tutorial holdings management adding, editing, and assigning full text finder links support.ebsco.com

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Tutorial Holdings Management Adding , Editing, and Assigning Full Text Finder Links support.ebsco.com

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  • Tutorial Holdings Management Adding, Editing, and Assigning Full Text Finder Links support.ebsco.com
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  • Your Full Text Finder link resolver provides end-users with the ability to quickly access a copy of full-text articles that you may subscribe to from a publisher or other provider, submit an interlibrary loan request for an item where no full text is available, or check your online catalog for additional information. In this tutorial, we will review the Links management features available in the Holdings Management tab within EBSCOadmin.
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  • When holdings are selected, the system will automatically assign links based on those selections; however, you can edit these links, or add additional links, as needed.
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  • To add a link, select Manage Your Links from the Overview or click Links from the top right corner under the main navigation.
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  • Click New Link or select a link from those displayed to edit it. When creating a new link, select Create New Link or you can copy from an existing System Link.
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  • Add or modify the information fields. Choose the conditions under which the link displays for your holdings and control how the link displays and behaves in Publication Finder. Once you have made your selections, click Save.
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  • Some vendors may require additional information, such as site IDs or account numbers to enable linking; these can be entered as Full Text Finder Tokens. To add a token, click the Links icon in the Holdings Management navigation bar then click Full Text Finder Tokens. Enter relevant token information. Click Save.
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  • Now that the link has been created, you need to assign where the link should display. To the right of the Details tab you will see Titles, Packages, Vendors, and Root tabs with the number of each item that the link is assigned to. Click the assignment level you would like to use for that link.
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  • The default display is for items already assigned at that level. To assign to a Vendor, select Find Vendors to Assign. Search by the item name and from the result list click the gray Not Assigned button.
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  • The button will turn green and display Assigned and the headings will update with the number of each item that the link is assigned to.
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  • Links can also be assigned to a particular title, package, or vendor by searching for the item in your collection and viewing the detail page. Once you have selected your resource, click the Links tab and locate an existing Link available in your library by selecting Show: Links not assigned. For any of the displayed links click the gray Not Assigned button to assign the link to this resource.
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  • At any time, click the Help link in the top toolbar to view the complete online Help system.
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  • If you need assistance accessing EBSCOadmin or Holdings Management contact your Site Admin or Technical Support. URL: http://eadmin.ebscohost.com/
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