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Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiN Using Marketing Automation to Grow Your Business Presented by Joe DiNardo - Marketing Director

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Blue Fountain Media's Director of Paid Media & Social Media, Joe DiNardo, discusses how to best use marketing automation to grow your business.


  • 1. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoUsingMarketing Automationto Grow Your BusinessPresented byJoe DiNardo - Marketing Director

2. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoWhat isMarketing Automation? 3. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoYou can have any color, as long as it's black- Henry Ford 4. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo 5. Marketing Automation is aone-on-one conversation at scaleBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo 6. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoMarketingPersonalization 7. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo 8. Giving users the content they wantand need in order to acceleratetheir journey through the funnelBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo 9. of the leads your websitegenerates are sales readyEffective use of Marketing Personalization can result inmore sales ready leads at alower overall cost per leadBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo 10. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoGreat.So HOW do we do that?! 11. Focus on User ExperienceBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo Your website is a suit visitors try on Its designed by the best designers Youve picked the perfect color(s) Youve paid attention to all the details It. Looks. Beautiful. And when your ideal prospect visits 12. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoIt fits them perfectlyAs it turns out, not everyone is a model. 13. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoWhen most users tryyour website onit doesnt fit so well. 14. Marketing Personalization creates abespoke experience for every user Users are shown content that is most relevant to themBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo Content on the site is altered in real-time Conversion rates are improved dramatically 15. But how do I know who isBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardovisiting?98%of site visitors are anonymous 16. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoLeverage BusinessIntelligence Solutions Reverse-IP lookup to determine a visitorsorganization, industry, and company size Follow these users throughout their timeon-site to further refine content 17. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoThe Result?Increase in engagement & conversions 18. Great, weve made contact.Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoNow what? 19. Marketing Personalizationcontinues via email marketingBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo 20. When a user enters the funnel wetrack & personalize everythingBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo Email body content is specific to aprospects needs Unique landing pages allow users toconsume information the way we wantthem to Apply scoring rules to actions/inaction Allows us to identify the best prospectsand move them to sales 21. Building an Automation ProgramBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoFor Success 22. Audience SegmentationSeparate users by industry, company size, product fit, and funnel entry point -Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoJust to name a few. 23. Build Our Content MatrixIdentify what content pieces match with our segments and other contentBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo 24. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoDesign Our WorkflowWhat do we want to serve our users after they enter our funnel? 25. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoBuild Our TemplatesDesign the foundation of your marketing messages 26. Develop Content RulesChoose what content is static and what content is dynamicBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo 27. Set Our Scoring RulesDefine the value of engagements with our business to determine when to sendBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoto sales 28. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoSet Our ScheduleDetermine when a user receives an email and whatcontent they should get 29. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoPress PlayMove Leads Through FunnelClose More SalesReceive Accolades(and promotions) 30. Bringing Everything TogetherBlue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardo Marketing Automation is really MarketingPersonalization Deliver users the most relevant contentpossible Nurture prospects through the funnel morequickly and effectively Drive marketing ROI across all channels 31. Blue Fountain Media | Joe DiNardoThank You!