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TWITTER TIPS & TRICKS Presented by: Sweta Patel Social Media Eatery

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These are the newest tips and tricks you need to know about to fuel your business to the max.


Page 1: Twitter tips & tricks

TWITTER TIPS & TRICKSPresented by: Sweta Patel

Social Media Eatery

Page 2: Twitter tips & tricks


How to get more twitter followers, faster Creating a connection with followers Converting followers to fans of your

products or services How to get your followers to re-tweet

Page 3: Twitter tips & tricks

How do you get more followers faster?

“Twitter is like a box of chocolates”

Add yourself to Twitter directories: i.e Twellow and Wefollow

Use Twibes to group yourself with people who have similar interests

Page 4: Twitter tips & tricks

Okay I am in the directories, Now what?

Create Content Find your Audience

Spread the Word

Page 5: Twitter tips & tricks


Use Twitter as a tool for tech/customer support

Connect your blog and other social media profiles to your Twitter page

Learn to pitch Twitter influencers with articles relevant to their interest

Explicitly ask another user to recommend your profile or exchange


Page 6: Twitter tips & tricks

Don’t Mass followMass follow= spammers

Twitter sites:Twitter Blacklist and Twerpscan to

show who is spamming and weed out people who try to follow many users in

order to build an large audience.

Page 7: Twitter tips & tricks

Take Home Message

Give value to your target audience share ideas

promote your own website or blog

“Twitter All About It (With a Link!)”

Page 8: Twitter tips & tricks

Creat a Connection Follow back to show them interest

Answer any questions they may ask through their tweets

Arrange Tweet-ups

#FollowFriday (interest group) @shoutout

Page 9: Twitter tips & tricks

Write About Interesting ContentBecome the source of your Industry

“Widget Discovery Solves World Hunger”

“Widgets Invented by Forefathers”

“How To Catch The Elusive E-Widget”

“Band Named After Widget”

Add Value

Page 10: Twitter tips & tricks

Other ideasShare ideas through Re-Tweeting

Conduct a poll which engages your followers and share opinions

Page 11: Twitter tips & tricks

Do not only Promote your own stuff

Page 12: Twitter tips & tricks

Convert Followers to Fans and Products of your service

Tweet them asking how their service was. This creates loyalty among your

customers and eventually fans of your products

Page 13: Twitter tips & tricks

Keep Converting

Provide VALUBLE Content! Didn’t I already say that? Hint Hint!

Page 14: Twitter tips & tricks

Let’s See….. We need • Newsworthy Articles

• Fresh Industry Perspective• Participation

• And a dash of promotion.

…..and maybe some oregano.

How to get Followers to Retweet

Page 15: Twitter tips & tricks

More Ingredients for Re-Tweeting

Twitter Contests

Make sure you expose your Twitter name everywhere so people know you

People love to Re-Tweetquotes

breaking news beautiful photos

controversial topics questions


Page 16: Twitter tips & tricks

Take Home Messages Tweet other people’s blogs

Recommend others through #FollowFridays

Respond to Tweets Add them to a List

Page 17: Twitter tips & tricks

The Golden Rule

Help 5 a Day Keeps the Fail Whale Away

Everyday make it a point to visit 5 profiles and Retweet 5 tweets; respond to 5; or visit 5 of your

followers blogs or websites