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Twitter Uses & Tips Internet Marketing & Social Media Kansas City June 28, 2011 Mary D. Padilla ®

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  • 1. Twitter Uses & TipsInternet Marketing & Social Media Kansas CityJune 28, 2011 Mary D. Padilla

2. Twitter & Tweeting Social networking and micro-blogging serviceutilizing instant messaging, SMS or a webinterface. Kinds of tweets: entertainment, information,special campaigns for events or fundraising,etc. Timing: Weekdays 3-5 p.m. Tuesdays aretypically slow days per studies. 3. Beginner Basics Use a photo of yourself. Studies show that peopleare more responsive to faces than logos or othericons. Make sure your handle is not too long. The longerit is the less characters you have to tweet. In your description, make sure you providepeople with a clear understanding of who you areand what to expect. Include a link to a website, LinkedIn profile orother, like your profile. 4. What Makes For Success? Awareness of what you represent/your brand Understanding of who your audience is Understand expectations from followers Transparency Keeping to key areas of interest and usinghashtags for those, i.e. #kcroyals, #IMSMKC,#kcstorms, etc. 5. Tips Use specific messaging for each social mediaoutlet. Not all content is pertinent for eachaudience and may be seen as spam. Do your research. Look at lists of people youfollow, search key words and follow tradepublications/organizations in your areas ofinterest. If you schedule tweets in advance, check in forresponses. 6. Tips Tweet when you have time for conversations. Use social media manners. Post photos. Instagram allows for this, and isanother social media outlet. It encouragesinteraction with followers. If you need help, crowdsource. Ask yourTwitter community questions. 7. Remember Online influence is influence online. It doesnot replace the influence of your IRL (in reallife) network.