using language. a story about a frog hello, everyone. my name is freddy

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  • Using language

  • A story about a frog Hello, everyone. My name is Freddy.

  • When Freddy was young, he was a little tadpole.

  • As time went by quickly, he soon became a frog.

  • One day, Freddy sat on the water lily leaf and slid his long, thin legs into the water.

  • Suddenly, he heard some music across the lake. Then what would happen?

  • blank-fill-in Freddy, the frog, slid his long, thin legs into thewater. He felt so tired! It seemed only yesterdaythat he had changed into the beautiful animal hesaw in the water. He smiled to himself. Then suddenly he heard some music _________ the lake. A fine deep sound that ______ _____ into the darkness of the quiet night. Freddy looked up. Other frogs! I must try and find them,he thought. I need friends to ______ _____ ____.It is so hard being a grown-up frog ______ _____ ______.

  • He began to swim slowly towards the sound.Suddenly he _________ _____a large water lily leaf lying on the water. The sound was very loudnow. Freddy studied the leaf carefully. There were three ____________ frogs sitting still onthe leaf and all three of them were playing _____________. It was their music that had amazed Freddy. Where did you learn to play so well? he asked.

  • All my family love playing music. My farther and mother both sing very well. Freddy climbedonto the leaf. Can I try to sing? he asked quietly. Of course, they said. He opened his mouth andsuddenly ___________. He tried again but he could not make any sound. Oh! Oh! He thought,what am I going to do? luckily he was onlynervous. The next moment he knew what he would sing and he opened his mouth __________ and began:

  • Help! I ________ somebody,Help! Not just anybody.Help! You know I need someone. Help!When I was young, so much ____________ than today.I never needed anybodys help _____ _______ __________.But now those days are ____________.Im not so self-assurb. (confident)Now I find Ive changed my mindIve _________ _______ the doors.

  • Help me if you can, Im _____________ __________.And I do appreciate (be glad) you being roundHelp me get my feet back on the ground.Wont you please, please help me!(Help me, help me)

  • We formed a band and soon we became famous and went to Britain to give performances.Then what would happen in Britain? We would succeed or fail?

  • Did Freddy and his band get a great success in Britain? Yes, they got a great success and became very popular in Britain.

  • What was Freddyls most exciting experience in London?

    What happened when the programme was over?

    What problem was caused after they became stars?

    Did Freddy and his band leave Britain at last?His most experience was to sing in a TV programme called Top of the Pops.The telephones in the same roon started ringing and everybody was asking when They were followed everywhere and their personal life was discussed by people.Yes, they left Britain and went back to the lake, because it is painful for them.

  • 1. Freddy was now quite confident when he went into the hall. be confident + be confident of (about, in ) Language points for Reading II

  • He is quite confident that hell pass the driving text.Dont be too confident in your own opinion.Tom is confident of his ability to overcome the difficulty.

  • 2. He had to go to London, wear an expensive suit and give a performance to a TV camera. performance n. performer n. perform v. , , ,

  • They put on a performance last night.What play will be performed tomorrow?Perform your promise.The car performs well on hills.One should perform ones duties.

  • 3. Then things went wrong, Freddy and his band could not go out without being followed. go wrong = Something is wrong with = There is something wrong with My watch went wrong yesterday. Whats wrong with you? He was done wrong.

  • Whats the main idea of the story?This is a story about a band that became famous and did not like it.

  • Freddyformed a bandwent to Britain to give performanceproblems caused by being famousleft Britainhowthe resultwhy

  • In what specific ways did Freddys life change?became rich became popularhave many fans was followed everywhere was discussed by peoplecouldnt have a peaceful and quiet life Speaking (4m)

  • This song is a ballad and tells a story. Each part tells some of the story. Write down the main idea for each part.P72 Reading task

  • 1. Father is too busy to spend time with his son.2. Son knows his father will always be too busy.3. Son is now too busy to spend time with his father.4. The father realize his son has grown up the same way he did.