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1 2012 Program Review and Recommendations Custom Community Group

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2012 Program Review and Recommendations

Custom Community Group

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ETC’s Goals: Influencer Engagement


As ETC looks to further authentic conversation and engagement with SCRM influencers, an independent community offers distinct advantages:   Aligns ETC with trusted SCRM/social customer service

influencers   Produces winning custom content   Generates top quality leads   Drives site registrations   Gives ETC people a voice and help them shine   Provides a promotional platform for other ETC assets

and initiatives   Establishes ETC as the trusted authority for LOB


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The Social Customer: Sponsorship Drives Visits

The Social Customer Year 1 visitation compared to other CCG communities


Sustainable Cities Collective

The Social Customer

SmartData Collective

The Customer Collective

The Energy Collective

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Social Customer Performance: Year 1 Metrics

The Social Customer Year 1 performance


Total Target/Benchmark +/-

Site registrations 5,751 1,605* + 258% Leads delivered 3,979 2,100 + 90%

* Average year-1 registrations for three other CCG communities sponsored from outset.

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A Community of Leading Influencers

We’ve succeeded in recruiting some of the most respected names in customer service and SCRM as the ambassadors of the site.


Brent Leary Co-Founder, CRM Essentials LLC.

Esteban Kolsky Former Gartner Analyst, focused on Customer Service and CRM research. Principal, ThinkJar

Frank Eliason Senior Director for Comcast's National Customer Operations.

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The Social Customer’s Newest Influencers

Introducing our two new ambassador adding to an impressive roster.


Emily Yellin Author of Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us and longtime contributor to The New York Times

Paul Gilliham Director of Customer Marketing with Lithium Technologies

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The Social Customer On the Web

The Social Customer resonates across the web. Here are examples of the notable coverage our premium content has garnered:

Sangeeta Haindl- Justmeans News Writer on The Social

Customer Engagement Index

Teresa Basich- Radian 6 on The Social Contract eBook

CRMBlogs on The Social Customer Engagement


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A Platform for Internal ETC Thought Leaders


John B, Director of Product Placement, ETC

4 Comments 1345 Reads 21 Tweets

Peter D, Head Business Influencer Group, ETC

3 Comments 3555 Reads 371 Tweets

Margot V, Head Business Influencer, ETC

3 Comments 1445 Reads

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Revised Timeline of Premium Content 2012-13


Jan to June- Premium Content: •  The Social Contract eBook

•  The Future of Customer Service Webinar

July to Dec- Premium Content: •  The Social Customer Engagement Index White Paper

•  Sentiment Analysis for Customer Service Webinar •  Metrics for Customer Service eBook

•  Commissioned Posts

Additional 2012 and 2013- Premium Content: •  How are Companies Using Social Technologies Webinar

•  Best Insights in Customer Care 2012 eBook •  The Social Customer Engagement Index Benchmark Study

• Commissioned Posts

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The Social Customer Search Terms


Google search term referral indicates that The Social Customer is well-targeted and effectively indexed for search

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Recommendations for Commissioned Content


A community is as vibrant as its content. We surveyed our ambassadors and select community members for topical suggestions that are of immediate interest to the SCRM industry. We crossed referenced these with leading search terms, and compiled the following list we propose to commission:

  Internal social tools for knowledge management   What does the customer service revolution in B2C mean

for B2B?   Overcoming corporate cultural barriers to the adoption

of social tools for customer service   Building customer loyalty   The power of ‘Yes’

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2012 Moving Forward


While 2012 is off to a solid start for the ETC and Social Customer partnership, the best is yet to come. By no means are we looking to rest on our laurels. We are committed to producing the best content that:   Delivers and exceeds our lead and registration KPI’s   Provides a platform to showcase ETC content and best practices   Fosters the best aspects of an engaged community   Provides the flexibility to revise and try something new   Never shies from ‘What else?’