __________2.

    A:__________3you at home last night?

    B:No, I __________4. I __________5at the mall.

    A:__________6the kids with you?

    B:No, they __________7. They __________8at a concert.

    B. Put these words in the rightorder. Make conversations.1. A:how\your\weekend\was? ________________________________

    B:was\it\great. _________________________________

    2. A:you\were\where? _________________________________B:a\at\concert. _________________________________

    3. A:was\when\the\concert? _________________________________B:last\was\night\it. _________________________________

    4. A:long\the\concert\how\was? _______________________________B:two\it\hours\was. ________________________________

    5. A: you\why\absent\yesterday\were? __________________________B: sick\was\I. ____________________________

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 24

    Unit Eleven B

    A: Write questions about the underlined words. The first question is done

    as an example.

    1. A:______How was the weather_____________________________?B:It was sunny.

    2. A:____________________________________________ at the mall?B:Zach was.

    3. A:_____________________________________ Sam on Monday?B:He was in Yanbu.

    4. A:_____________________________________________________?B:The party was yesterday.

    5. A:_____________________________________________________?B: Faisal was at the beach.

    6. A:_____________________________________________ you there?7. B: Two hours.8. A:______________________________________________with you?

    B: My sister.

    9. A:__________________________________________ you last night?B: I was at a soccer game.

    10.A:___________________________________________ your picnic?B: It was wonderful.

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Touchstone 1 Grammar Page 25

    Unit Twelve A

    A. Complete these sentences with someor any.1. Would you like _____________ food to eat?2. I have _____________ money in my wallet.3. Is there _____________ juice in the fridge?4. I'm afraid I don't have _____________ answers to life's problems.5. Could I have _____________ Coke?6. Would you like _____________ juice to drink?7. I dont have_____________ money.8. We have _____________ bread.

    B. Complete the questions using muchor many.1. How_____________ money do you have?2. How_____________ people live in your city?3. How_____________ does that book cost?4. How_____________ rice is there?5. How_____________ apples are there in the basket?6. How_____________ pens do you have?7. How_____________ petrol do we need?8. How_____________ children are in the class?9. How_____________ teachers do you have?

    10.How_____________ does the book cost?

  • 7/22/2019 Touchstone 1 Grammar Worksheet


    Unit Twelve B

    A. Complete this conversation with someor any.Rick: Is there_____________ 1milk left?

    Craig: Yes, there is_____________2in the bottle on the table.

    Rick: Would you like_____________3milk?

    Craig: No, thank you. I don't think I'll drink_____________4tonight. Could I

    have_____________5water, please?

    Rick: Sure. There is_____________6in the fridge

    B.Complete the sentences withsomeor any.1. I did exercise 1 without help.2. A: Would you like more fizzy mineral water?

    B: I dont want more.3. ..people dont have problems learning foreign


    4. Why dont you ask your father to lend you Ihavent got..

    5. My teenage sister never has trouble learning the words ofthe latest pop songs. There are hardly .she doesnt know by

    heart.6. I didnt recognize that there were still..sandwiches left. Ive

    made . More.