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Product Lifecycle Management Solutions CATIA A Solutions Portfolio to support your product development processes

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  1. 1. Product Lifecycle Management Solutions CATIA A Solutions Portfolio to support your product development processes
  2. 2. NCMold tooling Tolerancing Methods andMethods and FabricationFabrication Management / Communication / CollaborationManagement / Communication / Collaboration Knowledge managementCommunicationData managementCollaborationProcess management ConceptConcept Feasability2D->3D DetailedDetailed designdesign Virtual Product ModelVirtual Product Model RenderingTechnical publishing Drawings Fitting simulattion ErgonomyKinematics Simulation/Simulation/ ValidationValidation Analysis Integration of industrial processes centred on product definition
  3. 3. PipingPipingPlastic partsPlastic parts MechanicalMechanical partsparts Plant layoutPlant layout SteelSteel StructuresStructures SheetmetalSheetmetal partsparts Printed circuitPrinted circuit boardboard ReverseReverse EngineeringEngineering StampedStamped partsparts ElectricalElectrical wiringwiring Shape DesignShape Design and Stylingand Styling Cast partsCast parts A powerful, multipurpose, easy to use tool supporting all disciplines
  4. 4. Validated in an ergonomy laboratory An online assistant to build on your education Minimize Education : a user interface designed to be easy to learn and use ? Intuitive approach ? Optimised number of user iterations ? Simplified (P1) and expert (P3) interfaces ? Optimised use of the screens graphical space ? Contextual help ? Available in 5 langages ? Demonstrations ? Exercices and tutorials ? Contextual support ? Quiz ? Updated with each release
  5. 5. P1 P2 P3 ? Discipline specific packages ? Complementary add-on products to further disciplines ? Customised configurations ? Always scalable (data model, user interface, platform) ? Multiple functional capability levels with P1, P2 and P3 platforms. Scalable solutions to fit your needs and budget
  6. 6. Mechanical DesignMechanical Design Plant EngineeringPlant Engineering AnalysisAnalysisShape Design & StylingShape Design & Styling Product SynthesisProduct Synthesis Equipment & SystemsEquipment & Systems ManufacturingManufacturing ? Single data representation ? Process oriented ? Knowledge enabled ? Scalable ? Ease of use ? User controlled change propagation ? Time = Architecture to promote change ? Flexibility = For goemetry, project, people ? Comfort = Produce the roadmap of your project ? Suitable = Evolutionary or revolutionary ? Innovation = Knowledge Make technology work to your advantage
  7. 7. Managing costs and time ? From the geometrical models and parts split by disciplines to a single technological model gathering all product informations (disciplines specific rules, constraints, validations, ) ? Configurations of parts and components ? Automation or assistance to drive modifications and repeated tasks ? Automatic iterations to reach a defined objective Knowledgeware
  8. 8. ? Standardisation of design modes with the help of generic models ? Re-use of best practices ? The user is guided or assisted in his decisions ? Integration of checks and immediate validation ? Tools to automate the compliance with standards Managing quality
  9. 9. Reacting to changing market needs ? Integration of specifications and constraints early in the design process ? Easy creation of product families ? Fast iterations on design variants ? Dynamic estimates (costs, weight, ) ? Decision support
  10. 10. ? Discipline specific geometrical and technological know-hows are embedded in the applications ? Functions and components libraries ? Integration of company technological rules and parameters ? Capitalisation with components and tasks ? Dynamic access, accessible and shareable to all ? Fast and easy reuse of know-how in new contexts Capitalizing and sharing know-how
  11. 11. A complete validation chain ? Bridging design and analysis activities ? Integrated and associative analysis ? A functional coverage adapted to disciplines ? Modal and static part dimensioning ? Surface and Volume meshing ? Performing analysis on part assemblies Integrating design and analysis
  12. 12. ? Automated design of fixtures ? Standard components libraries (columns, ejectors, screws) ? Integration of discipline specific constraints (rules) ? Complete associativity between tooling and part ? A solution integrated to the design process A high value dedicated application Assisted tooling design
  13. 13. ? 2.5 axis milling et associative drilling cycles (Prismatic machining) ? 3 axis et 5 axis milling ? Tight interaction between definition, generation and verification of tool paths ? Wysiwig material removal simulation ? Product Process Ressources model ? Tool libraries ? Complete coverage of the methods processes Integrated to the modeler Fabrication
  14. 14. ? Centralisation / Security / Management of data ? Manages all kinds of data : CAD, CAM, ... ? Integrated viewer ? Multi-criteria search capabilities ? Lifecycle management ? Integrated to both CAD and office tools ? Bill of materials ? Windows metaphore for customisation, administration and use ? Possible links with ERP (SmartGateway) ? Web and remote access (SmartWeb/mySmarTeam) ? BOM Collaboration (SmartBOM) The Product Data Management Solution for your company Data management with CATIA TeamPDM and SmarTeam
  15. 15. Collaboration Solution to leverage product information accross the enterprise: bidding and quotation process Procurement ManufacturingEngineering Marketing and Sales PDM Vault Files Addressing entire product lifecycle with SmarTeam (1)
  16. 16. Request for Engineering Change and Re-Engineering Process based on Maintenance Department input MaintenanceDesign & Engineering PDM Vault Files Engineering Change RequestEngineering Change OrderRe-Engineering Addressing entire product lifecycle with SmarTeam (2)
  17. 17. Process management with SmartFlow ? Fast implementation and creation of your processes with Windows based tools ? Fully integrated with CAD and PDM ? Secure yet flexible management of design and manufacture processes, including change and validation flow management ? Suppliers can be integrated into the processes ? Error reduction ? Time savings ? Quality improvement Streamline your processes by linking people, informations and applications
  18. 18. ? Import and Export to common standards (DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, ) ? Automation with Visual Basic Macros ? Knowledgeware ? Catalogues and libraries ? CAA V5 (C++, Java) CATIA V5 : an open and customisable solution