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Twitter is a global poetry slam. Say something brilliant or quote someone wise. You can tweet your own horn or remix the work of others. Please remember to be generous in your interactions with others. If you are not favoriting and retweeting others, you're not making the most of this social web channel. Our collection of twitter tips explores good practices with multiple levels of engagement and includes artwork in Spanish and Navajo to underscore the point this is a global party. Tweets can be local or come from far, far away. More online the Planeta Wiki


  • 1.Twitter Tips _ Tweet! @ r o n made r pl ane ta. wi k i space s. co m/ tw i tte r 0 5. 2 0 15

2. O t h e r Ar e we o n the same scre e n? T o w h at de gr e e do we i nte r act? 2 0 1 5 @ r o n m a d e rp l a n e t a . w i k i s p a c e s . c o m / s o c i a l w e b Are we on the same screen? 3. Be attentive Be generous Be creative Be curious Be empathetic Levels of Engagement 2 0 1 5 @ r o n m a d e r 4. Read / Follow Add star Reply / Retweet Embed / Curate Tweet Search Levels of Engagement 2 0 1 5 @ r o n m a d e r 5. Have you created an account on Twitter? Have you updated your avatar image? Have you updated your profile? Have you retweeted someone else's tweet? Have you used a hashtag on Twitter? Have you reviewed your notifications? Have you kept an eye on your followers? Have you created a Twitter list? Have you embedded a tweet on a website? Twitter: Core Skills Image @ 6. Gracias para tus retuits Thank you for your retweets Ahxhee baa nhwnlneg Ts Bii Ndzisgaii (Monument Valley), Photo @ Daniel Westen 7. The default image for your profile is an egg Update your image with something personal 8. It's always seemed to me a bit odd when people criticise Twitter because of the 140-character limit. I'm sure there are lots of things you could criticise Twitter for, but to suggest, as some people like to do, that a tweet isn't real communication simply because it's so brief is a bit like suggesting that Haiku isn't poetry just because it's over almost before it gets started. - Anto ny Funne l l , Fu tu r e T e n se P h o t o @ A B C R a d i o N a t i o n a l 9. Twitter Numbers 500 million active users 340 million tweets per day 1.6 billion search queries per day 10. Pen Waggener 11. Tweets Can Be Flipped 12. p h o t o @ f a m i l y m w r 13. # 14. 0 5 . 2 0 1 5 15. RT 16. What happens in Vegas is retweeted. 17. Twitter is better with friends p h o t o @ g a b i n o c u e 18. Q: Whats the most important thing on Twitter? A: Notifications 19. Pay attention to notifications 20. Tweets can be local 21. Tweets can come from far away 22. 23. Tweets can be in any language Tuits puede ser en cualquier idioma 24. Tweets can be retweeted 25. @ 26. @ronmader 27. On Fridays recommend who to follow on #FF = Follow Friday 28. Twitter says to Facebook Why are you following me? And Facebook responds Because I like you. 29. Facebook + Twitter Q: Can I set up Facebook so that posts automatically upload to Twitter? A: Yes, but what you gain in efficiency you lose in legitimacy. Twitterers will know that you're just giving it a pass. Our recommendation: DO NOT auto-connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. 30. What to Tweet on Twitter Messages of interest to you Messages of interest to your followers What you recommend reading What you recommend listening Anniversaries and special dates Local food Local weather Favorite quotes 31. How to tweet NOT Mixup # and @ Use faulty hashtags Dont compliment Dont favorite Dont retweet Dont tweet more than 2x/year 32. twitter account hashtag follow timeline discover retweet geolocation dismiss tweetheart delete prole FREE SPACE widget favorite modied tweet parody vine veried notication avatar trends settings handle list 2015 33. Tweet from Planeta 34. Tweet from the Wiki! 35. Tweet from Wordpress 36. Embed Tweets on Your Website 37. Analyze Your Tweets 38. Map Your Followers 39. Storify Tweets 40. Curate Travel Features 41. over one wont read Twitter has no advantage A person who who can't read Twitter. p h o t o : n o s t r i - i m a g o 42. Please Share! 43. @ronmader