universals of verbal & nonverbal messages interaction of verbal &nonverbal messages = we...

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  • Universals of Verbal & Nonverbal Messages

  • Interaction of Verbal &Nonverbal Messages =

    We blend verbal and nonverbal messages to best convey our meanings

  • II. Meanings & MessagesA.Meanings are in peopleB.Meanings are more than words & gestures

  • Meanings are Unique =

    no 2 people ever have the same understandingD.Meanings are both denotative & connotative

  • 1. denotative = objective definition

    2.connotative = subjective or emotional meaning

  • E.Meanings are Context-BasedIII. Message CharacteristicsA.Messages are Packaged = to create a unified meaning

  • Messages are Rule-GovernedC.Vary in AbstractionD.Vary in Directness

  • Verbal Messages: Principles & PitfallsUnit 10

  • I.Disconfirmation & Confirmation =the extent to which you acknowledge another person

  • A.Disconfirmation =

    ignoring a persons presence and a personscommunications

  • B. Confirmation- acknowledge and accept the other person

  • C.Types1.Racism places a certain racial or ethnic group in an inferior position

  • 2.Sexism = get rid ofa.generic Manb.generic He & Hisc.sex role stereotyping

  • C.Heterosexism = refers to language used to disparage lesbians and gay menII.Excluding Talk & Inclusion = include others

  • III.Balance of Self & OtherA.Principle of Balance = strive for interactions using a balance of self-talk and other talk

  • IV.Principles of Honest AppraisalsFocus on the Behavior Not the PersonState Criticism PositivelyBe Constructive

  • Own Your Own Thoughts and FeelingsAvoid Ordering & Directing

    Consider the ContextUse I-messages


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