upgrading to esri arcgis 10: avoid the pitfalls, reap the benefits

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Upgrading to Arc 10 Avoid the Pitfalls, Reap the Benefits

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Upgrading to ArcGIS 10 Describes industry best practices when upgrading and Esri and/or Schneider Electric GIS system from 9.x to 10.x at a utility company. How to avoid the common problems, take advantage of the common benefits.


  • 1. Upgrading to Arc 10Avoid the Pitfalls, Reap the Benefits

2. Upgrading to Arc 10Avoid the Pitfalls, Reap the BenefitsSkye PerryPrincipal ConsultantSSP [email protected] ReederGIS Analyst / Upgrade PMCoServ [email protected] 3. AgendaIntroductionsInformal Poll Where are you at?Background Why UpgradeUpgrade ComponentsDatabasesProduct SoftwareCustomizationsBusiness Benefits 4. IntroductionsBrian Reeder CoServ ElectricGIS AnalystWorked with CoServ for 5 YearsV10 Upgrade Project ManagerBeen Through 2 Past UpgradesSoftware:ArcGIS DesktopArcSDE OracleArcGIS EngineArcGIS ServerArcFM DesktopDesignerGeodatabase ManagerArcFM ReplicationArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS EngineArcFM Redliner / InspectorResponder 5. IntroductionsBrian Reeder CoServ ElectricGIS AnalystV10 Upgrade Project ManagerBeen Through 2 Past UpgradesSkye Perry SSP InnovationsPrincipal ConsultantEsri & Telvent Technical ArchitectLead the SSP team to implement the upgrade at CoServSSP Innovations is a Premier Telvent Implementation Partner 6. An Informal PollHow many are running version 9.x?How many plan to upgrade to version 10 this year?How many have already upgraded to version 10? 7. Why Upgrade?Esri and Telvent SupportOnce 10.1 is released, 9.3.X Moves to Mature SupportAfter 12 months of Mature Support Moves to Retired SupportRecommendation is to get to 10 Sooner than LaterRe-architecture of Esri at v10Better PerformanceNew User InterfaceMany Usability EnhancementsNew FunctionalityTelvent New FunctionalityInitial 10 Releases Compliance with Esri10.0.2 and 10.0.3 Introduced New Functionality 8. CoServ Annual Upgrade PlanUpgrades Targeted Each FallEnterprise GIS technology standards kept as current aspossible.Keeps your enterprise GIS upgrade projects manageable andless complex.Resource management easier because its in the plan annually.Annual thorough evaluation of your enterprise GIS needs. 9. Upgrade Esri DatabaseEsri Geodatabase UpgradeThe OLD Way: SDE Command Linesde setup o upgradeThe NEW Way: Esri Geoprocessing TaskInstall v10 ArcSDE SoftwareConnect to your 9.3.x GDB via a Direct ConnectionRight click the GDB Connection PropertiesPrerequisite ValidationsInvalid DomainsGDB-registered Tables That Dont ExistEsri Replicas That Dont ExistUpgrades the Schema In Place 10. Esri v10 SDE SchemaAt 9.3 (and previous) At 10Complete Overhaul of GDB Tables 11. Esri v10 SDE Schema (cont)Where did all that data go?GDB_ITEMTYPESType of object Feature Class, Relationship Class, Table, DomainGDB_ITEMS.Definition contains XMLHas all the details from previous tablesJoin Ex:XML 12. Esri v10 SDE Schema SQL ServerSQL Server has Native Support for the XML Data TypeAllows User to View EasilyAnd Query Easily via XPathDefinition.exist('/DEFeatureClassInfo/Subtypes')Definition.query('/DEFeatureClassInfo/AliasName/text()') 13. Esri v10 SDE Schema - OracleOracle GDB_ITEMS.Definition Column is NumericReferences Separate Tables where XML is stored as a CLOB (binary)Use the view GDB_ITEMS_VW to get the XMLNo Advanced/Native SupportMust Parse the XML Text Externally (in code, Xpath, etc)Querying this view requires Oracle access to the SDE BinariesAllows Oracle SDE Queries to Utilize Compiled DLLs 14. Upgrade - Telvent DatabasesTelvent Geodatabase UpgradeRight click GDBArcFM TablesRight click GDBUpgradePX (Session / Workflow Mgr)PX Database Upgrade Tool 15. Upgrade Telvent Databases (cont)ResponderTelvent provides upgrade SQL scripts for Oracle and SQL ServerRun in Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD, etcRun in SQL Server Management StudioRun each set of database upgrade scripts for your version9.3.1 SP1 to 10.0.1 SP110.0.1 SP1 to to 10.0.3EtcOur RecommendationDevelop your own custom SQL scripts based on the provided scripts 16. Upgrade Product SoftwareArcGIS Desktop 10REMEMBER must install VBA (separate free license from Esri)Otherwise Mostly Straightforward 17. Upgrade Product SoftwareMost Esri & Telvent Software is 32-BitExceptions ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server, few othersMany Utilities Moving to Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)Allow Time for Ensuring 32-Bit Apps Run SuccessfullyTips & Time Savers:Microsoft IIS 7:Enable 32-Bit Apps on 64-Bit ServerSet Web Application to Run in a 32-Bit Application Pool (Responder/Replication)Ensure Correct Versions of MS .Net Framework Registered with IIS for ASP.NetUse the Oracle 32 Bit ClientWorks for Desktop and Batch AppsASP.Net to OracleInstall Oracle ODP.Net (part of Oracle ODAC)Ensure Matching Version 18. Upgrade Product SoftwareGot Most Products Up and Running w/out ProblemsConfiguration File Upgrade OptionsUse Telvent Upgrade bat Scripts to Update Your Config FilesReconfigure Using Latest Product Config FilesUse a Compare Tool to check differences in product vs. legacy config filesApplies to:ResponderArcFM ReplicationGeodatabase ManagerGeneral Recommendation Compare & Reconfig 19. Upgrade - CustomizationsGot Visual Basic 6?Its time to say farewellGet this out of the way at 10Stop Procrastinating!No support in 10.1v10 Still Based on Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5Can Use Visual Studio 2008 or Upgrade Code to 2010ArcFM SDK Limitation to VS.Net 2008Install 2008 & 2010, Install ArcFM SDK, Upgrade to 2010 20. Upgrade Customizations (cont)At v10 Esri is Moving Away from COM RegistrationCOM requires registry access for installationRequires user to be a Local Administratordll mishaps in the registryEsri Now Uses XML Files to RegisterCustomizations w/ArcGISFairly Well DocumentedTelvent Registration Is Not All The Way There yetLeave your COM registration in place at v10Dlls registered for COM UseEach Class Has Unique GUID and PROGIDTelvent Provides a Handy New Version of RegXHandles Both Telvent & Esri Registration 21. Upgrade Telvent CustomizationsFor Each Co-Class That Implements an Esri/Telvent InterfaceAdd New Class Attributes Identifying Required Registration, Exs:Attributes Not Supported on Base (Abstract) ClassesCompile dll (which includes COM registration)Run Telvents RegX.exe Available in ArcFM bin FolderExample Usage: 22. Upgrade Telvent CustomizationsRegX Takes Care of:Esri ArcGIS Registration (Commands, Tools, Menus, Extensions)Telvent Registration (AUs, Subtasks, Validation Rules)Build RegX into Your Custom Installer as a Custom ActionReminder Leave Existing COM Registration Custom Action In PlaceTelvent Customization Upgrade Workflow (courtesy Bill Bott):http://resources.arcfmsolution.com/Customizations/CustomizationFlow.pdfThe RegX process handles the ecfg files mentioned in the workflow, youdo not need to copy the ecfg files if RegX is used in your installer 23. Upgrade Esri Batch ProcessesFor All Batch AppsExes Outside of ArcGISWindows ServicesWeb InterfacesAt 9.X - Explicitly Check Out Esri/Telvent LicensesAt 10 -Tell Esri the Product Code BEFORE Checking out LicensesAdd This Line of Code Before You Check Out the License:Options:ArcGIS, Desktop, Engine, ArcReader, Explorer, Server, EngineOrDesktopRecommendation: Add This to Your License Management Code 24. Technical WrapBigger upgrade than the 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 sub-release upgradesPlan a Formal Upgrade ProjectPlan for Significant TestingUse These Tips for GuidanceMore Information Available in SSPs Monthly e-zine:http://www.sspinnovations.com/upgrading-to-10-esri-telvent-story.aspxMay Be Beneficial to Work with Telvent or a certified Telvent PartnerBring in Specialized Skills and ExperienceWill Ensure Your Upgrade Goes Smoothly 25. Business Benefits - CoServGIS enterprise technology platform readiness for future enhancementsand products.Wider GIS exposure to the company.Opportunity to evaluate what GIS products business departments use.Opportunity to take a look at future product needs within the company.GIS Training Opportunities.SSP Innovations created a custom training program for CoServ.End users were able to quickly adapt to new interface.End user feedback after training to help with change managementprocesses.Less support time spent after production upgrade.Responder IEEE cause codes more closely match engineeringstandards. CoServ uses this standard for power quality initiative, andregulatory reporting. 26. User Benefit Feedback - CoServGeneralNew Basemap layer support has been a big hit with end users.More precise selection tools.More intuitive table management interface.New search tab makes it much easier to find geoprocessing tools.ArcCatalog tab directly in ArcMap is handy for everyone.ResponderSeparate line display service in Responder.Responder IEEE cause codes more closely match engineering standards.New meter search on the Responder customer service web interface page. 27. Thank YouSkye PerryPrincipal ConsultantSSP In[email protected] ReederGIS Analyst / Upgrade PMCoServ [email protected]