tweeting your business in a 140 characters or less

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Post on 17-May-2015




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Of all the social media platforms, Twitter is often considered the most difficult for a business to adapt and integrate into their marketing mix. Limited by its 140 characters and short micro-blog style, this social platform is often pushed aside in favor of the more 'logical' platforms, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Ironically, in my opinion, Twitter allows businesses the most direct, unique, yet informal point of entry and access to industry leaders, influencers and a new mode of customer communication.


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2. 3. Twitter allows businesses a new mode of customercommunication that can be tailored to match their customerspreferences. 4. Customer Relations Crisis Management Corporate Reputation Management Event Activation Issue Advocacy Product Promotion and Sales Internal CommunicationIdentify what Twitter strategy works bestfor your company or client. 5. 6. 123456 7.