touchstone 3 - quiz unit 1

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Touchstone Level 3 Unit 1


  • it1 auiz Name: _Date:A Listen to two people tell a little about themselves. Check (.f) the four words

    that best describe each person.1. Vanessa

    O athleticO selfish

    o competitiveO fast

    o rudeO down-to-earth

    o patientO unreliable

    2. AdamO demandingO laid-back

    O lazyO organized

    O talentedO stressed

    O outgoingO shy

    B Complete the paragraph with the correct adjective ar adverb form of the wordsin parentheses.Paul and his boss don't get along very ~ (good).They see a lot of


    things (different). Paul thinks he's a (careful)m ~worker. He likes to do a job (proper). In his opinion, he works


    very ~,____----- (hard). Tohis boss, Paul seems (slow).w ~When Paul doesn't work (quick) enough, his boss gets


    ______ ---;::,____-----(impatient). He sometimes argues with Paul, and that(8)

    ______ ---;::,____-----(automatic) has a (bad) effect on Paul's work.00 ~

    C Check (.f) the correct word for each person.1. When Dan plays a sport, he wants to win.O competi tive O easygoing O friendly

    2. Marta loves to be with people.O arrogant O helpful O outgoing

    3. Sally likes to give things to her friends.O honest O generous O practical

    4. Iosh's friends and co-workers can always count on him.O reliable O talented O versatile

    5. Rob is always thinking ofnewways to do things.O cool . O serious O creative

    6. Jennifer doesn't know how to do her job.O accomplished O humble O incompetent

    Teacher SSection

    A 8points(1 point each



    B 10points(1 point each;


    2. 3.


    5. 6.



    9. 10._

    C 6points(l point each







  • rrite me e negative sentences. Add a prefix to the adjectives to give tbe oppo ireeaning and u e the word in parentheses.

    Example: _ Iy co-worker i n t honest, I-\y co-wovkev lS t-ot-O\lly ~lsl-'IO\\est- . (totally)___ fy roommate i n't organized. . (extremely)

    'J Young people aren't considerate. . (pretty)

    3_ Our neighbors aren't friendly. . (really)_Iy sister sn't a reliable person. . (incredibly)

    Add a comment to describe the things these people do a lot. Choose a phrasefrom the box and use always and a continuous verbo

    do things for other peopletalk about himself

    spend toa much moneycomplain about things

    ./ say funny things

    Example: Ieff has a great sense of humor. Hels O\lwO\ys SO\yl\\B -PL-\\\\\yt-l-'Il\\BS1. A guy at work is very arrogant. _

    2. Angela loves shopping.

    3. Brian isn't very pleasant.

    -t. My mother's not selfish at all.

    F Read the biography of a famous basketball player. Then read the statements andcheck (.I) true, false, or it doesn't say.

    Earvin 11Magic" Johnson was bom and raised in Michigan. He comes from afamily of ten children. He loved basketbaU at an early age. In fact, his mother sayshe slept with the first basketball he received as a present.

    When he was in high school, a reporter saw Johnson play basketbalI. Thereporter called him "Magic" because he was so good, and the nickname stayedwith [ohnson. Magic played basketball in college and then joined the Los AngelesLakers - a professsional basketball team. By age 21, he was already becomingfamous.

    In 1991, Magic left the Lakers when he learned he had HIV / AIDS. His honeststatement about his health surprised everyone. After he left the Lakers, he becamevery successful in business, and he started the Magic Johnson Foundation. Thisorganization spends millions of dollars to help children and young people.

    Magic is a great athlete, but more important, he is an extremely proudhusband and father. In fact, although he laves to sign autographs for his fans, hewon't sign them when he is in public with his children - their time together is tooimportant to him.





    E 8 points(2 points each)





    F 10 points(2 points each)


    True_Iagic got his first basketball from his mother. O

    _ _Iagic got his nickname from a reporter. O3. _Iagic is very generous with his time and money. O_ After Magic left the Lakers, he never played basketball again. O5. _lagic never signs autographs. O


    False It doesn't say. 2.O O 3.O O 4.O O 5.O O Tolal:O O orrt of50

    Cambridge University Press 2006 photocopiable Unil 1Qlliz T-155