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The power of the word to transform lives


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  • Once the mind has been renewed then it willautomatically transform your life. It will startto be a creative part of you producing newopportunities. Most importantly it will helpyou to remain strong and empower you toresist the temptation that have had such agrip over you in the past. For an example ofthe power of a renewed mind we only haveto pick up the Bible and go to Matthew 4and see the temptations that Christ wentthrough after spending 40 days and nights inthe desert. When tempted to be part ofsomething that went against the truth hekept on reminding not only Satan but alsohis mind the truth. He quoted back the wordand promises of God . He also knew thatSatan was trying to use thought patterns todestroy all that was planned for Him.

    By reminding yourself of the promises, it hasan effect on how we do things. For as it saysin Ephesians 2:10 For by his act we weregiven existence in Christ Jesus to do thosegood works which God before made ready forus so that we might do them. He made readya plan for us but He is not going to force usto do it, as it says so that we might do them.Then as we take onboard the promises andtruth we have the weapons that help us todefeat the things that hinder our inheritance.

  • The interesting thing about that encoun-ter was that when it was finished it saysand He was hungry. I believe He was notjust hungry from not having any food, butthat He got excited about how powerfulthe word of truth was against the enemy.And what we can learn from this is that ifwe spend time not listening to the worldas it tries to bombard our minds with anarray of visual and auditory information.Then we can replace it with words oftruth it feeds us with new life and ulti-mately produce brand new opportunities.

    So as we come to an end of these articlesI think we can see a pattern forming.Once we come to terms about the way wethink we have then something to comparewith the word. By weighing up the lifedecisions against the Word we then havea time of reflection. So by finding outWhat you are like you then come to a re-lationship with the creator and that rela-tionship then forms a trust. From thattrust comes a truth and that truth thenbecomes a tool to renew the mind. Oncethe renewing of the mind happens it be-comes the agent for transformation.

    Once transformed it then produces fruitthat will have a lasting effect not only onyourself but also on those closest to youand the entire environment that you live in.

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