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Where is Ukraine located?

Ukrainian traditional clothes Vyshyvanka is the Ukrainian traditional clothing which contains elements of Ukrainian ethnic embroidery. Many variations of its design were created. Usually, it was made of homemade linen which was produced by loom. Local features are usually represented in the shirt's ornamental pattern.

Traditional dances of Ukraine


HopakUkraine traditional Foods

BorschtTraditionally borscht recipe is a basic stir-fry of grated beet root with tomatoes, added to a generous soup of vegetables onions, carrots, fresh or pickled cabbage, peppers, etc.

PASKA is the favorite staple of Ukrainian Easter breakfast tables and is loved by both adults and children. Baked in dozens, its a popular give-away during Easter family visits.Tourism Spot In Ukraine1. CrimeaCrimea is a region in which there is a chain of the mountains and surrounded by ocean. But unfortunately there was a conflict in 2014 and Crimea was taken over by the Russian power. In Crimea there is Mount Eclizee-Burun, Chersonesos Ancient Greek Ruins, Mount Mithridat and others.

2. Sofiyivsky ParkThis is a botanical garden located in Uman, Ukraine Central. Over 2000 more types of flowers are in this park. The park that found by Szczesny Stanisaw Potocki in 1796 is the main attraction of tourists both local and foreign tourists.

3. Dniester CanyonThe park is located in the west part of Ukraine. This park is officially considered as a national park on 3 of February, 2010. There is a river that cut through the hills, making this place a wonderful natural attractions.

4. Tunnel Of LoveTunnel of Love is a beautiful spot in Klevan, Ukraine. A three kilometer railway section leads to the fibreboard factory.The train goes three times a day and delivers wood to the factory. However, the trees make a green corridor, which attracts many couples, as well as photographers for its eye catching avenue.It is said that if you and your beloved come to the Tunnel of Love and sincerely make a wish, it will come true. This might be a new romantic place to discover.