tutorial holdings management adding, editing, and assigning notes support.ebsco.com

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Tutorial Holdings Management Adding, Editing, and Assigning Notes support.ebsco.com

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  • Tutorial Holdings Management Adding, Editing, and Assigning Notes support.ebsco.com
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  • Holdings Management is a robust suite of tools in EBSCOadmin that allows you to manage your library's Knowledge Base and holdings for searching in the Full Text Finder and EBSCO Discovery Service interfaces. In this tutorial, we will review the Notes feature available in the Holdings Management tab.
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  • Notes are a valuable tool for providing additional information to your users about your holdings. For example, you can use a note to indicate which titles are accessible off-campus, specify the physical location of titles on campus, or convey additional title information. Notes are assigned to specific Titles, Packages, Vendors, or at the Root level for all items in your collection.
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  • To create a Note, on the Holdings Management tab select Manage Your Notes from the Overview screen or click Notes from the top right corner under the main navigation.
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  • From the main Notes page all of your previously created Notes will display. You can click on a Note to edit the settings or assignments or click New Note to create a new note.
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  • On the Create New Note page choose a Note Name, Rank, and Note Text.
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  • When creating your note you have the ability to choose your Display and Icon settings. Display settings control whether a note displays in Full Text Finder (your link resolver menu) or Publication Finder (the search interface for locating holdings). Icons can be assigned to notes to assist users in understanding the information. You can select from the Icon library or enter the URL of a locally hosted icon you would like to display. Once you have made your desired choices click Save.
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  • Now that you have created your note, you will want to assign where you note should be displayed. You can manage your Notes directly from the Notes page. To the right of the Details tab you will see Titles, Packages, Vendors, and Root tabs with the number of each item that the note is assigned to. Click the assignment level you would like to use for that note.
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  • The default display is for items already assigned at that level, select Find Vendors to Assign. Search by the item name and from the result list click the gray Not Assigned button.
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  • The button will turn green and display Assigned and the headings will update with the number of each item that the link is assigned to.
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  • Notes can also be assigned to a specific title, package, or vendor by searching for the item in your collection and viewing the detail page. Once you have selected your resource, click the Notes tab to view all notes currently assigned. To add a note, locate an existing Note available in your library by selecting Show: Notes not assigned. For any of the displayed notes click the gray Not Assigned button to assign the note to this resource.
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  • At any time, click the Help link in the top toolbar to view the complete online Help system.
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