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Treasures of Chicago collectors : [an exhibition held at The Art Institute of Chicago from April fifteenth through May seventh, 1961].TREASURES OF
'An Exhibition held aHhe Art'lnstitute of Chicago from April Fifteenth through May Seventh, 1961
This exhibition is the second of a projected series which will be devoted to
great objects of art in the possession of Chicago collectors. We here
define a Chicago collector as somebody who lives in Chicago or
vicinity, or who has once lived here . Accordingly , the exhibition includes
some objects which belong to people who do not live here now, but who
have Chicago connections .
The primary purpose of this exhibition is to show a group of distinguished
works of art. A secondary purpose is to show the range of interest
of Chicago collectors and their extraordinary taste . As it has always
been, most Chicago collectors are interested in contemporary art.
The great impressionist pictures-and this exhibition includes some notable
Monets-were, in large part, bought when they were as new and
daring and as "difficult " as the School of New York now is . The collecting
of old masters has always been more limited in scale , but the
taste displayed is of the best. J .M.
William Harnett, American, 1848-1892, Golden Horseshoe, oil , 1886
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Arenberg
Pierre Soulages , French, 1919 , 14 January 57 , oil , 1957
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Bennett, Jr.
Henri Matisse , French , 1869-1954 , Nue Assise, oil, 1939
Mr. and Mrs. Peter 8. Bensinger
Paul Klee, Swiss, 1879-1940 , Oriental Garden , oil, 1925
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Bergman
Matta, Chilean , 1912 , Let 's Phosphoresce , No. 1, oil , 1949
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Block
Jean Dubuffet , French, 1901, Grass, oil , 1954
Mr. and Mrs. Leigh B. Block
Henri Matisse, French, 1869-1954 , Les Musiciennes , oil, 1925
James Ensor, Belgian , 1860-1949, Nature Morte aux Coquillages
et Poissons, oil, 1898
Pierre Bennard , French, 1867 -1947, The Green Slipper, oil , 1935
Mrs. L. E. Block
du Pothuis a Pontoise , oil
Mrs. Donald R. Booz
Claude Joseph Vernet, Port Scene, oil
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Borland
Claude Monet, French, 1840 -1926, Les Bassins aux Nympheas, oil , 1899
Claude Monet, Sandvicken, Norway, oil, 1895
Camille Pissarro , French, 1830 -1903, Haying Time , oil , 1892
Mary Cassatt , American , 1844-192 6, Mother and Child , oil
Mrs. Gilbert W. Chapman
Col. Frank W. Chesrow
Pierre Narcisse Guerin, French, 1774-1833, Pyrrhus and Polites, oil
Bartolomeo Schedoni, Italian , 1570-1615, St. John the Baptist, oil on wood
Massimo Stanzioni, Italian, 1585-1656, Deposition from the Cross, oil on slate
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Cowles
Henri Matisse, French, 1869-1954, Zorah in Yellow, oil, 1911-12
Mrs. M. E. Culberg
The Nathan Cummings Family
Alfred Sisley, French, 1839-1899, Le Moulin a Moret, oil, 1888
Camille Pissarro, French, 1830-1903, Girl Beside a Stream, oil, 1895
Paul Gauguin, French, 1848-1903, Tahitian Fruits and Flowers, oil, 1895
Claude Monet, French, 1840-1926, Portrait de Jean Monet Enfant
sur un Cheval Mecanique, oil, 1872
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cummings
Edouard Vuillard, French, 1868-1940, Portrait of Mme. Guerin, oil, 1913
Mrs. Max Epstein
Mr. and Mrs.Abel E. Fagen
Salvador Dali, Spanish, 1904, Portrait of Mildred Fagen, oil, 1960
Mr. Richard Feigen
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Freehling
Jean Dubuffet, French, 1901, Assemblage d 'Enfant, assemblage and collage, 1954
Alberto Giacometti, Swiss, 1901, Head of Annette, oil, 1947
Matta, Chilean, 1912, Hole in the Center of the Earth, pastel and charcoal, 1951
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Friedman
Wassily Kandinsky, Russian, 1866-1944, Landscape, oil , 1908
Jean Metzinger, French, 1883-1956, Flute et Violon, oil, 1916
Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881, Femme a la Mandoline, oil, 1910
Mr. and Mrs. Everett D. Graff
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo , Italian, 1696-1770, The Angel Appearing
to Sarah and Abraham , oi l
Mr. and Mrs. Everett D. Graff
Carlo Saraceni, Italian , ca. 1580·1620, Death of the Virgin, oil
Mr. G. E. Hale
Mrs. Alfred E. Hamill
Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer B. Harris
Claude Monet, French , 1840 -1926 , Waterloo Bridge , oil , 1900
Mrs. Charles V. Hickox
Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Hillman
Edouard Manet, French, 1832-1883 , Young Girl Seated on a Park Bench, oil , 1880
Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Hodes
Rene Magritte, Belgian, 1898 , La BoHe de Pandore , gouache , 1951
Rene Magritte, La Tra hi son des Images , gouache, 1954
Rene Magritte, Le Clair, gouache , 1958
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Hokin
Georges Rouault, French, 1871-1958, La Clownesse , oil
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Hubachek
Jacques Villon , French , 1875. Composition, oil
Dr. John Jay Ireland
Jean Fran~ois Millet , French, 1814-1875 , The Sower, pastel
Mary Cassatt, American, 1844-1926, Mother and Child, pastel
Mr. and Mrs. Morris I. Kaplan
Giovanni del Biondo, Italian , ca. 1356-1392, Gabriel, tempera on panel
Jean-Baptiste Chardin, French, 1699 -1779 , Still Life , oil
Dosso Dossi, Italian , ca. 1479-1542, Holy Family , oil on panel
Thomas de Keyser, Dutch, 1597-1667, Portrait of Father and Son, oil on panel
Judith Leyster, Dutch, 1600-1660 , Boy and Girl with Cat , oil
Jacopo Tintoretto , Italian , 1518-1594, Resurrection, oil on copper, c. 1588
Paolo Veronese, Italian, 1528-1588, Portrait of a Venetian Procurator, oil
Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Kunstadter
Jack B. Yeats, Irish, 1871-1957 , Roadsters Old and Young, oil, 1955
Ryonosuke Shimomura , Japanese , 1923, Antique Bird, oil, 1958
Mark Tobey , American , 1890 , Echo, tempera , 1954
Mrs. Albert D. Lasker
Mrs. Edwin C. Loomis
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Ludgin
Hyman Bloom, American , 1913 , The Rabbi , oil , prior to 1948
Mari no Marini , Italian, 1901, Study for Largest Horse, gouache, 1951
Abraham Rattner , American, 1895, A Place Called Golgotha , oil, 1940
Stan ley Spencer, British , 1892 , Hilda and I at Pond Street , oil , 1954
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Marx
Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881, Girl Reading , oil
Georges Braque, French, 1882 , Yellow Cloth, oil
Mrs. Sterling Morton
Jean-Antoine Watteau, French , 1684-1721 , Pantaloon with Fly, oil
Mr. and Mrs. Morton G. Neumann
Jean Dubuffet, French, 1901, D'Hotel with Yellow Teeth, mixed, 1947
Asger Jorn , Danish , 1914 , Parapanur, oil , 1959
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Norris
Alfred Sisley, French, 1839-1899, Sur le Loing
a Saint-Mammes, oil, 1885
Mrs. Walter P. Paepcke
Mrs. R. Movius Palmer
Pablo Picasso , Spanish, 1881, Femmes et Enfant, a la Fontaine, oil
Edgar Degas, French, 1834-1917 , Dancers, pastel
Claude Monet, French , 1840-1926, Morning Mists , oil, 1897
Mrs. William F. Peter
Mr. Grant J. Pick
Mr. David Rust
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Shapiro
Francis Bacon, British , 1910, Pope Innocent X
after Velazquez , oil, c. 1950
Marc Chagall , Russian, 1887 , The Green Violinist, oil , 1917
Jean Dubuffet, French, 1901, Le Grand Arab, oil and sand, 1947
Wassily Kandinsky, Russian, 1866-1944, Composition , oil, 1914
Mrs. Sargent Shriver
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Sundheim, Jr.
Fernand Leger, French, 1881-1955, Abstract Composition with Bust, oil, 1929
Maurice de Vlaminck, French, 1876-1958, Snow Scene, oil, 1919-1920
Mr. and Mrs. Harold X. Weinstein
Andre Masson , French, 1896 , Portrait of Goethe, oil , 1940
Joan Miro, Spanish, 1893, Femme, pastel, 1934
Yves Tanguy, French, 1900-1955 , Les Derniers Jours, oil , 1944
Mrs. Arthur M. Wood
Claude Monet, French, 1840-1926, Landscape with Figures, oi I, 1888
Mr. and Mrs. William Wood Prince
Joseph Mallord William Turner, English, 1775-1851, Venice, oil , 1840
Mr. and Mrs. George 8. Young
William Congdon, American, 1912, St. Mark 's Square , oil , 1958
Mrs. Suzette Morton Zurcher
Lent anonymously
Hans Hofmann, American, 1880, Burst of Life, oil, 1952
Henri Matisse, French, 1869-1954, Les Marguerites, oil, 1939
Pablo Picasso , Spanish, 1881, Seated Woman , oil, 1928
Antonio Mancini, Italian, 1852-1930, Resting , oil
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Alsdorf
French 13th century, Virgin and Child, marble
Andrea Briosco called Riccio, Italian, 1470-1532, Acrobat-oil lamp, bronze
Andrea Briosco called Riccio, Two Satyrs, bronze
Giovanni Bologna, Italian, 1524-1608, Hercules, bronze
Giovanni Bologna, Kneeling Satyr, bronze
Pietro Tacca, Italian, 1577-1640, Rearing Horse, bronze
Francesco da Sant' Agata, Italian, ca. 1520, Youth, bronze
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Arenberg
Lynn Chadwick, British, 1914, Two Dancing Figures No. VI,
iron and composition, 1955
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cummings
Henri Matisse, French, 1869-1954, La Danse, bronze, ca. 1911
Mrs. Max Epstein
Giovanni Bologna, Hercules and Cacus, bronze
Mrs. Lillian H. Florsheim
Mr. Leo S. Guthman
Mrs. lvo Carlo Meucci
Marino Marini, Italian, 1901, Venus, bronze, 1942
Mr. and Mrs. Morton G. Neumann
Henri Matisse, French, 1869-1954, Madeleine II, bronze, 1903
Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881, Angry Owl, bronze
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Oppenheimer
Alberto Giacometti, Swiss, 1901, Diego, bronze
Mrs. Walter P. Paepcke
Tilman Riemenschneider, German , ca. 1460-1531, Model for an Altar, lime wood
Mr. Grant J. Pick
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenthal
Honore Daumier, French, 1808-1879, Bronze Figurines:
Business Man; Parisian Street Sweeper, 1840;
The Dandy, c. 1840; The Reader, 1840; The Reader (No. 2);
The Deputy Tying His Cravat; The Confidant; In Love;
The Strolling Bourgeois; Le R6deur, or the Collector of Cigarette Butts;
Le Bon Vivant, 1852; Bourgeois, en attente; The Little Property Owner;
The Visitor ; The Bore-Guizot; Man with Top Hat ; The Poet
Mrs. Sargent Shriver
French, 12th century, Virgin and Child, wood with traces of paint
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon B. Smith
David Smith, American, 1906, Stainless Window, stai nless steel, 1951
Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. Tripp
Early Italian Renaissance, Bronze Doe, Pdduan, c. 1490
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Weiss
Jean Arp, French, 1888, Conscious of Her Beauty, bronze, 1957
DRAWINGS(~ vVATER COLORS Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Alsdorf
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, Italian, 1616-1670 , Cattle Studies, ink
Amedeo Modigliani, Italian, 1884-1920, Young Lady Seated, pencil, 1918
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo , Italian, 1727-1804, Cupid in the
Chariot of Venus , ink
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, Cupid and Putti in the Clouds, ink
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Bergman
George Grosz, German, 1893-1959, Rendezvous, water color
Matta, Chilean, 1912, Force of Nature, crayon and pencil, 1942
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Patrick Geraghty,
from the collection of Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Tieken
Paul Gauguin , French , 1848-1903, Still Life with Cat, water color
Amedeo Modigliani, Italian , 1884-1920, Caryatid, water color
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Getz
John Marin, American, 1870-1953, Landscape, water color, 1923
Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Goldberg
Paul Klee, Swiss, 1879-1940, The City of God, water color
Mr. and Mrs. Everett D. Graff
Giuseppe Galli Bibiena, Italian, 1696-1756 ,
Stai rcase of a Palace, pen and ink
Jan Bruegel the Elder, Flemish, 1568-1625,
Landscape , pen and ink, blue wash and Chinese white
Jan van Goyen, Dutch, 1596-1656 , Country Fair, black chalk and wash, 1653
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian, 1696-1770 ,
Flight into Egypt, pen and wash
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Korshak
Amedeo Modigliani , Italian , 1884-1920 , Portrait of a Young Man, pencil
Mr. Roger McCormick
Abbeville, water color
Jan van Goyen, Dutch, 1596-1656 , Beach Scene with Fishermen
Loading a Catch, black chalk and wash, 1626
Dr. Arthur J. Neumann
Mr. and Mrs. Morton G. Neumann
Paul Klee, Swiss, 1879-1940, Alte Dame, monotype
Pablo Picasso , Spanish, 1881 , The Centaur Nessus , silverpoint, 1920
Pablo Picasso, In the Studio, ink , 1953
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newbury
Henri Matisse, French, 1869-1954, Still Life with Pineapple,
brush drawing in black ink
Estate of Mrs. Potter Palmer
Paul Cezanne, French, 1839-1906 , Seated Man, water color
Paul Cezanne, Le Chateau Nair , water 4olor
Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881, Peasant Woman , charcoal
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French, 1864-1901 ,
At the Circus: Behind the Scenes,
pencil and black chalk with touches of orange and blue chalk
Mr. Grant J. Pick
A Procession of Cupids , red chalk
Fran~ois Boucher, French, 1703-1770, Bacchante, red chalk
Mr. Henry Regnery
Vaulted Court before Colonnades,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Shapiro
Paul Delvaux, Belgian, 1897, Seated Among the Ruins ,
water color and ink, 1937
Lyonel Feininger, American , 1871-1956, Gelmerode, water color, 1949
Morris Graves, American , 1910 , Bird, gouache, 1953
Paul Klee, Swiss, 1879-1940, Dance with Cymbals, Oboes, and Violins,
water color and ink, 1929
Henri Mat isse, French, 1869-1954, Woman at a Table, pen and ink, 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Silver
Rembrandt van Rijn, Dutch, 1606-1669, Self Portrait, pen and brown ink,
brown wash and India ink, about 1634-36
Rembrandt van Rijn, Old Man Leaning on a Stick,
pen and brown ink , about 1634-36
Rembrandt van Rijn, Satire on Art Criticism, pen and brown ink, 1644
Rembrandt van Rijn, A Woman Hanging on a Gibbet, pen and brown ink,
and wash on brownish paper, about 1654-56
Rembrandt van Rijn, Three Studies for a Deposition from the Cross,
pen and brown ink, 1630's
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Silver
Jean -Antoine Watteau, French, 1684-1721, Five Characters
from the Commedia dell'Arte, red chalk
Jean-Antoine Watteau, Five Studies of a Dromedary , black and red chalk
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon B. Smith
Theodore Roszak, American , 1907, Composition, gouache, 1960
Mr. A. James Speyer
Mark Tobey , American, 1890, Drawing in black and red, 1954
Mr. and Mrs. Harold X. Weinstein
Henry Moore, English, 1898, Bunks and Sleepers, gouache, 1941
Wols , German, 1913-1951, Thousand Ideas in My Head, water color, 1937
Lent anonymously
Max Beckmann, German , 1884-1950, Ulysses and the Sirens, water color
Lovis Corinth, German, 1858-1925, Self Portrait, litho crayon
James Ensor , Belgian, 1860-1949, My Father on His Death Bed, mixed media
Felice Giani, Italian, ca. 1760-1823,
Academic Investiture in Naples, pen, about 1795
Albert Giacometti, Swiss, 1901, Annette, pencil, 1954
Mrs. Tiffany Blake
Col. Frank W. Chesrow
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Marx
Rider, bronze, Roman, late Imperial period
Mr. William Moulis
Kouros, bronze, Greek, Island of Naxos, 6th century B.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. Tripp
Figure of Hercules, bronze, Alexandria, 2nd or 1st century B.C.
Republican Bust, marble, Roman, 1st century B.C.
Figure of a Bull, bronze , Greek, 6th century B.C.
Figure of a Goat, bronze, Greek, 6th century B.C.
Horse's Head, marble, Greek, (excavated near Rome), 5th century B.C.
Saite Cat Wearing a Necklace, Egyptian (found at Hehia
near Zagazig) , 6th century B.C.
Child and Goose, bronze, Roman, Republic or early Imperial per iod,
1st century B.C.-lst century A.O.
Kouros, bronze, Greek, Attica, 5th century B.C.
Writing box, white satin embroidered with colored silk
and silver, English, about 1668
Mrs. A. H. Patterson
Pair of candlesticks, enamel on copper , English, Battersea, mid-18th century
Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. Tripp
Basin, enamel on copper, Italian, 12th century
Lion and rider, brass, Oinand, early 13th century
Griffin, bronze, Rhineland, 12th century
Lent anonymously
Triptych, ivory, French , 14th century
Reliquary, silver gilt, German, 15th century
Corpus, silver, parcel gilt, Italian, Lombardy, 12th century
Lent anonymously
Lion fountain figure , bronze, German , Worms, 12th century
Figure of St. Thaddeus, from a chasse, gilt bronze,
German, late 13th century
Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Blum
Caudle cup, English, London, 1711-12, unidentified maker
Pair of soup tureens with covers, English, London, 1770-71,
by John Parker and Edward Wakelin
Pitcher, Irish, Dublin, 1779, possibly by Ambrose Boxwell
Dr. and Mrs. C. Phillip Miller
Two-handled cup with cover, English, London, by Robert Lucas, 1733-34
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Oldberg
Tea cup, English, London, 1690-91, by unidentified maker "R.H."
Teapot, English, London, 1713-14, by Joseph Ward
Platter, with coat of arms of Boyle-Ferguson-Fergusson families,
English, London, 1745-46, by Paul Lamerie
Mrs. A. H. Patterson
Two-handled cup with cover, English, London , by Richard Wi lliams, 1711-12
Pair of candlesticks, English, London, by Joseph Bird, 1717 -18
Coffee pot, English, London, by Joseph Clare, 1718-19
Salver, English, London, by John Tuite, 1726-27
Creamer, Irish, Dublin, by John Williams, about 1735
Bowl, Irish, Cork, by George Hodder, mid-18th century
Mr. Russell Tyson
Lent anonymously
Coffee pot , English, London, by Paul Lamerie, 1738-39
Cake basket, English, London, by Paul Lamerie, 1742-43
Sauce boat, English, London, by Paul Lamerie , 1748-49
DuPaquier, about 1725
Group: La Fete du Chateau, soft paste porcelain , French , Sevres,
modelled by Falconet, about 1766
Group: Scaramouche and Columbine , porcelain , German,
Berlin, Wegely , 1752-57
Figure : Miner, porcelain, German , Meissen , modelled by
J. J. Kaendler , about 1743
Figure: Map Seller , porcelain, German , Meissen , modelled by
J . J. Kaendler, about 1745
Figure: Bulgar, porcelain , German , Meissen , modelled by
J. J. Kaendler , about 1745
Figure: Africa, porcelain, German, Fulda, about 1760
Plate: Coronation service, porcelain, German , Meissen , 1730-33
Plate : Fable animal , porcelain , German, Meissen ,
painted by Loewenfinck , 1735-40
Group : Capture of a Turkish Woman , porcelain , Swiss , Zurich, about 1760
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Kaufman
Bust of George Ill as Prince of Wales, soft paste porcelain,
English, Chelsea, about 1751
Longton Hall, about 1750-55
Mrs. Eugene W. Kettering
Yu, with bale handle and bird-topped cover, bronze, Chinese,
Shang Dynasty (18th-12th Century B.C.)
P'an, interior with incised and molded decoration of birds, fish
and fantastic animals, bronze, Chinese,
Shang Dynasty (18th-12th Century B.C.)
Ho, bronze with red inlay decoration, Chinese,
Shang Dynasty (18th-12th Century B.C.)
Mr. and Mrs. Everett D. Graff
Kutani Ware Bottle, enameled and glazed porcelain, Japanese, 17th century
Shino Ware Dish , painted and glazed pottery, Japanese, 18th century
Drawing, ink on paper, Japanese, attributed to Yoshitoshi (1839 -1892)
Duck, water color on paper, Japanese, attributed to
Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)
Mr. Stephen Junkunc Ill
Horse, wood and painted paper , Chinese, from Ch'ang-sha, 3rd century B.C.
Seated Lion, white marble, Chinese, Northern Ch'i Dynasty (A.O. 550-577)
Horse's Head, white marble, Chinese, 1st-2nd Century A.O.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Marx
Horned Animal Head, painted wood, Chinese,
from Ch'ang-sha, 3rd century B.C.
Estate of Mrs. Potter Palmer
Portrait Head of Buddhist Monk, dry lacquer, Chinese,
T'ang Dynasty (A.O. 618-906)
T'ang Dynasty (A.O. 618-906)
T'ang Dynasty (A.O. 618-906)
Tomb Figure of Seated Woman with Amphora, painted pottery, Chinese,
T'ang Dynasty (A.O. 618-906)
Bowl, white jade, Chinese, Chou Dynasty, 11th-3rd century B.C.
Mr. Russell Tyson
Doves Resting on Roof Tiles, two-fold screen, colors on paper ,
Japanese, late 17th century
Male figure, wood, Warega tribe , Belgian Congo, Africa , 19th century
Mr. and Mrs. D. Daniel Michel
Female figure , terracotta , Tlatilco Culture, Mexico, about 700 B.C.
Mrs. Suzette Morton Zurcher
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Weiss
Bird figure, wood, Senufo tribe, Republic of Mali , Africa, 19th century
The Board of Trustees James W. Alsdorf, Edward H. Bennett, Jr.,
Cushman 8. Bissell, Wiljiam McCormick Blair,
Leigh 8. Block, Avery Brundage, Percy 8. Eckhart, Marshall Field, Jr .,
Everett D. Graff, Frank 13. Hubachek, ;! ,. '
Homer J. Livingston, Earle 1.:t.ldgin,
Samuel A. Marx, ~rooks McCormick, -
Fowler McCormick ;· Andrew McNally Ill,
William A. Mcswain, Edward Byron Smith,
Arthur M. Wood, Frank H. Woods,
George 8. Young, Mrs. Suzette Morton Zurcher \
Officers ~obert Allerton, Honorary President
Russell Tyson, Honorary Vice President
William McCormick ·Bla'ir, President ·
Arthur M. Wood, Vice President
George 8. Young, Vice President
Homer J. Livingston, Treasurer
John Maxon, Director of Fine Arts
' Louise Lutz, ,Assistant ·secretary
Harold H. Swift, Russell Tyson
Ex Officio Richard J. Daley , M~yor of the City of Chicago
Alvin L. Weber, Comptroller of the City of Chicago
James H. Gately, President, Chicago Park District
Thomas P. Purcell, Treasurer, Chicago Park District