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  • 1. T o p1 0 : C i v i lW a rT o u r i s tA t t r a c t i o n s s
    • by:Hannah Marcus,Brittney Darah,Nick Geiger,andVanessa Lines

2. Civil War Washington D.C. Tours

  • This tour is great for anyone who wants to tour civil war sites in Washington, D.C.
  • Travel times from Washington D.C. are relatively short.
  • The website also includes the Tourist choice option so you can see which attractions tourists like best.
  • The tours even tell you what actually happened there.

3. Gettysburg

  • This website is amazing! Its a great place to find many attractions about the civil war.
  • Such attractions include: wax museums, battlefield tours, theaters, and historical museums. It has a multitude of things to do relating to the civil war to fuel your adventure!

4. National Civil War Museum

  • This is a 2-floored, spacious museum with a total of 17 attractions including a battlemap, weapons and equipment, campaigns of 1862, Lincoln war and remembrance, women in war and much more!


  • The plot of the show focuses on the events that took place during the Civil War, and the impact they had on families of the time.
  • Characters include: Sojourner Truth, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman, Frederick Douglass, Robert Lee, and others who tell there horrific stories.
  • Musical numbers - Brother, My Brother, Sons of Dixie, Judgement Day, Someday, The Glory, Virginia, Candle in the Window, and more!
  • The shows music was composed by Frank Wildhorn, who also composed the music for the famous Jekyll & Hyde!
  • The show is closed on Broadway as of 1999 and the tour that followed is over, but it can be seen RIGHT NOW at the Ford Theatre in Washington, DC!
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