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Unit Two Capital City. The Third Two Periods. Designed by Zhongxin. Unit Two Capital City. Unit Two Capital City. Exercise. Unit Two Capital City. Listening Proper Words Translation Use the Right Word. Unit Two Capital City. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Unit Two Capital City

    The Third Two PeriodsDesigned by Zhongxin

  • Unit Two Capital City

  • Unit Two Capital City

  • ExerciseListening Proper WordsTranslationUse the Right WordUnit Two Capital City

  • Listen to the following passage and decide whether it is T or FBeijing has always been the capital of China.It wasnt until 1949 that it was called by the name Beijing.Beijing has since developed itself into a political and cultural center of China.The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Summer Palace are World Cultural and Natural Heritages approved by the United States.Beijing is going to host the Olympics 2008, which will promote its own development.

    ScriptUnit Two Capital City

  • Evidence of historical record and excavated relics has proved that the city of Beijing has stood on its current site for well over 3,000 years. The city has gone by the names of Ji, Zhongdu, Dadu, and finally Beijing when the Ming Dynasty Emperor Chengzu chose the name in 1421. With the founding of People's Republic of China on October 1st, 1949, Beijing became the capital of the new republic and has since developed itself into a political and cultural center of China and international exchange hub. Cultural relics in Beijing like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Zhoukoudian PekingUnit Two Capital City

  • Man Relics, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace and the Ming Tombs are World Cultural and Natural Heritages approved by the United Nations. There are a total of 7,309 historical relic sites in Beijing among which 60 are classified as national cultural heritages and another 234 are Beijing cultural heritages. Beijing is to host the 2008 Olympic Games. With the three main themes of the 2008 games "Green Olympics", "High-tech Olympics," and "People's Olympics", Beijing will surely develop much faster.Unit Two Capital City

  • ExerciseFill in the blanks with words or phrases from the Vocabulary Snapshot. Change the forms if necessary.The rainforest in Brazil _____________the biggest remaining one in the world.They ___________all the old buildings to make way for the road.They sent several policemen to ________the meeting room.The government has tried dozens of approaches to prevent the old city from_____________.Through science weve got the idea of ____________ progress with research.Unit Two Capital Cityis spoken of asleveledguarddecayingassociating

  • This kind of cooking is __________ to the southwest of the country. Walkways, flower beds and grassland __________in a formal pattern.He admittedly _____________as the highest authority on English literature there.In the 18th century many writers____________ the language of Shakespeare.Can you ____________how she must have felt when she knew she had failed?Unit Two Capital Citypeculiarare laid outrankedimitated imagine

  • Complete the sentences with the proper forms of the words given in parentheses.Our country has grown richer because of growing ______________with other nations. (commercial)Among those _________at the meeting are some foreign experts. (presence)It is really surprising that his _________of that singer could be almost perfect. (imitate)In most Middle East countries, politics has close _____________ with religion. (associate)Though only a college then, Nicholson was filled with the ___________to become famous one day. (ambitious)

    Unit Two Capital Citycommercepresentimitationassociationambition

  • He was absorbed in the _________memories of his championship-winning days. (glory)My father wanted me to become a __________doctor, but he felt disappointed in the end. (profession)People agreed that Kublai Khan was one of the most outstanding __________in ancient China. (empire)Long before I went there, African was alive in my___________. (imagine)During our visit to the USA, we had a __________time in the Disney World. (wonder)

    Unit Two Capital Citygloriousprofessionalemperorsimaginationwonderful

  • Translate the Chinese into English. I found that the books were laid out neatly on the desk. .Were very grateful to you as you had played an important role in bringing it about..Their delay was due to bad weather..What influences the people is not the past but the present and the future.

    Unit Two Capital City

  • ,.Generally speaking, people often associate politics with wars.,,. Tom had a first-rate education, so he had an advantage over those children who were not as well educated as he..Many students complain that the food is by no means satisfactory..Their screams of excitement all but drowned out the music.Unit Two Capital City

  • Use The Right Wordable ( be able to), capable ( be capable of) John is the most _________man I have ever known.The room is ___________seating 20 people.Because I am ill, I will not be _________come tomorrow.The company isnt ___________handling such a large order.

    Unit Two Capital Cityablecapable ofable tocapable of

  • especially, speciallyHe is ____________interested in table tennis. She came here yesterday ___________to see her parents-in-law.I had this dress made ____________for the wedding.Pollution is very serious, __________in urban area.

    Unit Two Capital Cityespeciallyspeciallyspeciallyespecially

  • compare, contrastYoud better ___________the translation with the original. He __________his car with hers, and found that they were very much alike.In his book the writer __________good with evil.The cool weather these days __________with last weeks heat.Unit Two Capital Citycomparecomparedcontrastscontrasts

  • Grammar ---Attributive Clause (2)whose:,The room whose windows are painted blue is our classroom.A teacher is a person whose duty is to teach.that:,thatThe well- known poet and his great works that we have just discussed aroused great interest among the students.Unit Two Capital City

  • noun, pron. or numeral of +whom/which: of,of of+whomof+which.The team consists of 30 members, half of whom are women.The book consists of six chapters, two of which were written by Professor Wang. whoseof whichThe river, the banks of which are lined with trees , flows to the east. (= The river whose bank are lined with trees , flows to the east. )Unit Two Capital City

  • where:wherewhere=under whichThere are some cases where the rule does not apply.I'll let you see the point where you failed.whenprep+whichHe still remember the day when he first go to collegeUnit Two Capital City

  • Practical Writing---NoticeSample Notes of Format Notes of Writing Do It YourselfUnit Two Capital City

  • Sample

    Department MeetingFriday, May 123:30 p.m.English Building, Room 307

    Unit Two Capital City

  • Notes of Format

    Unit Two Capital City

    Movie Oscar WinnerSense and Sensibilityin the AuditoriumSaturdayFeb. 2218:30 21:00Admission Free

  • Unit Two Capital City

    Womens Lib Movement on U.S. CampusSpeaker: Prof. Betty PowellProfessor of Sociology, Smith CollegeAuthor of The Other Half of the SkyDate: Friday, 8 MayTime: 10 a.m.Place: Room 101All Welcome!

  • Unit Two Capital City

    SUNRISE TOUR GROUPSchedule for Tuesday, Aug. 10

    8:50 a.m. Meet in hotel lobby to board bus for Summer Palace

    Lunch at Summer Palace

    Brief stop at the Friendship Store for last-minute purchases

    4:30 p.m. Return to hotel

    Liu Xinhua,Tour Guide

    Monday, Aug. 9

  • Notes of Writing1) 2)3)4)

    Unit Two Capital City

  • Do It YourselfPractice A: Class MeetingDate: Friday,5 MayTime: 7:00 p.m.Venue: Room 101Everybody is welcome!Unit Two Capital City

  • Practice B:NoticeThose who have submitted their applications for studying abroad please contact Mr. Li for detailed information in the department office on the morning of May 2Home Assignment Unit Two Capital City

  • Practical ReadingSanta Barbara Bird Club will meet at 6.30p.m. on the first Wednesday of the Month. It is a social occasion for bird lovers and owners alike to get together with their birds and meet other people. Where: Santa Barbara Humane Society. Information: Nancy Kaplan (President) Phone: (805)569-0514.Science & Engineering Council will give a luncheon party every second Thursday of the month. Time: 12:00-1:30 PM; Elephant Bar Restaurant, 521 Firestone Road; cost: $12 SEC Members, $15 Non-Members; Reservations appreciated, but not required. Information: contact Barbara Keaney at 684-4927. Community CalendarUnit Two Capital City

  • Christian Businessmens Club Breakfast Meeting: Breakfast followed with a talk by a Christian businessman dealing with issues in his business and personal life. Moby Dick Restaurant, 7:00 a.m. Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara. Further information: contact Roy Doty (805) 957-4525.Comedy Sports is the nationally acclaimed, live, improvisational comedy show. The show is fast, clean, hysterical and appropriate for allUnit Two Capital City

  • audiences. Every Friday at 9:00 a.m. and Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort. For reservations and information call 967-4679. Fridays 7:30-10:30 p.m. Dance Away is an alternative to the club scene. It is open to all ages, it is smoke and alcohol free, has no dress code and no partners are necessary. Children are welcome when accompanied by an adult. Unitarian Society Parish Hall, 1535 Santa Barbara Street. $4.00 Adults / $1.00 Children. For further information, contact Dorothy 967-5241.

    Unit Two Capital City

  • 1. At the Dance Away, people dont have to wear suits and dresses. 2. Comedy Sports is not appropriate for children.3. Participants are required to make reservations for the Science and Engin