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You hear a lot about big data these days, and no industry deals with the volume, velocity and variety of data like the communications industry. But having big data and being able to harness the potential of it are two completely different things. This webinar will review the market conditions and potential applications for strategic analytics within the communications industry, and describe how service providers can use this insight to: 1) Integrate data from Planning, Operations, and other departments to find hidden opportunities 2) Make faster, more informed network and customer decisions, with the data to back them up 3) Identify new market and service opportunities before their competition 4) Get an intimate understanding of their customers' preferences in order to improve retention rates 5) Drive a measurable improvement in revenue, network performance and operational efficiency


  • 1. Strategic Analytics: Turning Big Data Into a Big Advantage A Light Reading Webinar Sponsored by
  • 2. Todays Presenters Ari Banerjee Senior Analyst Heavy Reading Bob Laurent Communications Industry Marketing Manager Alteryx
  • 3. OPERATOR PAIN POINTS Looking for customer profitability analysis Trying to avoid fraud and revenue leakage Need for real-time customer assistance Inability to optimize network resources and offload traffic Need for integration of various systems and devices Data silos are too spread out Lack of information about customers Must have better forecasting for new product rollouts
  • 4. What do Operators want? On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is "a huge problem" and 1 is "not a problem at all," please rate the following competitive challenges for your company. (Data cut by Wireless Operators) Unable to convert huge amount of data into real-time actionable 3.89 insight Slow time to market with product launches and changes to plans 3.82 Inability to provide real-time upsell of services 3.82 Inability to provide customers with self-controlled spending limits 3.55 Top 3 Inability to provide creative charging packaging for advanced data 3.54 competitiv services e challenges Inability to provide creative package bundles 3.5 for wireless Inability to provide effective loyalty programs 3.46 operatorsInability to allow customers to change their service plan themselves 3.05 Source: Heavy Reading, 2011 (n=60) 2.5 2.75 3 3.25 3.5 3.75 4 Service providers surveyed feel that the inability to convert huge amounts of data into real-time actionable insight is one of the leading reasons for competitive challenges The second leading reason is slow time to market with product launches and change to plans followed by the inability to provide real-time upsell of services
  • 5. Key reasons why offers and promotions are difficult to implement What are the key reasons why offers and promotions are difficult to implement in your current environment across data and non-data services? (Please choose all that apply) Disparate product catalogs 30.0% 16.7% 60.0% 33.3% 37.5% Siloed billing platforms 20.0% 66.7% 60.0% 44.4% 50.0% Lack of single place for charging and QoS rule management 50.0% 41.7% 60.0% 44.4% 62.5%Existing BSS systems lack real-time transaction management ability 60.0% 33.3% 40.0% 88.9% 50.0% Lack of unified view of subscribers and their services 40.0% 41.7% 80.0% 77.8% 50.0% Lack of unified offer management capability 70.0% 58.3% 60.0% 44.4% 75.0% 0% 50% 100% 150% 200% 250% 300% 350% APAC NAR South America Europe MEASource: Heavy Reading, 2011 (n=60) CSPs clearly feel that the lack of a unified offer management capacity and lack of unified view of subscribers are the key reasons why offers and promotions are difficult to implement
  • 6. Integrating Data Sources Continue to Challenge CSPs What are the top 3 operational challenges that are a priority? Operators, regardless of type Top 3 operation challenges select integrating data sources as their #1 challenge Ability to integrate all necessary data 2.75 sources Removing IT from the process of developing reports is still a critical Ability to create ad-hoc reports for business stumbling block, business users users 2.4 must be able to create themselves Availability of advanced analytics 2.2 CSPs still have operational capabilities stumbling blocks to being smarter about the business Meeting batch window for data 1.8 consolidation and loading Operators struggle to understand the impact of operational issues across wireline, wireless and Meeting batch window for standard reports 1.55 cable as well as across specific products N = 50 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 Source: Heavy Reading, 2011
  • 7. Advanced analytics overarching architecture for service providers 6
  • 8. Holistic integration of Data critical for efficiency & optimum customer experience What benefits do you think youll obtain by integrating data from diverse sources? (Select up to three answers by indicating 1, 2 and 3 according to priority, with 1 being the most important and 3 being least)120100 4.8% 33.3% 36.4% 80 42.9% 50% 69.2% 60 100% 31.8% 44.4% 40 16.7% 52.4% 20 31.8% 30.8% 33.3% 22.2% 0 Up-sell services Enhance experience Optimize network Better SLA management Prevent leakage/fraud Pre-emptive assurance Least important Important Most Important Source: Heavy Reading, 2010
  • 9. Different Approaches to Analytics Mapping (GIS) tools Visualization tools Traditional BI and analytics tools Data warehouse solutions Strategic analytics tools
  • 10. What are the Most Strategic CSP Decisions? Strategic Planning: Engineer