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Page 1: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

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Page 2: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

Are you reAdy to be cAlled A MAster?


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the hAsselblAd MAsters AwArds closing dAte for subMissions – deceMber 31st 2010.

Page 3: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

3 ONLINE 10/2010

4 >> NewsNew Hasselblad products: The new H4D-31, the CFV-50 digital back, a 200 megapixel capture device, an H4D-40 in Ferrari de- sign, Phocus 2.6 and two new lenses were introduced at photokina · Trade fair impressions: The Hasselblad stand in Cologne.

8 >> alexaNder babicVirtually endless space, unusual cars and suntanned faces – equipped with an H3D-31, Alexander Babic went to Speedweek at the Bonneville salt flats in Utah, producing atmospheric images somewhere between staged and documentary photography.

20 >> beN HaTTeNbacHUsers of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have chosen an image by the US-American landscape photographer as Photo of the Month. At VICTOR online he introduces some of his most beautiful shots, and explains why photography for him is both an art and a sport.

24 >> augusT bradleyThe distinctive conceptual fashion images by US American Hasselblad Master August Bradley tend to oscillate between nostalgia and avant-garde. Bradley’s images have an artistic feel and a sense of drama and mystery that makes them unique.

36 >> previewIn November the Hasselblad Studio in London will be celebrating its inauguration. Some photographers have already tried out the new location. In time for the opening, one of the resulting port-folios will be shown in the November issue of VICTOR online.


during speedweek at the salt flats in utah,

usa, alexander babic took photos of drivers and the start lineman

buddy James (right)

We’ve just returned from photo-kina 2010 and what an exciting week it’s been! The Hasselblad booth attracted thousands of visitors who came to check out our cameras and gear and we

enjoyed providing photographers with answers about the development process and the technology behind the Hasselblad products in our Knowledge Center.

A special stage was set for photographers to get a first-hand look at – and, for some, the chance to shoot along with – professional automobile photo-graphers günther raupp and roberto bigano. On a second stage, renowned fashion photographer Tom Hagemeyer re-created the excitement of the Paris cabaret with a burlesque show, complete with special costumes and visual effects. Enthusiastic visitors were given the opportunity to photograph this amazing event using the latest H4D.

Photokina is the perfect venue to launch new products and we were proud to reveal “the stuff” that our engineers and labs have been working on for quite some time. The new H4d-31 generated great enthusiasm from photographers as well as industry press. Additionally, we launched the cFv-50 (an option for V-system users to transition to digital), two new Hc lenses, the eye-catching red H4d Ferrari limited edition camera, and an H4D-system firmware upgrade that adds new and useful functions to H4D cameras.

Expanding on our lead in high resolution multi-shot capture, we released the latest news from Hasselblad Labs on a 200 megapixel capture device. Based on the Kodak 50 megapixel sensor mounted on the Hasselblad patented symmetrical multi-shot frame, this capture device accurately positions the sensor to capture 6 shots, which form a 200 megapixel image. (For more details, please see page 4)

Of course, we’ve also been hard at work improving and expanding our powerful and easy to use phocus software. In addition to updating Phocus to version 2.6 with valuable new features, we launched two additional Phocus standalone options: phocus Quick and phocus Mobile. The former offers an even more streamlined workflow while the latter is the perfect companion for iPhone and iPad users. The trio of Phocus products, each catering to a different need, offers photographers the flexibility of choice, to match a range of different workflows. (For more details, please see page 5)

Thanks to our team of experts, our great products and the people who visited our booth, this was the most successful photokina to date. We hope to see you in 2012, where we think you’ll find even more exciting products and events at the Hasselblad booth. Enjoy this new issue of VICTOR online.


Peter Stig-Nielsen, Director Digital Camera Products Hasselblad A/S

Page 4: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

4 ONLINE 10/2010


Hasselblad labs200 Megapixel Capture DeviCe

the new 50 megapixel CFv-50 back now gives v-system users an additional option for turning their camera into a powerful digi-tal capture device

Enthusiasm for the H4D line of cam-eras has exceeded expectations so Hasselblad is proud to announce a new member of the H4D family – the H4D-31. The H4D-31 is an excellent digital alternative for high-end DSLR photographers who want to supple-ment their imaging toolbox with a medium format camera. The H4D-31 is also offered as an option for V- system users who want to transition to digital using their current lenses via the bundled CF-lens adapter.

Like the H4D-40, the new H4D-31 delivers superior image quality, Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS) and Hasselblad’s ground-breaking True Focus technology. Currently shipping, the H4D-31 is available in two configurations. The first bundle, designed for high end 35mm DSLR photographers comes with an 80mm lens. The other kit comes with a CF-lens adapter, which allows V-system customers to use their V-lenses. Both options are priced at 9,995 Euro (plus tax). In ad-dition to the new H4D-31, Hasselblad plans to issue a free firmware update for H4D system cameras by the end of this year in response to customer requests. The firmware will provide an electronic spirit level, a rear panel LCD preview in tethered mode and GIL support for the H4D-60. ■

H4d-31H4D line grows witH tHe H4D-31

With the introduction of the CFV-50, V-system photographers now have a third option for moving from film to a powerful digital capture device. This 50 megapixel device builds on the successful releases of the CFV-16 and the CFV-39.

Custom built to match the design and functionality of the V cameras, the CFV-50 is compatible with vir-tually all existing models including the 202FA/203FE/205FCC. Cable-free ope ra tion and optimized integration between back, body and lens ensures an almost seamless conversion from film to digital.

The CFV-50 offers a balanced com-bination of ease of use and advanced features including Hasselblad’s DAC lens correction technology for most V-system Carl Zeiss lenses. Just as it does for H-system lenses, DAC com-pletely corrects for anomalies such as distortion, lateral chromatic ab-erration and vignetting. Thanks to Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, which uses one generic profile, the CFV-50 delivers accurate colors right out of the box, adding to the digital back’s ease of use.

Flexibility is also key to the CFV-50’s appeal, with its square and horizontal format options. You can shoot to a CompactFlash card or hook the camera up to your computer for tethered capture – you can alternate between the two to suit your needs according to the nature of the work at hand. The CFV-50 is available now for 11,980 Euro (plus tax). ■

CFV-50new Digital baCk For v-systeM

Hasselblad Labs has been working on an ultra-high resolution capture de-vice based on its advanced multi-shot technology and recently released test results from a new 200 mega-pixel capture device. At its core is a 50 megapixel sensor, which is moun-ted onto the Hasselblad patented symmetrical multi-shot frame. The frame uses piezo-electrical actuators to accurately position the sensor to capture 6 sequential shots that, when combined, creates a true 200 mega-pixel file. Combined with new color algorithms and filtering techniques, color information from the Bayer-patterned pixels is processed in such a way that it supersedes the informa-tion that would be captured from a single-shot using a theoretical 200 megapixel single-shot sensor. Multi-shot cameras, such as the H4D-50MS, provide the ultra-high resolution, color accuracy and uncompromising quality required by photographers who photograph in studios and museums capturing costly products such as cars and jewelry. With the addition of an extended multi-shot mode, these professionals will be able to capture larger, higher quality files than are currently available.

Upon successful completion of testing, Hasselblad plans to release the new ultra-resolution capture mo-de for H4D-50MS cameras by early 2011. Factory upgrades to all current H4D-50MS will be available at a fee to be determined. ■

the latest member of the H4D family: the H4D-31 is equipped with

the same advanced technology as the H4D-40 and offers photographers

true Focus, among other features

Page 5: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

5 ONLINE 10/2010

At photokina, Hasseblad introduced Phocus 2.6, the latest version of the workflow software, as well as “Phocus Quick”, a simple and fast software for direct importing, and “Phocus Mobile”, a high-performance exten-sion for iPhone and iPad owners.

Phocus 2.6 comes with a Healing tool for removing dust, which can save photographers the need to pro-cess pictures with a special program. In addition, for more efficient sorting, images can now be rated with stars. The Lens Correction tools for H and V cameras have been combined into one tool to balance out the handling for the photographer. What’s more, image settings can now be saved and loaded, so that proven processes can be applied more easily to other pictures. Just like the previous ver-sion, Phocus 2.6 not only opens RAW data from Hasselblad digital cameras and backs, but also supports formats such as Tiff, DNG, CR2, NEF and many more from over 150 cameras from other manufacturers. Consequently, the uniquely efficient Phocus software can also be used with a second camera. Phocus 2.6 is now also available for Windows users, though the first update al-lowing it to process data from other cameras will only come towards the end of the year.

Phocus Quick is a quick and ef-ficient way to move data from the camera to the picture processing program of choice. The free soft-ware reads and interprets data from all Hasselblad digital cameras and transfers it directly to the preferred program. RAW data can be stored and, for preview purposes, low-er resolution pictures generated. Thanks to Digital Auto Correction (DAC) and the great color interpre-tation, the perfect Hasselblad digital camera quality is maintained. Using WLAN, Phocus Mobile can connect to a Mac or a PC where Phocus is

soFtware better, siMpler, pHoCus 2.6

If you were at photokina, perhaps you were one of the first to see the unique new H4D Ferrari Limited Edition ca-mera, a collaboration that celebrates the iconic Hasselblad and Ferrari brands. For more than 6 decades, Fer-rari and Hasselblad have been leaders in technological innovation, passion for excellence and extraordinary sen-se of style. It is these qualities that make the pairing of the companies a perfect fit. Finished in Ferrari’s stri-king “rosso fuoco” red and bearing the legendary Ferrari Racing Shield, this addition to the H4D line will appeal to Ferrari and Hasselblad fans who appreciate the innova-tion, quality and high end design that both companies are known for. The H4D Ferrari is bundled with an 80mm lens and the set is presented in an exclusively designed and en-gineered box that is as distinctive as the camera itself. The case features a glass top labeled with the distinctive Ferrari Racing Shield.

Only 499 units of this exclusive camera will be produced worldwide. Look for the H4D Ferrari Limited Edi-tion at Ferrari shops and Hasselblad distributors this October. ■

limited editionHasselblaD Meets Ferrari

new lensesHC MaCro 4/120-iianD HC 3,5/50-iiEven something good can be made better: At photokina 2010, Hasselblad introduced the HC 3,5/50-II and the HC Macro 4/120-II – new versions of two favorite H-system lenses, with con siderable improvements to optic design. With higher performance, lead-ing to more practical applications, both lenses will continue to meet the future demands of digital photography.

In size, weight and appearance, the HC 3,5/50-II is identical to its pre-decessor, yet its cross-section shows that it has been completely recon-structed, with 11 lenses in 7 groups. The aim was to increase the perfor-mance of this all-round, wide-angle lens. The result is a higher resolution that captures the finest details of a motif, with a more uniform perfor-mance across the whole image area, that ensures an even more depend-able and better result than its already powerful predecessor. The HC 50-II also shows improvements in the important close-up range, where per-formance results are even greater than

before. For the new version of the HC Macro 4/120-II, the close-up range is, of course, even more funda-mental, as it works in a reproduction scale of up to 1 to 1. Compared to its popular predecessor – also as a portrait lens –, the performance of the new lens has been significantly enhanced. And it is precisely with portraiture that the improved color correction feature ensures that out- of-focus-areas of the image are noticeably cleaner and more harmo-nious. With the HC Macro 120-II, the developers once more did an out- standing job at considerably increa-sing the lens’s overall resolution. ■

the completely overhauled HC 50-ii lens (left) achieves an even higher resolution than its already powerful predecessor

running, allowing iPhone and iPad users to browse through and evalu-ate pictures with their clients. The photographer can also use and trig-ger off the computer-linked camera wireless from a distance, meaning greater freedom and mobility within the studio. ■

499 units of the Hasselblad H4D Ferrari limited edition are being produced. in addition to Ferrari’s unique “rosso fuoco”, it also bears the legendary racing shield

Compared to its predeces sor, the HC Macro 4/120-ii (right) provides higher resolution and improved performance in the close-up area

phocus 2.6. also allows Mac users to work with 3rd party files, and provides a high-performance exten-sion for the iphone and ipad. phocus Quick offers fast, direct importing

Page 6: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

6 ONLINE 10/2010

victornEWS Photokina 2010

A live catwalk fashion shoot ensured glamor at the Hasselblad

stand. Visitors were able to photograph burlesque-style models

(right) with an H4D-40 (below)

Experts answered visitors questions about Hasselblad

cameras, lenses and software – at the counter or in the lounge

area of the Hasselblad booth

Page 7: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

7 ONLINE 10/2010

victornEWS Photokina 2010

Masters Stephan Zirwes, Claudio Napolitano and Joao Carlos (left) attended the presentation of the “Hasselblad Masters Vol. 2 – Emotion” book (above)

From the catwalk to the Knowledge Center – the many facets of

the Hasselblad stand. Further videos of the trade fair can be seen


Swedish photographer Hans Strand won the Hasselblad Master Award for his landscape photo-graphs. At photokina he gave a 30 minute Masters lecture

Please find this movie at

Page 8: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

8 ONLINE 10/2010

victornEWS Photokina 2010

Large format prints of the “Emotion” photos produced by

the Hasselblad Masters 2009, were on show at the exhibition

area of the Visual Gallery

The Knowledge Center is an impor-tant feature of the booth. It is here that visitors can get an idea of the technology and developments behind Hasselblad products

Exciting, informative, forward-looking? Visitors report on their

impressions of the Hasselblad booth. Further videos can be found


Please find this movie at

Page 9: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

9 ONLINE 10/2010

victornEWS Photokina 2010

Renowned car photographer, Günther Raupp, gives a Master Class, demonstrating his set- up and exposure techniques on a Ferrari California

Under the direction of Hasselblad experts, visitors to photokina were able to take part in a hands-on shoot, photographing the Ferrari California with an H4D-40

Page 10: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

AlexAnder BABic Endless space, unusual cars and suntanned faces – equipped with an H3D-31, German photographer Alexander Babic went to Speedweek at the Bonneville salt flats in Utah, producing atmospheric images merging staged and documentary photography. Thanks to the central lens shutter, the glittering background posed no problem.

10 ONLINE 10/2010

The Bonneville salt flats in Utah are the mecca for lovers of high speed. during Speedweek, they turn up with self-made, or at least tuned-up, cars

Page 11: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)
Page 12: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

12 ONLINE 10/2010

PorTfolio AlexAnder BABic

Page 13: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

13 ONLINE 10/2010

Men with adrenaline in their blood: Babic took portraits of the racing drivers don Biglow (left page), Fred Vance (this page top), Shane San Miguel (this page middle) and dan-ny Thompson (this page below)

Page 14: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

14 ONLINE 10/2010

Alexander Babic was particularly happy to photograph legendary Speekweek driver Skip Hedrich (this page middle). Hedrich put

on a red neck scarf especially for this spontaneous photo shoot

Page 15: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

15 ONLINE 10/2010

AlexAnder BABic PorTfolio

Page 16: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

16 ONLINE 10/2010

Fully concentrated before the race: For this close-up of Ken

Zim mer man, German portrait pho-tographer Alexander Babic used an H3d-31 to capture razor sharp

images of the driver’s intense concentration and anticipation

before the start of the race

Page 17: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

17 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 18: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

18 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 19: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

19 ONLINE 10/2010

during Speedweek, Jim Jensen gives the drivers the start signal at the longest of the three race tracks at the Bonneville salt flats. Portrait photographer Babic takes advan tage of a break to im-mortalize Jensen in full regalia

Page 20: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

20 ONLINE 10/2010

According to the Guiness Book of records, Texan leslie Porterfield

is the fastest woman in the world on a motorcycle, and she is

the first woman on a conventional motorcycle in the Bonneville

200mph club. She posed for Alex-ander Babic just before the start

Page 21: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

21 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 22: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

22 ONLINE 10/2010

PorTfolio AlexAnder BABic

Page 23: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

23 ONLINE 10/2010

Babic built a simple set close to the starting line, where he photographed drivers ron Brown (left page), George Poteet (this page top), Bob Biehler (this page bottom) and start lineman Buddy James (this page middle)

Page 24: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

24 ONLINE 10/2010

German photographer Alexander Babic was inspired the moment he saw the 2005 movie “The World’s Fastest Indian”, which was based on a true story: Anthony Hopkins played New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent 25 years tuning up his motorbike, took it to Speedweek at the Bonneville salt flats, and broke the speed record. “I immediately knew I wanted to go there too,” Babic, who specializes in portrait photography, remembers.

The Bonnevile salt flats in Utah, USA, where Speedweek is held every year in August, cover an area of 47 square miles, providing a gigantic backdrop for Babic’s photo shoot. For over 60 years, Speedweek has drawn exciting protagonists: People from every corner of the world travel to this Mecca of speed record-break-ing attempts, to take part either with their own creations, or, at least, with tuned-up cars – according to Alex-ander Babic, people of all ages and social status, with a huge portion of gasoline in their blood.

“It was a challenge to take por-traits with a consistent, professional set-up and well-prepared lighting, as well as a background both similar yet varied,” Alexander Babic says, remembering his week-long shoot. To create diversity in the otherwise uniform salt desert, he captured tuned-up motorbikes, or specially constructed ones, in the background, as well as racing cars and turbine powered dragsters zipping by in the distance. Sometimes he included border lines or tire tracks in the salt.

buckled up. Having the set close to the starting line made it easier for him to get drivers to pose before begin-ning their races. Alexander Babic was particularly delighted that legendary driver Skip Hedrich allowed him to take his portrait, moments before once again driving his “American Eagle” at record-breaking speeds.

Babic was pleasantly surprised by the H3D-31’s handiness, and found that the camera’s quality added unique value to the portraits. “Thanks to the central lens shutter, I could manipulate and darken the sparkling bright background rela-tively easily when using the flash,” Alexander Babic adds.

Babic’s Speedweek images have al-ready been exhibited in Munich and Zurich – one of the motifs was even enlarged to 110 x 160 cm. “It shows the phenomenal quality even with the supposed smallest back piece – as far as resolution is concerned – from the H3D series,” Babic says, adding, “An acquaintance of mine even had a close up of one of the racing driver in the series enlarged to 3x4 m, and the picture was still totally impres-sive and the quality outstanding.”

During his stay in Utah, Babic also took pictures of the endless land-scape and some of the racing cars – a good balance to his very direct por-traits. Already for his final year thesis – for which Alexander Babic received a BFF Promotion Award – the Ham-burg based photographer explored men and their machines. At the time he took portraits of truck driv-ers in Australia and South Africa. The pictures appeared in a photo book titled “Roadshow”. Alexander Babic could well imagine the pictures he took at the salt flats as the begin-ning of a big book project about “the myths of racing”, for which Babic would visit other legend-ary race tracks, like the 24 hours of Le Mans or the Isle of Man TT.

PorTfolio AlexAnder BABic

The endless expanses of Utah’s salt flats provide a surreal back-

drop to the yearly Speekweek event – and for Babic’s photo

shoot. Here you see the border line of a race track

during his week-long photo shoot at the Bonneville salt flats (above), Alexander Babic used an H3d-31 to capture, among others, racing driver Shug Hanchard

Every morning at sunrise, Alexan-der Babic prepared his simple set with flash lights and tripod, right at the starting line of one of the three courses.

Because Babic was at the heart of what was going on, he was able to spend the days talking to interest-ing-looking racers who were not yet

Page 25: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

Hasselblad advertising_english_traz.indd 1 08.09.2008 15:09:29 Uhr

Page 26: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

26 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 27: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

27 ONLINE 10/2010

Ben Hattenbach is a partner in an L.A. law firm, who, over the past three years, has also earned money as a pho tographer. He began taking pic-tures when he was five years old. His early motifs included zoo animals and the giant Sequoia Redwoods – today he specialises in landscapes. “For me, photography is both an art and a sport. I regularly pack up my Hasselblad and trek to some of the most hostile, least visited corners of the world,” Hattenbach explains. The Photo of the Month chosen by the members of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club (next page, top right) was taken in Iceland with an H3D-39, in a geo-thermally active area called Hvera-vel lir. Hattenbach appreciates the camera’s dynamic range, tonal prop-erties, and resolution, as well as the quality of the resulting prints. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well the H3D handles the extreme envi-ronments where I’ve used it. My H3D has visited both Death Valley and the Arctic at least five times each, as well as many mountain peaks, glaciers and volcanoes in between,” he says. The photographer considers himself an environmentalist and conserva-tionist, and is careful not to leave any negative traces on the countryside he immortalizes. At the same time, he hopes that his breathtaking land-scapes will have a useful impact. “I hope my photographs inspire others to help protect our vanishing wilder-ness,” Hattenbach explains.

Vita: born in Santa Monica/USA in

1970; freelance photographer since

2007; Hattenbach’s pictures were re-

cently exhibited at the Boyden Gallery

in St. Mary’s College of Maryland.


OwnerS’ ClUB9/2010

Ben HAttenBACHMembers of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have chosen a picture by

Ben Hattenbach as Photo of the Month. Introducing the US-American landscape photographer and his aesthetic world.

Page 28: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

28 ONLINE 10/2010


OwnerS’ ClUB9/2010

Page 29: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)
Page 30: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

30 ONLINE 10/2010

“With photography’s capability to freeze time, it is possible to look be-hind the developing scene and get a better idea of the emotions lying just below the surface,” US Ameri-can photographer August Bradley explains. His distinctive conceptual images, somewhere between nostal-gia and avant-garde, are often dis-tinguished by an artistic feel and a sense of drama and mystery. Among his clients are mass market consumer brands like Skechers, as well as high fashion clients such as Louver by Louis Verdad, the Los Angeles Fash-ion Week, and beauty products by Paul Mitchell. In addition, he takes many pictures for international fash-ion and culture magazines. Bradley’s private work often becomes the start-ing point for a commercial project. “I myself initiate nearly half my pro-jects, though virtually all of them are eventually picked-up and used by clients. Many of the most powerful images were projects I started on my own – this is the work that defines who we are as artists,” the LA-based photographer explains. Bradley took most of the pictures shown on the following pages for a special Fashion Week Show at the Los Angeles Mu-seum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). He used his much-appreciated H3DII-39. “With the H3DII camera, every aspect of the technical issue of capturing the image is taken care of, so I can forget all of that and concen-trate on the emotional and concep-tual elements of the images – focus-ing my attention on working with the models/subjects and crafting the light and composition.”

Hasselblad Master portfolio

up and coming

august Bradley

Page 31: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

31 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 32: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

32 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 33: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

33 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 34: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)
Page 35: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)
Page 36: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

36 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 37: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)
Page 38: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

38 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 39: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

39 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 40: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

40 ONLINE 5/2010

Page 41: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

41 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 42: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

42 ONLINE 10/2010

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Page 43: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

43 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 44: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

44 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 45: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

45 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 46: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

46 ONLINE 10/2010

Page 47: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)
Page 48: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

48 ONLINE 10/2010

Next victor oNliNe: 1 November 2010

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JulIa FullerToN-baTTeN

>> modern, deeply symbolic tableaux vivants by the british

fine-art photographer

hasselblad sTudIo >> discover a portfolio that was produced at the new hasselblad studio in london

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Owners’ Club10/2010

>> discover the aesthetic world of the photographer who took the

hasselblad owners’ Club photo of the month: Tim Wallace

Page 49: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)

“The best camera systems in the world require the best compact fl ash

solution. With the launch of the new H4D-40, Hasselblad has looked

to the SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ CompactFlash® cards as the best choice

for reliability and speed, creating a perfect blend of the world’s best

digital technology.”

–Mark Duhaime, VP Marketing, Hasselblad USA

*up to 90 MB/sec read/write speed for Extreme Pro; up to 60 MB/sec for Extreme. Speeds based on SanDisk internal testing performance may be lower depending upon host device. 1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes x=150 KB/sec. 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage. 10 year warranty in Germany and regions not recognizing Lifetime limited warranty. © 2010 SanDisk Corporation . All rights reserved. SanDisk, the SanDisk logo, CompactFlash and SanDisk Extreme are trade-marks of SanDisk Corporation. Registered in the U.S. and other countries. SanDisk Extreme Pro and Power Core are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation

From the global leader of fl ash memory cards

90 MB/secondcapacities up to 64 GB

60 MB/secondcapacities up to 32 GB

© Claudia Goetzelmann


Page 50: Victor by Hasselblad (2010/10)