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• Transmedia

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Cross media - Crossmedia and transmedia

1 Two concepts that are often thought to be equivalent are cross-media and 'transmedia'.

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Cross media - Crossmedia and transmedia

1 Starting from the prefix cross-, there is the indication of movement, of action

across something, and the idea of intersection. Hence, the word cross-media would carry on the essential meaning of a variety of media that intersect each other. Given that this could describe crossmedia

as well as transmedia it could create some confusion. According to scientists

they can be distinguished as follows:

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Cross media - Crossmedia and transmedia

1 There are several characteristics that can be traced to the term transmedia, such as being

a kind of communication in which the storyline interacts with the audience from

one medium to the next; the ability to build content over a variety of media; and the

capability to exist not just by the juxtaposition of different devices and

platforms, but to spread the common goal on the different platforms throughout an

integrated production.

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Cross media - Crossmedia and transmedia

1 Transmedia Project Design: Theoretical

and Analytical Considerations]

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Metaseries - Transmedia franchise

1 A transmedia franchise however is often referred to by the simpler term media


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Metaseries - Transmedia franchise

1 Transmedia franchises usually develop through a character or

fictional world becoming popular in one media, and then expanding to

others through licensing agreements, with respect to intellectual property

in the franchise's characters and settings

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On Line - Transmedia

1 The design, look-and-feel, animation, programming, and general

technologies used in the overall transmedia storytelling|transmedia experience was created by Christian


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MyMusic - Transmedia aspect

1 Billed as YouTube's first transmedia sitcom, MyMusic has established a

strong interactive social media aspect, as there are near 300,000

followers of the series across the web

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MyMusic - Transmedia aspect

1 The transmedia aspect was able to interact with and influence viewers of the series to donate to an Indiegogo

project aiming to fund music education.

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1 'Transmediation' is the process of translating a work into a different

medium. It may utilize more than one media form. All the components of a transmediated work are interlinked with each other to form the whole network. Therefore, transmediated

works are closely linked to semiotics and technology in the context of

digital media.

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1 'Transmediation' can refer to the process of responding to cultural texts in a range of sign systems -- art, movement, sculpture,

dance, music, and so on -- as well as in words.

[ Semali and Fueyo] Transmediation can include response to traditional printed

texts, as well as multimedia materials including video, animation, a website, a

podcast, a game, etc.

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1 We live in a mediacentric society filled with many affective sign

systems. Transmediation can also be conceived of as multimedia communication and literacy

activities. When people engage as consumers or producers of media in

any form, they are engaging in transmediation.

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1 Transmediation is closely linked to semiotics, which is the impact study of signs. Academic researchers and

educators interested in transmediation are often also

interested in media literacy, visual literacy, information literacy, and

critical literacy.

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1 [

Leonard Shlain] highlights the importance of engaging students in the process of transmediation when writing,

Digital information comes in multiple forms, and students must learn to tell

stories not just with words and numbers but also through images, graphics, color,

sound, music, and dance

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1 'Transmedia storytelling' (also known as 'transmedia narrative' or

'multiplatform storytelling') is the technique of storytelling|telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital

technologies. It is not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchises, sequels or adaptations.

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1 From a production standpoint, it involves creating content that engages an audience using various techniques to permeate their

daily lives. In order to achieve this engagement, a transmedia production will develop stories across multiple forms of

media in order to deliver unique pieces of content in each channel. Importantly, these

pieces of content are not only linked together (overtly or subtly), but are in narrative

synchronization with each other.

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Transmedia - History

1 By the 1970s and 1980s, pioneering artists of telematic art made

experiments of collective narrative, mixing the ancestors of today's

networks, and produced both visions and critical theories of what became


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Transmedia - History

1 With the transmedia storytelling they are able to fully immerse themselves in the narrative on

several different levels.

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Transmedia - History

1 Recently the Macaulay Honors College in New York, part of City

University of New York|CUNY established a New Media Lab

focusing on Transmedia Storytelling and content. The lab is under the

direction of Robert Small an established filmmaker and television

producer. The New Media Lab operates out of NYC.

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Transmedia - Current State

1 While the list of current and recent projects is too extensive to list here,

some notable examples of transmedia storytelling include:

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Transmedia - Current State

1 *[ Copiii: The First Entry], a transmedia project

directed by Gustavo Cooper.

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Transmedia - Current State

1 *Conspiracy 365 (TV series)|Conspiracy 365, a

transmedia/multiplatform experience for The Movie Network TV in


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Transmedia - Current State

1 *Slide (TV series)|Slide, a native transmedia experience for Fox8 TV in Australia.

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Transmedia - Current State

1 *Skins (UK TV series)|Skins, a transmedia extension of the Channel

4/Company Pictures TV show by Somethin' Else Sound Directions Ltd.|

Somethin' Else in the UK.

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Transmedia - Current State

1 *[ Personal Effects: Dark Art], a transmedia project by [ JC


Page 27: Transmedia

Transmedia - Current State

1 *MyMusic, transmedia sitcom by Fine Brothers Productions as part of

YouTube's original channels initiative, one of the more robust transmedia


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Transmedia - Current State

1 * [ Fallen Nation], a transmedia setting that currently includes 2 books, 1 graphic novel, and a collection of audio albums and audio theater

released in podcast format.

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Transmedia - Current State

1 In 'Digital State: How the internet is changing everything' (2013), author Simon

Pont argues that transmedia storytelling is a theory that is at last starting to find its

practical stride. Pont cites Ridley Scott's Alien (film)|Alien prequel Prometheus (film)|

Prometheus (2012), and specifically the three viral films produced by 20th Century

Fox as part of the advance global marketing campaign, as vivid executional examples of

transmedia storytelling theory.

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Transmedia - Current State

1 In 'Ball Flint: transmedia in 90 seconds' (2013), Pont likens

transmedia story-telling to throwing a piece of flint at an old stone wall

and delighting in the ricochet, making story something you can now

be hit by and cut by.[

0.html 'Ball Flint: transmedia explained in 90 seconds' (2013)

Simon Pont]

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Transmedia - Educational Uses

1 Transmedia storytelling allows for the interpretation of the story from the individual perspective, making way for personalized meaning-making.

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Transmedia - Educational Uses

1 Transmedia theory, applied to a movie launch, is all about promoting

the story, not the ‘due date of a movie starring...’ In an industry built

on the conventions of ‘stars sell movies’, where their name sits above the film’s title, transmedia thinking is

anti-conventional and boldly purist

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Davis, California - Davis Transmedia Art Walk

1 The Davis Transmedia Art Walk is a free, self-guided, public art tour includes 23 public murals, 16

sculptures, and 15 galleries and museums all in downtown Davis and

the University of Davis campus

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Carlton Cuse - Transmedia in Lost

1 Cuse believes this ARG redefined the way in which the Internet and a TV

show could be integrated, and broke new ground in how a TV show could

be marketed.[http://blogs.middlebury.ed

u/mediacp/2009/07/05/expanding-the-lost-universe-part-2/ Transmedia

Storytelling in Television 2.0] by Aaron Smith, THESIS FOR

MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, SPRING 2009 Lost was also the first TV network

series show to create original content for mobile phones

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Carlton Cuse - Transmedia in Lost

1 Cuse said that Hollywood is only beginning to accept new

technologies like transmedia, and, for the most part is still trapped in the

past.[ Lost and Heroes

producers: Hollywood still trapped in the past]

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Lovebox (festival) - 1999 – Club Transmediale

1 The annual club transmediale|Club Transmediale Festival is a music and

visual arts event held in Berlin, Germany. Begun in 1999, the festival originally focused on

electronic music, but has since evolved to cover a wide range of

genres under the banner festival for adventurous music and related visual


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Lovebox (festival) - 1999 – Club Transmediale

1 The first Club Transmediale Festival was organized in 1999 by Jan Rohlf,

Marc Weiser and Lillevän Pobjoy (Rechenzentrum), Remco

Schuurbiers and Timm Ringewaldt and was billed as a fusion of

electronic music, video, motion graphics and visual art, connecting club culture, contemporary art and

academic context.

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Lovebox (festival) - 1999 – Club Transmediale

1 Club Transmediale quickly grew into an independent entity held over

periods of up to 13 days in 2003 with many satellite events around the city of Berlin, including performances and large scale installations. The festival is now produced and curated by DISK

– Sound and Image Initiative, founded in 2005, an independent collective of artists and curators.

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Genesis P-Orridge - Hull University and Transmedia Explorations: 1968ndash;69

1 In 1969, Megson dropped out of university and moved to London,

where he joined the David Medalla|Transmedia Explorations commune, who were then living in a large run-

down house in Islington|Islington Park Street

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Danny Bilson - Transmedia (2004 onward)

1 Bilson and DeMeo left Electronic Arts to pursue their own transmedia

intellectual property. The two, having successfully carried intellectual

property from comic book to screen and from screen to video game, conceived new characters and stories that would succeed in

multiple media.