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Discover a programme that brings together students, entrepreneurs & community groups to develop creative solutions to local challenges. We help train students to co-design solutions from uncovering local needs with the community to working with them to develop projects that can be taken forward. We evaluate the insights and impact of the needs & solutions to help public services better understand how to support communities to help each other & use technology.


  • Nominated for top 40 civic innovation
  • Overview Bring together different groups to tackle local challenges Prototype ideas and solutions that can be taken forward Evaluate impact of the solutions to help take forward the projects
  • Students Designers Public servants Local residents Entrepreneurs Local groups Bring together different groups
  • to tackle local challenges Communicating the evidence Describing a day in the life Mapping the user journey Framing the opportunity
  • using creative methods
  • Prototype ideas That deliver social impact and help people help each other Brainstorming ideas Using new technologies
  • Developing the functionality Simulating the service Validating the usability Designing the interaction to design solutions
  • Marketing the value proposition Developing the project Creating the business model Measuring the impact Evaluate their impact
  • to inform community insights
  • and embed learning
  • to help take forward projects +15 partners +400 participants +150 insights +30 prototypes +100K investment raised Partners Issues Motivations Principles Prototypes Sustainability
  • Previous Partners & Sponsors
  • Previous Partners & Sponsors
  • Previous Partners & Sponsors