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With the h4D-40, hasselblad is bringing ultimate image quality to an entirely new generation of photo graphers, and provides the perfect entry point into the hasselblad world. Featuring a 40 Megapixel Medium Format sensor, our Phocus software, and the new true Focus aF, the h4D-40 is as easy to use as any 35mm camera.

the perfect base to realize your creativity.

all information about the h4D-40 (starting at 12,995 eUr), or the models h4D-50 / h4D-50 Multi-Shot and h4D-60 are available on

It’s all about the vIsIon.

Meet us at Photokina in Cologne, Germany from21. - 26. september 2010, hall 2.1, booth a-021

Page 3: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

3 ONLINE 9/2010

4 >> NewsPhotokina: At this year’s photokina, from September 21 to 26 in Cologne, Hasselblad invites you to its stand to experience the Knowledge Center, to meet Hasselblad engineers, and to take part in a hands-on fashion shoot using an H4D-40.

6 >> tom hagemeyerGerman photographer Tom Hagemeyer organized a burlesque fashion shoot in Paris under the title “The Colors of Absinthe”. Using an H4D-40 camera, Hagemeyer produced pictures that merge imagery from the thirties with modern latex fashion.

20 >> sofie loucaUsers of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have chosen an image by the Cyprus-based photographer as Photo of the Month. At VICTOR online she introduces some of her most beautiful shots, and explains how skepticism towards wedding photography turned into a passion.

24 >> gregor haleNdaThe American photographer makes drawings and sketches in preparation for his sophisticated and stylish photo shoots. Creative problem solving and technical precision are among Halenda’s strong points, as evidenced in his impressive images.

36 >> PreviewVirtually endless space, unusual cars and suntanned faces – equipped with an H3D-31, Alexander Babic was at Speedweek on the salt flats at Bonneville/Utah, producing atmospheric images somewhere between staged and documented photography.


during a fashion shoot, photographer

tom hagemeyer immerses the model

hanna in a burlesque, dream world

It’s getting closer! For weeks now we’ve all been working to-wards the great event: this year’s photokina. When the world’s largest photography fair opens its doors on September 21,

everyone will be welcome to visit our stand and get to know the World of Hasselblad, together with all its top-class hardware and software products. As coordinator of our presence at the trade fair, I can assure you that a multi-faceted, hands-on program awaits you at the Hasselblad stand.

At our Knowledge center, you’ll be able to take an in-depth look at the development process and technology behind our Hasselblad products. Dis-cover everything there is to know about Hasselblad cameras and lenses, as well as our Phocus workflow software. After its great success at the last photokina in 2008, we at Hasselblad have decided to continue to provide the Knowledge Center experience to this year’s visitors.

And whilst in Cologne, don’t miss the opportu-nity to meet the creators behind the products. Get to know the hasselblad engineers from Denmark and Sweden, who are responsible for the incredible in-ventiveness, technical know-how and vision, that ensure that Hasselblad products meet the needs and demands of top photographers around the world, allowing users to take the best pictures possible. The engineering team headed by Peter Stig-Nielsen, Director of Product Management, will be happy to answer all your questions.

I would also like to draw your attention to our catwalk model shoot directed by German fashion photo grapher, Tom Hagemeyer. This event will show glitz and glamor with a Parisian look, using a spe-cial light show enhancing the interplay between the models’ silhouettes and outfits. We will have a num ber of our new H4D cameras using our latest True Focus functionality available for visitors to try out for themselves, shooting pictures of the models. Don’t forget to preregister on to get your hands on a H4D for this catwalk shoot.

In this issue of VICTOR online, prepare to discover impressions of Parisian fashion panache in the portfolio titled “Les couleurs d’absinthe” (the colors of absinthe). Starting page 6, we are bring-ing you the best of tom hagemeyer’s photos, taken with a H4D-40 close to the Place de la Bastille in Paris. The photographer, who has a weakness for unusual fashion images, combined old and new in this burlesque photo shoot, to create an exciting series of pictures.

I look forward to meeting many of you at photo-kina. Till then, I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this issue of VICTOR online.

Yours,Lisa Burchardi,

Marketing Department Hasselblad A/S

Page 4: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

4 ONLINE 9/2010

victornEWShasselblad at photokina

photokina visitors can try out an h4d-40 during a hands-on photo shoot at the hasselblad stand, as well as ask camera engineers pertinent questions

Tom hagemeyer photographed burlesque dancers during a photo shoot in Paris. at photokina he will organize an exciting bur-lesque show, which visitors can capture with an h4d-40

Hasselblad users all over the world exchange news on the Hasselblad Owners’ Club (HOC) site. At the end of August, registered users chose a new Photo of the Month, taken by ben hattenbach. With this picture, the American landscape photographer prevailed over the strong competition. We will fully introduce him in the October issue of VICTOR online. ■


Owners’ Club8/2010

pictures, should visit the Hasselblad webpage before photokina: Starting early September, those interested should sign up at if they want to use an H4D-40 to photograph the models themselves, and get a personal feel for the cam-era’s superb quality. Registered visi-tors will also be assigned their own advisor to answer any questions they may have about the equipment.

A master class run by an interna-tional car photographer, will take place various times a day. The re-nowned top-photographer will be

at the Hasselblad stand, explaining everything there is to know about taking pictures of high-end cars. If you want to find out more about this master class, please check out – or simply come by the Hasselblad booth during photokina. At the Hasselblad home-page, you can register for the chance to participate in an exclusive camera workflow training session. Every day during photokina, five winners will photograph the car displayed at the Hasselblad stand, under expert guid-ance. They will afterwards process the photos with Phocus. The winners of these thirty-minutes solo sessions will also get into photokina for free.

Hasselblad will also be presenting outstanding photographs at photo-kina. “Emotion” images by the ten Hasselblad Masters 2009, will be ex-hibited at the Visual Gallery in Hall 1. Photo aficionados can enter the Visual Gallery for free through en-tranceway 1, as Hall 1 is accessible without a photokina ticket. Spon-sored by HP, broncolor, Hahnemühle Fineart and SanDisk, the large format prints show how the award-winning photographers each gave their own expression to the theme “Emotion”. ■

When the world of photography meets in Cologne, Germany, from September 21 to 26, it will find plenty to enjoy at the Hasselblad booth – ev-erything from the Knowledge Center, meetings with Hasselblad engineers, and a hands-on fashion shoot. For the 200.000 visitors expected at the world’s largest photography fair, the Hasselblad stand is located in Hall 2.1.

After its successful inauguration at the previous photokina in the au-tumn of 2008, the Knowledge Center will again play an important role at the Hasselblad stand this year. It of-fers all-round insight into the tech-nology and development processes of Hasselblad products – from cam-eras and lenses, all the way to Phocus workflow software. Those wishing to interact with the specialists, can meet up with Hasselblad engineers from Denmark and Sweden: Peter Stig-Nielsen, Director of Product Management, and his team will be happy to meet you personally at the Hasselblad booth to deal with all your questions.

Glamor at the Hasselblad booth will be in the hands of German fash-ion photographer, Tom Hagemeyer. Using a catwalk stretching nearly across the whole space, he will recre-ate a Parisian fashion shoot, with all the models, glitz and dazzle. Hage-meyer photographed the backdrop for the stage in Paris. A unique light show will ensure exciting interaction between light and shadow, and the models’ silhouettes and outfits. Any-one wishing to capture the show in

Page 5: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

Hasselblad advertising_english_traz.indd 1 08.09.2008 15:09:29 Uhr

Page 6: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

tom Hagemeyer

“The Colors of Absinthe” is the motto for a thirties-

style fashion shoot Hagemeyer put together in Paris, using contemporary fashion, real burlesque dancers and an H4D-40. His images set the mood for a great

catwalk photo-shoot that the photographer will set up at the Hasselblad stand at this year’s photokina.

Page 7: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

7 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 8: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)
Page 9: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

9 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 7: mily Serebrenik airbrushes on a mask with maC products; latex gloves, panties, fur collar:

Danny Deluxe; Page 8: dress: Fran­çois tamarin; latex gloves: Danny

Deluxe; make­up products by maC;Cover: corsage: Fran çois tamarin;

necklace, collar: mathilde Domi;eye lashes: Shu Uemura

Page 10: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

10 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 11: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

11 ONLINE 9/2010

Hanna surrenders to absinthe­ induced temptation; dress: mar tin

d’autry; latex gloves: Danny Deluxe; necklace: mathilde Domi; absinthe fountain: vert d’ab sinthe;

make­up products by maC

Page 12: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

12 ONLINE 9/2010

the pleasures of absinthe convey Hanna into a world filled with burlesque dancers; white chiffon dress: martin d’autry; accessories: mathilde Domi; suit: massimiliano’s

Page 13: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

13 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 14: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

14 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 15: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

15 ONLINE 9/2010

Surreal: Burlesque dancer Jane may and her masked fox; dress:

stylist’s own; accessories: mathilde Domi; make­up

products by make up for ever

Page 16: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

16 ONLINE 9/2010

exotic: Burlesque dancer Scarlett Diamond in the dragon room; silk robe, tights, shoes: stylist’s own; accessories: mathilde Domi; make­ up products by make up for ever

Page 17: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

17 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 18: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

18 ONLINE 9/2010

PorTfolio tom Hagemeyer

Page 19: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

19 ONLINE 9/2010

Hagemeyer photographed burlesque dancer Scarlett Diamond with an H4D­40; headband: mathil de Domi; feathers, boa, collar: sty list’s own; eyelashes: make up for ever

German fashion photographer, Tom Hagemeyer, put together a photo se-ries in Paris, capturing the aesthetics of the thirties, and transporting the viewer into a surreal world of bur-lesque dancers. The pictures tell the story of a recently widowed young woman – played by the model Hanna – who escapes into absinthe-induced daydreams. Each room contains a new, bizarre world, inhabited by al-luring, burlesque dancers.

Using a fog machine, a mix of continuous and available lighting, and muted colors, Hagemeyer cre-ates a dreamy sequence that is remi-niscent of old photographs. At the same time, the photographer’s at-mospheric pictures are razor sharp. “Because I mainly set the H4D-40 at open aperture, it’s very important that the autofocus works. The True Focus feature is very precise, mak-ing it possible to produce very sharp pictures even under bad lighting conditions,” Hagemeyer explains. All the motifs were shot at ISO 400 – one even at ISO 800. Because he was working in a very small apartment, the continuous light had to be very exact. “It would have been impossi-ble to get atmospheric images using a flash light,” Hagemeyer acknowl-edges, which is why he used every trick in the book to achieve sufficient lighting. The narrow space posed major technical challenges but, as the results show, it was no problem for the H4D-40, even though Hage-meyer never used a tripod.

The results were so impressive that Hagemeyer only had to remove a few wrinkles and make minor col-or and contrast corrections during the post production with Phocus 2.5.2. “The photos show that avail-able-light photography works with a Hasselblad just as much as with a 35mm camera,” he says. “That means that a photographer no longer needs a second camera next to the Hasselblad.”

With the burlesque motifs, Hage-meyer picked up on a theme that has been in trend for some time now,

and that was important to the under-ground even before Dita von Teese. “Both Paris and London have major burlesque scenes,” Hagemeyer ex-plains. “There are people there who really live it.” Consequently, apart from the blond model Hanna, he only worked with professional bur-lesque dancers, recommended by stylist Sorrel Smith. Active herself in the Parisian burlesque scene, Smith put her apartment on the Boulevard Voltaire, Rive Gauche, at Hagemey-er’s disposal. With great detail, she turned each room into a different, exotic world. For the latex costumes, Smith approached Munich-based la-tex designer Danny Deluxe.

Some of the outfits that appear in the series will be seen at this year’s photokina in Cologne: For the whole period, from September 21 to 26, 2010, Hagemeyer will put on an exciting fashion show at the Hasselblad stand. Four models in la-tex costumes will parade down a cat-walk, with a backdrop photographed by Hagemeyer in Paris. A unique light show will ensure a thrilling in-teraction between light and shadow, the models’ outfits and their silhou-ettes. Visitors who have registered in advance for this purpose, will be able to use an H4D-40 to take pictures of the burlesque show at photokina.

There was a good reason why Hagemeyer chose the thirties set-ting and latex outfits for his fashion shoot and catwalk show at photoki-na, “I wanted to merge tradition and innovation, alluding to the old but combined with modern styles. This bridging effort suits Hasselblad well: The traditional manufacturer is con-tinuously developing its products, ensuring that they’re at the leading edge of the latest technology.”

Photographer: Tom Hagemeyer; Hair & make up: Mily Serebre-nik; Styling & Production: Sorrel Smith; Photo assistant: Chris Stock; Hair & make up assistant: Solange; model: Hanna Appel-gren (New Madison); Burlesque models: Scarlett Diamond, Dyna Dagger, Jane May, françois Bouret; Special thanks to Martin d’Autry, Danny Deluxe, Mathilde Domi, MAC, make up for ever, françois Tamarin, Shu Uemura, vert d’absinthe

Page 20: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

20 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 21: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

21 ONLINE 9/2010

Sofie Louca always loved art, but she had a problem: No matter how hard she tried she could not draw. En-lightenment came in her mid twen-ties when she bought an SLR camera. “Once I had my own camera and began taking photography seriously, it just felt ‘right’. I had found a way to express myself creatively with-out the need to draw or paint!” the Cyp rus-based, English photographer explains. “The other thing I realised was that the world around me looked different and I was surprised at how much I hadn’t seen. There were so many little details that had gone unnoticed – and everything seemed to be a camera opportunity.” After studying photography for two years, she began by working on portraits, stumbling across wedding photogra-phy by chance three years later. “A friend asked me if I would take pic-tures at her wedding. My initial re-action was ‘absolutely no way’!” she recalls; but then she started looking into contemporary wedding photo-graphy and discovered photogra-phers who were really pushing the boundaries, creating innovative and fashion-inspired wedding images. Her first assignment came in 2005, after which she decided to make the most beautiful – and stressful – day in a person’s life her particular speciali-ty. Louca has owned an H4D-40 since May and is totally delighted with it. “The H4D-40 is easy to use and, more importantly, the detail that it cap-tures is truly outstanding.”

Vita: Born in Hertfordshire/United

King dom in 1970; 2000-2002 photo-

graphy course at West Herts college;

free-lance photographer since 2002


OWners’ ClUB8/2010

sOfie lOUCaMembers of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have chosen a picture

by Sofie Louca as Photo of the Month. Introducing the Cyprus-based wedding photographer and her aesthetic world.

Page 22: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

22 ONLINE 9/2010


OWners’ ClUB8/2010

Page 23: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)
Page 24: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

24 ONLINE 9/2010

Technically sophisticated still-lifes are US photographer Gregor Halen-da’s trademark. He depends on sketches to prepare for the elaborate shots, and always carries around a pad to jot down ideas and inspirations. The product specialist photographs with a much appreciated H3DII-22. “I loved the sharpness of the cam-era from the very first. The capture has amazing integrity, unlike DSLR’s which often fall apart when you push them. The files are so solid and allow a great deal of manipulation without degradation, and that’s important.” When preparing his sets, Halenda pays particular attention to the light-ing. “I generally work backwards toward my key light, which I often add last. The key light is the most obvious, so I like to spend time mak-ing sure the support lights are doing what I want and helping to create the feel I’m looking for,” Halenda – whose work has become notably more conceptual in recent years – explains. Back in the early nineties, during his time with Gregory Heisler in New York, Halenda learned the fundamentals of commercial pho-tography: Creative problem solving and technical precision. His talent has grown continually, for the ben-efit, among others, of the motorbike clothing company, Rev’It!, for whom he frequently pulls off virtually im-possible tasks: The photographer loves the challenge, and is currently preparing a new project for Rev’It! “Our goal on this new project is to capture an almost cinematically com-plex scene in one single frame. We’ll have many lights, models, flying mo-torcycles and a rather large crew, so it should be pretty exciting!”

Hasselblad Master portfolio


GreGor Halenda

Page 25: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

25 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 26: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)
Page 27: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

27 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 28: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

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Page 29: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

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Page 30: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

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Page 31: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

31 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 32: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

32 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 33: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)
Page 34: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

34 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 35: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

35 ONLINE 9/2010

Page 36: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

36 ONLINE 9/2010

Next victor oNliNe: 1 october 2010

Items and topics in the next issue of VIctor online may be changed or post-poned due to editorial or other reasons.

august bradley >> conceptual fashion photography between nostalgia and avant-garde

alexander babIc >> adrenalin-laden images from speed-week on the salt flats at bonneville/utah

Be surprised by inspiring portfolios, keep up-to-date with the most significant photographic trends and read leading news for the photography community. On October 1st, 2010, check your monitor for the next issue of VICTOR online.

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Owners’ Club9/2010

>> discover the aesthetic world of the photographer who took the Hasselblad owners’ club photo of

the month: ben Hattenbach

Page 37: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)
Page 38: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/09)

“The best camera systems in the world require the best compact fl ash

solution. With the launch of the new H4D-40, Hasselblad has looked

to the SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ CompactFlash® cards as the best choice

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–Mark Duhaime, VP Marketing, Hasselblad USA

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