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Page 2: Types Of Classmates

There are stereotypes and really there is none. However, there are similarities and commonalities. There are no hard line classifications but we can still typify people. Let us try with those we go to school together with – our classmates. These can even be used relating to neighbours, workmates, etc.

Page 3: Types Of Classmates

So, here are some types of classmates, or any other people for that matter, we can observe.

Page 4: Types Of Classmates

The Serious Student

Let's start with the group which can be called the leading men or women. A classmate of this type is the one that other classmates can depend on to ask about lessons or what specific instructions the professor gave. The Serious Student is a true student for that matter because if there is one you can expect to do critical analysis for his essay, he is the one.

Page 5: Types Of Classmates

The Unconscious Jester

This classmate is very preoccupied with himself, he does not notice he has caught the amusement of the rest in the classroom. Sometimes, he plays jokes that turn out to appear like he just wants to appear clever, which peeve other classmates. The classmates just let the disgust pass.

Page 6: Types Of Classmates

The Whiner

What do they do? Whine, that is what! They frequently complain about the group project which the other group members turn out doing. And listen to this: The Whiner continues to complain even though he got the same good mark that his group mates have earned for him.

Page 7: Types Of Classmates

The Imaginary Friend

The Imaginary Friend is actually a virtual / online / cyber citizen or netizen. This classmate is is just like a mirage, an illusion of a presence. He may be there in the classroom but it is like he is not there. Actually, wherever he goes, he is in the virtual / online / cyber world, the

internet. The classroom activities and group projects are like distant galaxies to him. His fingers and eyes, even the whole head is on his Android smartphone all the time leaving his classmates in a world full of confusion whether he actually is doing his task for the group project or not, especially that he is always with other Imaginary Friends in the virtual reality world.

Page 8: Types Of Classmates

They have the nicest clothes and eat at posh restaurants. But you wonder why or how they keep asking people to buy them lunch or cappuccino. They carry

The Parasite

around their ladies' bag that is expensive and big but they always borrow classmates' calculators, pens and cellphone charges and always ask for paper.

Page 9: Types Of Classmates

There are classmates who are older. They may be second coursers or enter college late because of financial difficulties. Some of them may be working full-time or part-time.

The Veteran

They are just quiet at the sidelines and gets pissed off when other students always ask them what is the lesson, the assignment and even the answers to assignments.