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  • 1. My professional My professionals name is Inger Vandyke. She takes her pictures mostly in color but sometimes she edits is black and white and sepia. She began wildlife photography in 2004 and has been to 45countries to take her photos.

2. Career info Wildlife photographers spend most of their outdoors taking pictures of animals in their natural habitat. Knowing how animals behave is a good part of this job so you can approach them. Being patient is the biggest part of this job because you could wait for hours for one animal to do what you want. Wildlife photographers also dont make a lot of money 3. Homage I chose to imitate my photos after this professional because I love the work she does and it inspires me to travel the world like she does. She is very passionate about her work and has accomplished so much is only 10 years. 4. samples 5. Why do you want to be a photographer? I love taking photos and its a form of art. Explain to us what you know and why you are interested in this specific type of photography. I like animals and to be around them I also think it would be cool to travel to see different animals. What makes you stand out as a photographer among your peers? I am very stubborn What important trends do you see in the photographic industry? Many photographers are realizing that it is very hard to make a living off of photography Tell us some of your weaknesses. To do this job you have to be patient and I am not a patient person at all How important is technology in your field? How do you plan to implement it? I think any type of photography technology is important to take the best pictures. What are your long-range goals? To go to every country to take as many pictures How successful have you been so far? I have never been out of country but I am working hard to take pictures here What answers did you get from your professional I got every answer I was looking for, for example what their day is like, what is their favorite part of their job and east favorite. 6. Wildlife photography 7. Unit 7 professional project 8. Katie Stewart kitty digital image color 8x10 march 10 2014 9. Katie Stewart giraffe digital image color 8x10 march 10 2014 10. Katie Stewart rhino Digital image sepia 8x10 march 10 2014 11. Katie Stewart jelly fish Digital image sepia 8x10 march 10 2014 12. Katie stewart polar bear digital image black and white 8x10 march 10 2014 13. Katie Stewart penguin digital image black and white 8x10 march 10 2014 14. Katie Stewart zebra digital image color 8x10 march 10 2014 15. Katie Stewart bird digital image color march 10 2014 16. Katie Stewart fishh digital image color 8x10 march 10 2014 17. Katie Stewart animals digital image color 8x10 march 10 2014