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Vets and Vaccines Andreas Birch DVM Ø-VET

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Vets and Vaccines. Andreas Birch DVM Ø-VET. Where. Oe-Vet Private Company 7 veterinarians Consulting 400 herds Eastern Denmark Also Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania. Today The veterinarian in Denmark Vaccination in Denmark Veterinary management in swine practice Questions . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Andreas Birch

Vets and VaccinesAndreas BirchDVM-VET1WhereOe-VetPrivate Company7 veterinariansConsulting 400 herdsEastern DenmarkAlso Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania.

2TodayThe veterinarian in DenmarkVaccination in DenmarkVeterinary management in swine practiceQuestions

3The Danish veterinarianEducation: 3 years at gymnasium5,5 years at university (Human medicine 6yrs, Dentists 5yrs, Biologists, engineers 5yrs)Work:Government 30%Meat organization (Danish crown, SPF ) 10%Private companies 30%Medical Industry 20%Other 10%

4The private swine veterinarianFarmer is responsible for health Vet. is advisor in health and diseases Vets. does not treat animals themselvesVisit all farms minimum 12 times every yearFarmer also calls when he has problems Working with diseases, feeding, management, housing, breeding etc.

5The private veterinarianIndependent of medicine, feed and other products regulated by law.Farmer pays the vet. by the hour.If vet does not solve the problem farmer will find other vet. free market

6VaccinationsLive vaccines long lasting, dangerous, one-shot.PRRS, Lawsonia Killed vaccinesF.eks. Mycoplasma, InfluenzaSafe, often two shot.AutovaccinesGreasy pig disease MastitisUmbilical HerniaStreptococci

7SowClostridium perfringens type C 98%Clostridium perfringens type A 10%Erysiopelotrix rhusiopatihae 99%Parvo virus 95%Escherichia coli 50%PRRS 5%Influenza -10%PCV2 2%Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae - 5%Leptospirosis 5%Autovaccines 1%

8Weaners, growers and finishersMycoplasma hyopneumoniae - 50%Actinobaccilus pleuropneumoniae - 2%Lawsonia intracellularis 5% PCV2 5%9Veterinary ManagementProblem (Lung disease/reproduction/diarrhea)Investigation (Autopsy/blood samles)DiagnosisPrimary cause (Bacteria/Virus)Treatment/Vaccination

Secondary causeBacteria/VirusStableManagementFeed10ExampleI am called because 10 animals died over the night

One stable with 1000 finishers and new pigs every 3rd week. Problem with high mortality and low growth

11ExampleAutopsy shows signs of APLaboratory answer confirms AP type 6TreatmentAll animals treated with penicillin or amoxicillinPreventionVaccination against AP (not very efficient)Antibiotic treatment of all new pigs (expensive)

12Secondary cause ?Ventilation is checked OKCleaning procedures NoneManagement/stress - OKBlood samples from different agesAp6Mycoplasma hyopneumoniaPRRSInfluenzaPCV2

13Lab AnswerTwo weeks before Ap6 antibodies there is a rise in PRRS antibodies (secondary cause)Treatment noneVaccination of sowsThe PRRS will still be circulatingVaccination of pigs Extremely expensive

14Sectioning !4 sections with 250 pigs and all in all out followed by total cleaning and disinfection.The cost is earned back in maybe 2 years.