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Page 3: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

3 ONLINE 7/2011

We’ve just passed the halfway mark for 2011 and it has already been a very exciting year for Hasselblad with the intro-duction of new and updated products and services, as well as

the continued success of existing programs. As always, the Masters program is going strong with exceptional candidates for this year’s awards. We invite you to visit the Masters Finalists online galleries to view the current entries and vote for your favorite image at

Photographer support has always been important to Hasselblad and we’ve further extended that sup-port with a new Special Applications Department to accommodate the needs of photographers working in specialized fields. Initially concentrating on the H4D Aerial System, this new department will branch out to address other specialized fields as well.

But the services and programs we provide would be nothing without the consistently excellent pro-ducts that Hasselblad is known for and this year our engineers and technical experts have, yet again, made some impressive additions to our product line. Ear-lier this year, we updated and expanded the Phocus family to keep pace with the ever-changing workflow challenges faced by today’s photographers. Phocus 2.6 offers increased speed and enhanced capabilities, including a Dust Removal Tool, Star Rating and Filte-ring, and Windows support for TIFF and JPEG files. A new family member, Phocus Quick, provides a semi-automated method of importing and processing RAW files for a more streamlined workflow. And, for the ultimate in convenience, we also introduced Phocus Mobile – an imaging app for iPads and iPhones that allows photographers and clients to remotely browse and rate images. With many thousands of downloads across the board, and direct reports from individual photographers, it’s easy to see that the new Phocus family has been warmly welcomed by photographers all over the world.

One of our most exciting new products of 2011 is the H4D-200MS. Combining Hasselblad’s techno-logical expertise and attention to detail (and image quality), the H4D-200MS uses a unique process of capturing and combining six shots to create a 200 megapixel image – the perfect solution for studio photographers who need the ultimate in resolution and fine detail. Just when you thought that techno-logy has reached its peak, we’ve proved that there’s always room to grow. And we’ll continue to push the boundaries to keep our photographers equipped with leading edge solutions. There’s no doubt that the future is bright and we look forward to working with our partners and the world’s best photographers to continue the creation of groundbreaking products.

And you can see some of the world’s best photo-graphers right here on the pages of VICTOR magazine. We’re proud to feature Christopher Thomas’ stunning car photography along with a sampling of Hasselblad Master Claudio Napolitano’s heart-felt “Emotion” images and Denise and Ulf Krentz's beauty shots. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of VICTOR online!

Yours,Dr. Larry Hansen,

Chairman and CEO of Hasselblad

editorial Content

4 >> NewsHasselblad to distribute broncolor in the UK: as the sole distrib-utor of broncolor lighting products in the UK, Hasselblad plans new programs and customer support. Bonus Check Program: re-ceive a 10% Bonus Check on Hasselblad purchases through July 31

6 >> CHristoPHer tHomasMunich-based advertising photographer Christopher thomas combines artistry and technology to produce stunning automobile campaigns. Fresh from a secret shoot for BMW, thomas shares some of his perfectly crafted images with us in this issue.

26 >> DeNise & ULF KreNtZ Members of the Hasselblad owners' Club have chosen an image by German beauty and fashion photographers denise and Ulf Krentz for the winning photograph. at ViCtor online, you’ll see some of their work and learn why the duo makes a perfect team.

30 >> CLaUDio NaPoLitaNoHasselblad Master Claudio napolitano brings us a selection from the extraordinary portraits he created for the Masters “emotion” project. these images come from his heart and are so moving that they speak volumes to everyone who sees them.

44 >> PreviewUsing special lighting techniques and non-standard equipment, new York photographer timothy Hogan’s images are visually stunning but often beg the question: How did he do that? We’ll find out more about his approach to photography in our next issue.

Christopher thomas’ expertise in car pho-tography is as finely

honed as the cars that he photographs.

Page 4: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

4 ONLINE 7/2011


Hasselblad users all over the world exchange news on the Hasselblad Owners’ Club (HOC) site. At the end of June, registered users chose a new Photo of the Month, taken by Christian Hough. With this picture, the British photo- grapher prevailed over the strong competi-tion. We will fully introduce him in the August issue of VICTOR online. ■


Owners’ Club07/2011

There’s good news for UK photographers. Beginning July 1st, Hasselblad will become the sole distributor of broncolor lighting products in the UK. Lighting expert Chris Burfoot has been appointed the new broncolor UK manager and promises an exciting array of programs and customer support in the coming months.

Whether you’re a current bron user or someone who is simply curious about this award-winning line of lighting gear, you’ll be able to take advantage of a new “Beauty of broncolor” open days program with broncol-or partners, much like the popular “Hasselblad Studio Days.” Burfoot also plans to focus on customer service and support for existing users. For example, in the near future bron users will benefit from a separate customer care system and a dedicated bron maintenance team so bron users will benefit from the same type of support as provided by the “Hasselbuddy” customer care program.

Of course, Hasselblad UK’s London-based Pro Centre will continue to rent a variety of equipment brands to meet the needs of pro photographers, in-cluding broncolor. But keep your eyes open for additional exciting news since Hasselblad is cur-rently in talks with broncolor about new product launches, too. The future looks bright in the UK! Be sure to check out the new website soon at: ■

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Page 5: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)
Page 6: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

6 ONLINE 7/2011

Car photography has changed over the past 30 years. Rather than a single shot image, car photogra-phers like Christopher Thomas now combine multiple images to create the final photograph.

Page 7: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

ChRisTopheR Thomas German advertising photographer Christopher Thomas can be found jetting from one city to another to capture the components he needs to create images of the latest and greatest new automobiles. It’s exacting work, with lots of attention to detail, but Thomas makes it look easy with his amazing photographs.

Page 8: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

8 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 9: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

9 ONLINE 7/2011 9 ONLINE 7/2011

For driving shots, including this one in the mojave Desert of Califor-nia, Thomas will use a dolly for the

location shoot to create a sense of motion. other images are captured to

show the spin of the car wheels and the reflections of the "moving" car.

Page 10: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

10 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 11: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

11 ONLINE 7/2011

plaster City, California, with thou-sands of acres of open area and varied terrain was the perfect set-ting for this action shot of the agile BmW X1 kicking up clouds of dust.

Page 12: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

12 ONLINE 7/201112 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 13: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

13 ONLINE 7/2011

When creating his car shots, Thomas tries to keep it as simple as possible in order to create a realistic look and feel.

When you put together too many compo-nents, he explains, there's a danger that

the shot will look artificial and more like an illustration than a photograph.

Page 14: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

14 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 15: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

15 ONLINE 7/2011 15 ONLINE 7/2011

Thomas recently traveled to melbourne, australia for a BmW shoot. Because the

BmW 1 series car had not yet been an-nounced, Thomas shot the location using an older model car for position and ligh-ting. The new model, pictured here, was

shot separately and added later.

Page 16: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

16 ONLINE 7/2011

after he finished the location shoot in melbourne, Thomas flew to a

secure location in Cape Town, south africa where he photo-

graphed the BmW series 1 cars.

Page 17: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

17 ONLINE 7/2011 17 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 18: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

18 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 19: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

19 ONLINE 7/2011

When shooting the various com-ponents for a car shoot, Thomas

stresses the importance of matching angles and reflections of the car with

those at the location site so the final image looks realistic.

Page 20: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

20 ONLINE 7/2011

Using a tripod is critical to car photog-raphy, especially when the background

and automobile are shot separately. everything from the lighting, reflec-

tions, and shadows has to match perfectly to maintain a realistic look.

Page 21: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

21 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 22: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

22 ONLINE 7/2011

"For car photography, you have to have the highest resolution possib-le," says Thomas. Before the launch of hasselblad's h-system, that meant large format film cameras. an early h-system user, Thomas currently shoots with the h4D-60.

Page 23: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

23 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 24: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

24 ONLINE 7/2011

“It never occurred to me to be a pro-fessional photographer,” says Chris-topher Thomas, “I always did pho-tography because I loved it.” But when his family moved to Brazil, Thomas, who remained in Germany to finish high school, had to find a way to support himself. As fate would have it, a friend’s father of-fered Thomas a job helping out in his photography studio. It was dur-ing this time that Thomas not only learned about photography but also shot professionally at the studio and for outside clients. It wasn’t long before the friend’s father offered to help Thomas get into the Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Photographie.

The young photographer opened a small studio after graduating from photography school and, with the assistance of an agent, began shoot-ing professionally full-time. Thomas had learned still-life photography from working during high school and photo school and had shot a couple of small car assignments but quickly evolved into an automobile photographer when a major German advertising agency asked him to shoot a job for Audi.

Thomas, who was born in Munich in 1961, notes that “Car photogra-phy has developed a lot within the last 30 years. It’s gone from a one-shot image to a compilation of huge numbers of images.” With car shoots, he says, “You create your own reality. On location, you rarely have a back-ground that people are happy with so you put it together out of several components.” For example, the sun may not be in the right position so you have to position a light to create a shadow that you want or, perhaps, even shoot the sun separately and add it to the photograph later. But, he warns, “The danger is that it be-comes artificial looking. The car may not have the right reflections or the perspectives don’t work. There are a lot of mistakes that can be made.”

Adding to the complexities of car photography is that sometimes the manufacturer, as was the case with Thomas’ recent BMW shoot, doesn’t want to reveal the car in public and the car must be shot separately or, occasionally, created entirely with CGI. “This [BMW] shoot was one of the most complicated I ever had,” Thomas reports. “The car is sup-posed to drive through a lively city at night with people coming out of clubs, etc. The location was in Melbourne, Australia but BMW didn’t want the car on the street so I shot the scene with the old mod-el of the car.” To ensure the perfect match of lights, reflections, shadows and other components matched per-fectly in when the final image was produced with CGI, Thomas shot a 360 degree HDR “sphere”. He then flew to South Africa to shoot the new model BMW in a secure loca-tion, again making sure that angles and reflections would fit with the scene he shot in Melbourne. Post production on a 5-6 week shoot can take up to three months and while Thomas sometimes will be asked for his input, more often than not, the client and post-production companies take over after the shoot is complete.

Because car photography re-quires the highest resolution pos-sible, Thomas started out shooting large format but then moved to the Hasselblad H-system when it was first announced. Today, he shoots with the H4D-60 and the H4D-50 and used both for the latest BWM campaign.

When he isn’t shooting cars, Thomas can be found capturing beautiful and moody city images such as those found in his exhibi-tion and book, New York Sleeps. For Thomas, splitting his time be-tween advertising and fine art is the perfect balance. ■

PorTfolIo ChRisTopheR Thomas

When it's not possible to photo-graph the car on location, Thomas will shoot a 360 degree hDR sphere to ensure that highlights and shadows are accurately reproduced in CGi.

By the time a client approaches Thomas about an assignment, a concept has already been devel-oped. These images (above and right) were created for the BmW xDrive campaign to spotlight the automobiles' four-wheel drive capabilities.

Page 25: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

25 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 26: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

26 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 27: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

27 ONLINE 7/2011

Whether they’re creating bright and bold beauty shots or more subtle, mysterious editorial images, teamwork is key for German beauty and fashion photographers Denise and Ulf Krentz. Working together since 1996, their talents comple-ment each other perfectly. As Denise explains, “One of the benefits we have is that the creative part and the technical expertise is divided and shared between us. We understand each other without great explana-tion.” They also understand the important role of make-up artists and stylists, acknowledging that “working together with an excep-tional team [of stylists] is essential for this kind of photography.” The winning HOC image (p. 28, lower left) is an example of the brightly colored images often produced by the Krentz’s and was lit with broncolor Scoro packs to get the stroboscopic motion effect on the model’s hair. For the more subtle “China” images, a simple lighting set-up was used with color casted background and fill lights, along with a single neutral colored main light. While their images are the results of a team effort, for Ulf, “it’s the lighting methods” that keep him “addicted” to his work. De-nise and Ulf Krentz strive to exceed their clients’ expectations and al-ways want to create images that are “fresh” and “surprising.” Look-ing through their portfolio, it’s easy to see that they have expertly achieved those goals.

Vita: Denise Krentz, born in Aachen,

1966; Ulf Krentz, born in Berlin, 1963.

Based in Aachen, Germany. Continuing

work on colorful make-up and hair im-

ages for Oliver Szilagyi’s new magazine,


OwnerS’ ClUB6/2011

DeniSe & Ulf KrentzMembers of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have chosen

a picture by Denise and Ulf Krentz as Photo of the Month. Introducing the German beauty and fashion photographers and their aesthetic world

Page 28: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

28 ONLINE 7/2011


OwnerS’ ClUB6/2011

Page 29: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

29 ONLINE 4/2011

Page 30: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

30 ONLINE 7/2011

U.S.-based Hasselblad Master Clau-dio Napolitano discovered the nar-rative power of photography as a teenager. “I’m not a big writer,” says Napolitano, “so I wanted to tell stories without saying a word.” And, as you can see, Napolitano doesn’t need words to evoke emo-tions from his viewers. These images, some of which appeared in the book Hasselblad Masters Vol. 2 – Emotion, not only speak volumes but they come from the heart as well. As a young child growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, Napolitano remembers going to the circus and seeing first-hand, the stark contrast between rich and poor. It was this juxtaposition, among others, that inspires many of his photographs. One of the reasons he chose children for his Emotion project was that they “display the most vivid emotion in its purest es-sence.” But, he cautions, “working with children, especially with such a strong concept, there is a thin line between triumph and failure.” Shot in and around Caracas, the children were a mix of local youngsters and models from a talent agency. His niece, whose mother passed away from cancer that was diagnosed too late, posed as a nurse. Because she was wearing shoes that were too tight, Napolitano was able to get the facial expression he wanted to tell his story – the story of life’s unexpected events. “In reality,” explains Na-politano, “her story was about tight shoes, but my story was something completely different.” When he’s not creating evocative portraits, this award-winning photographer uses his talents to shoot equally impres-sive advertising campaigns.

Hasselblad Master portfolio



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Page 39: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

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Page 40: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

40 ONLINE 7/2011

Please find this movie at

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41 ONLINE 7/2011

Page 42: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)
Page 43: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)
Page 44: Victor by Hasselblad (2011/07)

44 ONLINE 7/2011

Next victor oNliNe: 1 August 2011

Items and topics in the next issue of VICtOR online may be changed or post-poned due to editorial or other reasons.

Be surprised by inspiring portfolios, keep up-to-date with the most significant photographic trends and read leading news for the photography community. On August 1st, 2011, check your monitor for the next issue of VICTOR online.

Project Management: Christine [email protected]

All articles and illustrations contained in the online magazine are subject to the laws of copyright. Any form of utilisation beyond the narrow limits imposed by the laws of copyright and without the expressed permis-sion of the publisher is forbidden and will be prosecuted. We accept no respon sibility for unsolicited material and this will only be returned if appropriate postage is included.

Hasselblad is a registered trademark of Victor Hasselblad A/S, Denmark. Place of jurisdiction and execution: Hamburg, Germany

VICTOR online | 7/[email protected]

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Publishing House/Advertising:Center of Service GmbHHammerbrookstr. 9320097 Hamburg, GermanyTel.: +49.40.25 40 48-69 (Fax: -40)E-mail: [email protected]

Global Photographer relations Manager Hasselblad: Paul [email protected]



Owners’ Club7/2011

>> Discover the aesthetic world of the photographer who took the

Hasselblad Owners’ Club photo of the month: Christian Hough

nInA BeRmAn >> insightful black

and white commentary

tImOtHy HOgAn >> dynamic still life images with a unique point of view

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