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Trip of a Lifetime is a non-profit organization that provides funding for underprivileged teenagers to go on teen tours to go to the West Coast. For more information, check out our website:


  • 1. Trip of a Lifetime Expanding the World Beyond your Horizons

2. What Is The Importance of Traveling?

  • Culture
  • Learning
  • Personal Growth
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • New perspective of world
  • Golden Gate Bridge

3. My Own Experience

    • Nervous at first, didnt know what to expect
    • Trip allowed me to grow as a person and develop new skills
    • As I came home,I reflected on what this trip would mean to others who cannot afford it
    • Formed new organization, Project Trip of a Lifetime
    • Travel is an avenue to personal growth

4. Who Are We?

  • Created in 2007 by Stan Rosenberg
  • Currently 8 seniors contribute time
  • Provides scholarships for high-school students to go on teen tours
  • Raised over forty five thousand dollars
  • Sent two students on summer teen tours in summer of 2009 and plan to send 4-6 students
  • Recognized as an official 501(c)(3) charity by the IRS and the state of New York

5. The Teen Tour

  • Three Week Trip to The West Coast
    • Students learn more about themselves while visiting awe inspiring sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon
    • Travel with forty of their peers
    • Other places visited include Los Angles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Lake Tahoe

San Diego Beach 6. The Application Process

  • Every student must meet certain qualifications
    • Have an acceptable GPA
    • Be unable to afford the trip
      • Using the free lunch program as a parameter
    • Be free of any criminal record
    • Obtain letter of recommendation from Guidance Counselor

7. The Application Process

  • Applicants submit an essay
    • Explain why a teen tour is important to them
    • What they are hoping to gain from the trip
  • Review by us and teacher advisors
  • Best essay applicants will be invited for an interview
  • Scholarships determined from interview
  • Get feedback from the selected applicants

8. Students Selected

  • In 2009, we selected two students to go on teen tours to the West Coast
  • Both students had amazing experiences and gained new perspectives of the world
  • Each student wrote an essay about their experience which we posted on our website (

9. Quote From One Student

  • Its called Trip of a Lifetime. And its aptly named. I found a second life, and a second family, on that trip. I know that I may not see them for some time, maybe as soon as a few days from now or maybe never again, but I also know that each one of them has found a special place in my mind. Those three weeks were arguably the best three of my life, and certainly the best three in a long time. And all credit goes to Trip of a Lifetime, a unique and truly fantastic organization.

10. Fundraising

  • Raised over $45,000 from over 200 donors
  • Some fundraising websites we have used include
    • Ebay Giving Works
    • Twitter
    • Good Shop
  • Also raise money through bake sales, t-shirts, and special events

11. Publicity

  • Raise awareness through publicity
    • Local newspapers
      • The Scarsdale Inquirer
      • The Journal News
    • Holding events at various places
      • The Masters School
      • Scarsdale High School
      • Town Village
      • Scarsdale Synagogue
      • Speaking at local colleges
      • We Update Publicity/News Regularly on our Website

12. Social Media

    • Over 200 fans
  • Twitter:
  • Wordpress Blog:
    • Non-Profit Toolbox
  • SlideShare: powerpoint sharing
  • Scribd: document sharing

13. Significance (Why TOAL?)

  • Provides an opportunity to see/learn new things
  • Many applicants have not visited teen tour destinations
    • Western U.S.
  • Students can gain important skills and make an impact in their community
    • Leadership
    • Community building
    • Independence
  • Hollywood

14. What You Can Do

  • Donate to our cause
  • Join our facebook/twitter groups
  • Encourage your family/friends to use GoodSearch and GoodShop
  • Check website for regular updates and ways to volunteer

Las Vegas 15. For More Information

  • Grand Canyon
  • Address :
  • P.O. Box 185 H
  • Scarsdale, NY 10583
  • Email :
  • [email_address]
  • Website :