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    Unit 3: TIME p. 75, ex. II a

    p. 76, ex. 1a

  • p. 78, ex. 4

    1. 8:30; 3:30 5. 3:15

    2. 7:50 6. 3:45

    3. 10:05 7. 5:35 ; 7:20

    4. 1:00 8. 9:00

    p. 79, ex. 2a

    Time Monday

    8:00 has breakfast 8.45 gets on the school bus 9:00 starts school

    3:30 finishes school

    4:45 has ballet

    7:00 has swimming

    8.15 gets home

    p. 80, ex. 7 have

    have got

    a shower a car

    a sandwich two children

    breakfast long hair

    a cup of tea two sisters

    a cat

    a bike


    I never have a shower in the morning.

    I always have a sandwich at school.

    I have breakfast at eight a.m.

  • My mum has a cup of tea after lunch.

    We've got a car.

    My parents have got two children.

    I've got long hair.

    My best friend has got two sisters.

    We've got a cat.

    I've got a new bike. p. 81, FUN-TASTIC english-slovenian computer

    Od zgoraj navzdol: 3, 10, 9, 6, 8, 7, 5, 2, 4, 1. p. 82, ex. 1b

  • Od zgoraj navzdol: 3, 1, 5, 2, 4. p. 83, ex. 2a

    p. 86, ex. 2

    1. (She's) at home. 2. (It's) Monday. 3. It's quarter past eight. 4. (It leaves) at half past eight. 5. She's got double English, History and double P.E. 6. (It's) in her bag. 7. Art and P.E. (are her favourite subjects).

    p. 86, ex. 3

  • Od zgoraj navzdol: 5, 7, 1, 10, 2, 8, 4, 3, 9, 11, 6. p. 88, ex. 6b 2. Anna and Danny love animals. 3. Sandra's favourite subject is Maths. 4. Brian likes learning about different countries. 5. Anna and Danny have a Green Club. 6. Tina and Ella sing in the school choir. 7. Brian wants to be a Geography teacher one day. 8. Nick is nuts about computers. 9. Sandras class teacher is Ms Collins. 10. Jimmy, Patrick and Zoe write for the school magazine. 11. Wayne, Ella, Cheryl, Tina and Sean play in the school orchestra. p. 88, FUN-TASTIC english-slovenian computer

    Od zgoraj navzdol: 6, 7, 8, 1, 5, 2, 9, 3, 10, 4. p. 94, ex. 1a 3 rich 6 swimming pool 1 limousine 4 nanny 5 expensive 2 restaurant

  • p. 96, FUN-TASTIC english-slovenian computer

    Od zgoraj navzdol: 7, 4, 6, 2, 3, 1, 5. p. 96, ex. 3 Anna's birthday is ON the sixteenth OF December. She has a party AT four o'clock p.m. She is at school FROM 9 o'clock TO 3 o'clock every day, except ON Saturdays and Sundays. Her school is very old. It will be 200 years old IN the year 2012. p. 97, ex. 1a Primer: Pippis hair is red as a carrot. Shes got two pigtails that stand straight out from her head. Her nose is very small, dotted with freckles. Her dress is very funny. Its yellow and too short. Her knickers are blue with white dots and shes also got long stockings, one striped and the other black. Her shoes are black, twice as long as her feet. p. 99, ex. 2c DOES Tommy and Annika's mother turn on the radio in the morning?

    Yes, she does. DOES Mr Nelson wake up Pippi?

    Yes, he does. DOES Mr Nelson turn on the radio in the morning?

    No, he doesnt. DO Tommy and Annika have their breakfast in bed?

    No, they dont. DO Tommy and Annika have a shower after breakfast?

    Yes, they do.

  • DOES Pippi do morning exercises at 8 o'clock? Yes, she does.

    DO Tommy and Annika go to school at 9.30? No, they dont.

    DOES Pippi ride her horse in the morning? Yes, she does.

    DO Tommy and Annika enjoy Maths at school? No, they dont.

    DOES Pippi turn somersaults in the afternoon? No, she doesnt.

    DOES Pippi bake biscuits at one o'clock? Yes, she does.

    DOES the bell ring at 3.45? Yes, it does.

    DOES Pippi go shopping on her bicycle? No, she doesnt.

    DO Tommy, Annika and Pippi play together in the afternoon? Yes, they do.

    DOES Pippi tell interesting stories? Yes, she does.

    DO Tommy and Annika have dinner at 7 o'clock? No, they dont.

    DOES Pippi go for a walk in the evening? Yes, she does.

    DO Tommy and Annika go to bed late? No, they dont.

    p. 100, ex. 3b Primer: I get up at half past six in the morning and I get dressed. Then I brush my teeth. I dont have breakfast. I go to school at seven. I get home at two in the afternoon. I do my homework. Then I sometimes go out with my friends. Next, I play football or basketball. I have piano lessons on Mondays. I have dinner at seven in the evening. Then I watch TV. I rarely read books. I often surf the internet. I go to bed at ten at night. p. 101, ex. 1a

  • p.102, ex. 2

    Tommy Tommy and Annika Tommy and Annika


    does what his MOTHER asks him. go to BED early. do their HOMEWORK first.

    In the morning, Pippi In the morning, Pippi Tommy, Annika and

    Pippi Pippi


    rides her HORSE. DRESSES Mr Nelson. climb into the HOLLOW tree. goes to BED late.

    Pippi Pippi Pippi

    In the afternoon, Tommy and Annika


    TELLS fibs. TURNS somersaults. bakes BISCUITS. play WITH Pippi.


    Pippi In the evening, Pippi



    doesn't behave WELL. Pippi does her MORNING exercises. makes pancakes or cooks SAUSAGES. sits in the KITCHEN and counts her gold pieces.

    tosses her BALL till midnight.

    Tommy Annika

    Tommy and Annika


    bites his NAILS. fusses when she doesn't GET her own way. tell FIBS.

    p. 105, ex. EXTRA READING: Holidays

  • PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE p. 106, ex. II the, this, these, that, there / their, with. have, five, vase, video, (ni na posnetku), television. p. 106, ex. III

    1 goes z 2 plays z 3 dances iz 4 watches iz 5 does z 6 gets up s 7 comes z 8 starts s 9 learns z

    p. 109, ex. CULTURE PAGE: Spotlight on Australia