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Twitter Marketing Presented by Mohammed Azharuddin Digital Marketing Trainer

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Twitter Marketing Step by Step Guide. Learn how to use and increase the brand awareness with Twitter.


  • Twitter Marketing

    Presented by Mohammed Azharuddin

    Digital Marketing Trainer

  • Twitter Stats


    1 Billion+ Users271 Million Active Users78% Mobile Users500 Million Tweets per dayHigh Conversion Rates

  • What is Twitter ?

    Micro Blogging site which allows 140 chars, photo, video and links.

    The main purpose of the twitter is real time communication between B-B or C-B or C-C

  • Listen and Learn


    Customer Support

    Connect with Experts

    Competition and Offers

    Updates and Press


    w t

    o u

    se T




  • Twitter Usage in India

  • Tweet



    Reply ReTweet Favourite

  • Most Popular Tweet

  • Create Profile

    Go to > Signup

    Select a Unique Handle [Max 15 Chars]

    Tailor twitter based on recent visits

    Choose Interests

    Import Contacts

    Confirm Email Address

  • Customizing the Profile

    Menu > Settings > Edit Profile

    Customize the Profile

    Use custom graphics and logo for corporate branding

    Fill the Website Field (No Follow Backlink)

    Fill the BIO of Page [160 Chars]

  • Twitter Graphic Dimensions

    Profile Photo Default : 73x73px Profile Photo

    Normal : 48x48px In timeline

    Mini : 24x24px

    Profile Banner

    Default : 1500x500px

    Medium : 600x200px

    Small : 300x100px

  • Types of Tweets

    Text Based

    Link Based



  • HashTag

    The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

    Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics.

    Using hashtags we can amplify our message to audience.

  • How to use hashtags

    Identify important Hashtags

    Use the site

    Find and mention influencers

    Align your campaign with trending topics

    Time your tweet

  • Examples of Tweets

  • Engaging the Users

  • Contents On Twitter

    Answer in style

    Question & Answer

    One such contest was # FunWithNumber

    Retweet & Follow to Win

    Photo Contest

  • Recent Contests (Nov 2014)



  • Twitter Tools

  • Generating Leads from Twitter

    Prepare a keyword list relevant to your product

    Perform search on twitter

    Interact with users as per the need

    Respond back to their reply