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  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Department of Transportation

    Update on Transportation Activities in and around Tysons

    Greater Tysons Citizens CoalitionJune 18, 2015

    Tom Biesiadny, DirectorFairfax County Department of Transportation

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Department of Transportation 2

    Many Transportation Activities Underway in the Tysons Area

    • Silver Line Construction - Status Report• Silver Line Usage• Phase I Bus Services Changes• Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections• Grid of Streets• Major Projects Update• Intersection Improvements• Transportation Demand Management

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Department of Transportation 3

    Silver Line Construction –Status Report

    • Phase Io Punchlist – Ongoing (VDOT, WMATA,

    and Fairfax County) Fairfax County 274 items, 130

    open Project Closeout anticipated - end

    of 2015 Task Order Contract awarded May

    7, 2015 o Final Phase I close out - $2.982B vs.

    $2.905 $76M budget adjustment to finalize

    Phase 1 work (2.6% change); No impact to toll rates

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Silver Line Construction –Status Report

    • Phase IIo Total Project Status (all bid packages) Overall Project – 16.5% Design – 81% Construction – 4.5%

    o Highlights Enabling/Utility work at Herndon and Innovation Center Stations Aerial Guideway at Dulles Airport under construction Rail Yard at Dulles Airport in design Updated schedule – extension of about 13 months

    o Budget - $2.775B Total Contingency - $551.M (Remaining $529.4M)

    Department of Transportation 4

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Silver Line Usage• Silver Line Ridership

    – 16,000 boardings per day – 8,600 boardings at Wiehle-RE – 1,400 boardings at Spring Hill– 1,100 boardings at Greensboro– 3,000 boardings at Tysons Corner– 1,600 boardings at McLean

    • Station Parking – Wiehle-Reston East: about 95%+ full– McLean (Scotts Run North - Private) : about 40% full– Tysons Corner (Silver Line Center - Private): 100 spaces– Private lots possible at Greensboro and Spring Hill

    Department of Transportation 5

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Phase I Bus Service Changes• Service increases in Tysons, Vienna and McLean areas• Two rounds of service changes since July 2014.• January 2015:

    – Schedule changes to improve on-time performance– Re-established some bus service connections

    • May 2015: – Revised Tysons Circulator routes

    and Reston (RIBS routes) to provide more direct service

    – Simplified service; reduced overlap– Improved Express Lanes service to

    Burke, Lorton and Springfield• Receiving positive feedback from riders

    Department of Transportation 6

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections

    • Tysons Metro Station Access Management Study (TMSAMS) Recommendations

    • More than 30 pedestrian and bicycle recommendations

    • Implementation underway– 12 projects completed– 9 projects under design– 9 projects in land acquisition– 5 projects under construction

    • Status on County websitehttp://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot/silverline/tysonsimp.htm

    Department of Transportation 7

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections• Ash Grove Trail

    – Temporary repaving completed– Land acquisition underway for more significant project

    • Vesper Trail – Design approximately 60% complete– Coordination with Dominion on-going

    Department of Transportation 8

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections• Scotts Run Trail

    – Project Agreement with Park Authority approved– Design work to begin Summer 2015

    Department of Transportation 9

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Bike Facilities• 8 miles of bike facilities will be added in Tysons this summer through

    VDOT’s repaving project. Paving expected to begin soon!

    Department of Transportation 10

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Grid of Streets• Conceptual street grid included in Comprehensive Plan Amendment• Consolidated Traffic Impact Analysis completed• Revised grid developed• Studies of individual grid connections, as needed

    Department of Transportation 11

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Grid of Streets – Approved Segments

    Department of Transportation 12

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Major Projects Update• Jones Branch Connector (Route 123 to Jones Branch)

    – Design: 75% complete– Land Acquisition Activities Underway; will formally start in October– VDOT to oversee construction– Scheduled completion 2018

    Department of Transportation 13

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Major Projects Update• Route 7 Bridge over Dulles Toll Road: design-build contract

    approved (6/17)

    • Route 7 Widening (Jarrett Valley to Reston Avenue)– Preliminary design work completed – Project segmentation– Additional funding approved (6/17)– Design work continuing

    Department of Transportation 14

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Major Projects Update• Route 7/Route 123 Interchange/Route 7 Widening (Route 123 to I-495)

    – Feasibility study underway– Interchange concepts being developed

    • Route 123 Improvements (Dulles Connector Road to I-495)– Design of median U-Turn concept being developed through proffer

    • Boone Boulevard (Ashgrove to Gosnell)– Conceptual Grid prepared for Tysons West– Important to provide parallel roadway to Route 7 and access– Alignment will depend on rezoning cases (some in progress)– No active County project

    • Cleveland Ramp – Tysons East Connector Study– Alternatives analysis underway; anticipated completion: August 2015

    Department of Transportation 15

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Intersection Improvements• 29 intersections studied; Mitigation strategies being developed. • Community meetings will be scheduled for specific projects as they


    Department of Transportation 16

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Transportation Demand Management• Tysons Partnership has developed a new TDM program that is

    providing services to property owners on a subscription basis• County participates on oversight board• Services include: trip reduction strategies, ridematching assistance,

    telework support, transit incentives, monitor travel behaviors, program branding and marketing.

    • So far 8 companies have signed on to participate• Contributions and commitments are being included in proffers

    associated with development approved after the June 2010 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

    • Example of contributions: TMA Contribution: $0.10 per sq. foot office, $0.05 per sq. foot residential;

    • Incentive Fund: $0.02 per sq. foot office or residential Department of Transportation


  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Other• Update of Tysons Comprehensive Plan Amendment

    – Planning Commission Tysons Committee has completed initial review of updates to the plan

    – Results of studies identified in follow up motions, revised grid, completed activities, and Tysons Transportation Funding Plan

    – Expect Planning Commission to release for review in July 2015.– Public hearing anticipated in Fall 2015Development– Existing Development: 48.6 M sq. feet– Under Construction: 2.8 M sq. feet– Approved: 31.8 M sq. feet– Proposed: 13.0 M sq. feet– Total: 96.2 M sq. feet

    Department of Transportation 18

  • County of Fairfax, Virginia

    Department of Transportation 19