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Toys for BoysToys for GirlsZesp Szk w Lubzine39-102 Lubzina

S/He is Equal in Europe Erasmus+ Project

NR: 2015-1-ES01-KA219-015783_8

Various toys for childrenBefore the lessons we thought about developing in the children interests and skills, so that they could later choose what want to deal/play with. Rules :Do not criticize when the boy spends more time in the kitchen than playing toy cars. Do not give up a girl's pink pony if she prefers a remote-controlled crane or a set of blocks. We spread the imagination, creativity, desire to create and confidence of everyone - regardless of gender. Let us take into account the interest and desire of our kids/students.

We work in a TOY factory

We are designers we create toys for boys & girls


Lesson made by Ms Elbieta liwa