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  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012



  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012


    4 >> NEWSNew Phocus Software Launched: Find out more about the

    updates to Phocus 2.6.6 for Mac and Phocus Mobile 2.0

    Call for Masters Submissions: Submissions for the 2014 Ha

    blad Masters Awards are now being accepted.

    6 >> CENTRICAFrom historic frescoes to da Vinci masterpieces, this Italian firm

    cializes in the digital capture of culturally significant art to pre

    history. Find out more about the challenges faced with each proj

    our conversation with co-founder Paolo de Rocco.

    24 >> SOFIE LOUCAMembers of the Hasselblad Owners Club have chosen an ima

    Cyprus-based wedding photographer Sofie Louca for the win

    photograph. We invite you to explore this photographers stun

    images at VICTOR online.

    28 >> FERIT KUYASFreelance photographer Ferit Kuyas received his Hasselblad

    ters Award 10 years ago and continues his work of photograp

    interiors, cityscapes and environmental portraits around the w

    38 >> PREVIEWUK-based photographer Monty Rakusen explores the often da

    ous, sometimes gritty industrial world to capture striking p

    graphs that clearly reflect his background in graphic design.

    find out more about his approach to photography in our next

    of VICTOR online.

    Thanks to Centricas

    technical expertise

    and meticulous

    attention to detail,

    works of art are

    being digitized and

    preserved forgenerations to come.

    Welcome to the May issue of

    VICTOR! This month Im excited

    to announce the latest versions

    of Phocus version 2.6.6 for Mac

    and Phocus Mobile 2.0. The new

    mobile application offers a host of new features includ-

    ing 100% zoom function for the browser, GPS and a di-

    rect link to HTV, among others. Our goal, as always, is to

    continue to provide photographers with powerful, yet

    easy to use, software tools. Efficiency and speed are criti-

    cal components of every photographers workflow and

    I think weve done a great job de livering those benefits

    with Phocus. Im especially proud of the improvements

    weve made to Phocus Mobile since more and more pho-

    tographers have added mobile devices to their location

    and studio kits so they and their clients have more

    options when viewing and sharing images on a s hoot.

    Im also happy to announce the Masters Awards

    2014 call for submissions, which opens on May 1st. Ac-

    knowledging that many photographers often use more

    than one camera system, complementing their medi-

    um format work with 35mm cameras, we have opened

    the competition to image makers who use one or both

    formats (with a minimum of 16 megapixels for DSLRs).

    Weve also added a new category, bringing the total to

    an even dozen so there are more opportunities available

    for the photographic community.

    For more details about Phocus (both desktop and

    Mobile versions can be downloaded free of c harge) and

    the Masters Competition, please refer to the News page

    in this issue.

    May marks one year since the launch of the H4D-

    200MS and it hasnt taken long for the unique Multi-

    Shot camera to gain a foothold in the conservation

    market. In fact, this months portfolio story is a perfect

    example of how important this tec hnology is to captur-

    ing and preserving historic works of art. Paolo de Rocco,

    co-founder of Centrica, shares how his company uses it

    in their work.

    Well also catch up with 2002 Masters Award winner

    Ferit Kuyas this month and see some of his work and are

    delighted to welcome back wedding photographer So-

    fie Louca a two-time Hasselblad Owners Club winner.

    The images in this issue are representative of the diverse

    talents of Hasselblad shooters from around the world

    and I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the latest

    VICTOR online magazine.


    Peter Stig-Nielsen,

    Director Digital Camera Products

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    4 ONLINE 5/2012

    Applications to participate in the Master s Awards 2014 com-

    petition are now being accepted, so find your best images and

    submit them between May 1 and August 31, 2012. The title of

    Hasselblad Master will be awarded to one photographer in each

    of 12 categories based on photographic ability in the areas of

    creativity, composition, concept and technical skill.

    Hasselblad has made some changes to the program to make

    it available to more photographers than ever before, regard-

    less of equipment used. Since many photographers are using

    both medium format and 35mm-type DSLRs, image entries

    may be captured with either formatas well as film, explains

    Paul Waterworth, Hasselblad Global Photographer Relations

    Manager. The only caveat is that DSLR submissions must be

    captured with a minimum resolution of 16 megapixels.

    Amateurs, students, assistants and young professionals who

    are 21 years old or younger are invited to submit images in the

    new Project//21 category and are exempt from the 3-year mini-

    mum professional experience requirement. An underwater

    photography category has also been added.

    Three images may be submitted for each category, with

    no limit on the number of categories entered. Winners will

    be announced in January 2014 and have the opportunity to

    shoot with Hasselblad equipment for several months in order

    to complete a special project to be published in Masters Book

    Vol.4. The book will be launched at photokina 2014.

    For details and submission guidelines, go to:


    The updated Phocus 2.6.6 and Phocus Mo-

    bile 2.0 software applications are now avail-

    able for download. With the latest upgrades,

    the intuitive Phocus software will continue to

    bring speed and efficiency to photographers'

    workflow while Phocus Mobile 2.0 adds a

    number of features to Hasselblad's viewing

    and sharing app.

    In conjunction with Phocus 2.6.6, pho-

    tographers can now use Phocus Mobile 2.0 to

    connect an unlimited number of wireless de-

    vices to the computer, allowing for everyone

    at a shoot to quickly and conveniently view

    images as theyre captured. Also new for Pho-

    cus Mobile are 100% zoom capabilities for im-

    ages viewed in the browser, GPS tagging and a

    Demo Mode.

    With a direct connection to Hasselblad tv

    (HTV), Phocus Mobile can also be used to share

    videos that youve uploaded to the HTV site.

    And if your client wants to learn more about

    the Hasselblad equipment youre using, Pho-

    cus Mobile 2.0 also provides a link to the digi-

    tal product catalogue. The latter is als o helpful

    if youre looking for a new piece of kit, too.

    To learn more about the powers of Phocus

    2.6.6 and to download the software for free,

    please visit:

    tions/phocus-266. Phocus Mobile 2.0 is also

    available free of charge at the App store. www.






    Hasselblad users all over the world exchange

    news on the Hasselblad Owners Club (HOC)

    site. At the end of April, registered users chose

    a new Photo of the Month, taken by Jo Fober.

    With this picture, the Cologne-based photog-

    rapher prevailed over the strong competition.

    We will fully introduce him in the June issue of

    VICTOR online.

    The updated Phocus

    2.6.6 and Phocus Mobile

    2.0 software applications

    are now available for


  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012




    More Speed to Get the Shot

    90 MB/second*capacities up to 64 GB

    60 MB/second*capacities up to 32 GB

    30 MB/second*capacities up to 32 GB

    You go to extremes to get just the right shot, and with the SanDisk line

    of Extreme CompactFlash and SDHC cards, youll get that shot, every

    time. Engineered to be lightning fast, the SanDisk Extreme Pro card

    has blistering read/write speeds of up to 90 MB/sec* and the SanDisk

    Extreme SDHC card has speeds up 30 MB/sec*.

    When pros demand extreme speed and reliability,

    they demand SanDisk Extreme memory cards.

    *Speeds based on SanDisk internal testing performance may be lower depending upon host device . 1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes x=150 KB/sec.

    1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage.

    2010 SanDisk Corporation . All rights reserved. SanDisk, the SanDisk logo, CompactFlash and SanDisk Extreme are trademarks of SanDisk

    Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries. SanDisk Extreme Pro and Power Core are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation. SD and

    SDHC are trademarks of SD-3C-LLC.

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    6 ONLINE 5/2012

    With Hasselblads Multi-Shot tech-

    nology and Centricas proprietary

    software, Paolo de Rocco was able

    to accurately capture and stitch the

    many images required to create a

    21000 x 11000 pixel digital photo-

    graph of Thomas Patchs "Veduta di

    Firenze da Bellosguardo".

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

    CENTRICAWith exacting attention to detail and the latest technology, including Hasselbads Multi-S

    cameras and Centricas proprietary software, Paolo de Rocco and his team digitally captu

    preserve and share some of the worlds most precious works of art.

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    8 ONLINE 5/2012

    The cropped details (above left;

    page right) of Thomas Patchs oil

    painting show that, by using pre-

    cise parameters to position the

    camera for each shot, de Rocco is

    able to ensure the best area of fo-

    cus throughout the image.

    This behind the scenes video pro-

    vides a close-up look of de Roccoand his assistant, Andrea Bini, at

    work. Click here to see some of the

    challenges they faced while photo-

    graphing frescoes.

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    10 ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

    An even closer look at

    tal capture of Patchs

    di Firenze da Bellosg

    breathtaking in its fine

    the scene and visible t


  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

    Each piece of art must be lit dif-

    ferently, depending on factors

    such as surface texture, size and

    dimensionality. Here, de Rocco

    and team perfectly illuminated the

    panel "Tabernacolo dei Linaioli" by

    Beato Angelico, tempera on wood

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    14 ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

    With a final image size of 27000

    44000, it is easy to see the most

    quisite details of this panel. In fa

    more detail is visible in the imag

    than one would be able to detec

    when viewing the shrine in pers

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    16 ONLINE 5/2012

    Thanks to a special algorith

    developed by Centrica, de Rocc

    knows exactly where to positio

    the camera, how many shots to tak

    and the amount of overlap require

    for each section to achieve a perfec

    final image. Giotto, "Francisca

    Saint", Florence, Berenson Colle

    tion, reproduced by permission

    President and Fellows of Harvar


  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

    The many shots required for a

    single image are so precisely cap-

    tured and matched that the fina

    piece is seamless, with no indica-

    tion of where the images were

    pieced together

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    18 ONLINE 5/2012

    Three-dimensional objects, s

    the Head of a Buddha, require a

    ent approach to lighting but ma

    fewer image captures than a

    painting to create a final i

    Compared to other works of art

    here, the image file for the He

    Buddha is relatively small

    x 12000 pixels. Thai, Ayuthay

    Head of a Buddha, Florence, Be

    Collection, reproduced by perm

    of President and Fellows of H


  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    20 ONLINE 5/2012

    Perhaps one of the most signifi-

    cant works of art in the world, daVincis "Adorazione dei Magi"

    (Adoration of the Magi), was pre-

    served digitally by de Rocco at the

    Uffizi Gallery. Hasselblad loaned

    the 200MS to Centrica for this im-

    portant project, which allowed de

    Rocco to produce a final image of

    extraordinary quality, measuring

    62000 x 62000 pixels.

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    22 ONLINE 5/2012

    Making creativity and knowledge

    accessible through digital images. Ev-

    erywhere. An ambitious mission,

    indeed. But Centrica, a multi-facet-

    ed company based in Italy, is well-

    equipped to fulfill those goals with

    its software solutions and technical


    The company was formed in 1999

    by Paolo de Rocco and Marco Cappel-

    lini, who initially came together at

    the Uffizi Gallery in Florence where

    they used their computer science

    skills to work on a multimedia de-

    partment for the Gallery. After suc-

    cess with similar projects in Europe,

    the two decided to create Centrica.

    We believed, says de Rocco, there

    was a need to communicate and share

    content, specifically images, in a dif-

    ferent manner, including electronic

    distribution. This led, in part, to the

    development of specialized software

    by Centrica such as XLimage, for elec-

    tronic viewing of, and interactivity

    with, high resolution images.

    de Rocco recalls their first proj-

    ectdigitizing all 1400 works of art

    in the Uffizi using a Phase One digital

    scanning back. Each scan took four

    hours. Since Uffizi is located in a very

    old building sensitive to vibrations,

    every time a bus passed by on the

    street, even heavy, stabilized tripods

    shook, producing a less than ideal im-

    age. Now, says de Rocco, who uses the

    Hasselblad 50MS and, for special proj-

    ects, the 200MS, you can achieve the

    same result by clicking the camera.

    Although the Hasselblad Multi-

    Shot has resolved many issues, pho-

    tographing art presents a number

    of other challenges. Every painting,

    object and fresco, for instance, has to

    be photographed and lit in a different

    manner, taking into account param-

    Before capturing a section of a paint-

    ing, the frame will be examined on

    the computer. If, for example, the

    center of the frame (with the best fo-

    cus) is on a blank area, adjustments

    will be made to focus on a criticalcomponent of the painting, such

    as the hand of the baby as seen in

    this detail (right, page 23) from the

    "Adorazione dei Magi".

    In order to focus in dim lighting

    and on artwork with little con-

    trast, de Roccos assistant may

    place another object in front of the

    painting or use a laser pointer to

    help focus the lens.

    eters such as surface texture. Even

    lighting, for example, often produces

    a flat image, so de Rocco may take a

    second shot with one light predomi-

    nating over the other, layer them in

    software (he shoots tethered) and ad-

    just the level of transparency until he

    achieves the look he wants. This tech-

    nique, de Rocco says, often keeps

    the image visually alive. Since each

    project is different, and its not always

    possible to place the lights in an ideal

    position, de Rocco scouts the loca-

    tion beforehand and maps out the

    best way to proceed.

    Shooting and stitching multiple

    captures is a critical part of de Roccos

    work but can be a time-consuming,

    inexact process. But thanks to Centri-

    cas expertise in software solutions,

    an algorithm was created to deter-

    minebased on acquisition param-

    eters such as density to achieve, cam-

    era, lens, etc.where to position the

    camera, the number of shots needed,

    and the overlap required for subse-

    quent perfect stitching. The desired

    focus area is also determined through

    software calculations.

    As you can see, photographing

    art is a complex process, with many

    more factors to consider than weve

    discussed here. de Rocco, who works

    closely with his assistant, Andrea

    Bini, as well as others at Centrica,

    points out: It is impossible to have

    great results, without a great team.

    And thanks to the team, Centrica is

    fulfilling its goal of making it possible

    to share culturally relevant images.


  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    24 ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012




    SOFIE LOUCAMembers of the Hasselblad Owners Club have chosen

    a picture by Sofie Louca as Photo of the Month. Introducing

    the Cyprus-based wedding photographer and her aesthetic world.

    For the second time in almost two

    years, Sofie Loucas wedding photog-

    raphy is being showcased on the HOC

    winners page. Her stunning images

    also earned her a well-deserved place

    as a semi-finalist in the last Hassel-

    blad Masters competition, so its es-

    pecially fitting that her images are

    again featured in VICTOR.

    Louca started shooting profession-

    ally in 2002 but didnt begin her jour-

    ney in wedding photography until

    2005. Since then, she and her hus-

    band, Paul Karaolides (who is the se c-

    ond shooter alongside Louca and was

    recently a Masters finalist) have built

    a successful business with their fresh,

    contemporary style.

    Although they shoot some fashion

    for their own enjoyment, their main

    focus is on wedding photography.

    They prefer to shoot a small number

    of high end weddings, with an em-

    phasis on quality over quantity. Our

    clients are those that understand the

    importance of photography and ap-

    preciate the quality and style of our

    work, says Louca. Shooting with an

    H4D-40, she adds, serves as a unique

    selling point, an important factor in

    their success. We market ourselves

    as high end wedding photographers

    providing quality products and

    service as well as outstanding qual-

    ity images. The Hasselblad H4D-40 is

    one more aspect that gives us the edge

    over our competitors.

    Vita: Born Hertfordshire/United

    Kingdom in 1970. Provides Pho-

    toshop tutorials online. Plans

    new photo workshops in Cyprus

    for Greek speaking and English

    speaking photographers

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    26 ONLINE 5/2012


    OWNERS CLUB4/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    28 ONLINE 5/2012

    Ferit Kuyas was only 16 when he

    received his first camera, which was

    a gift from his father. But it wasnt

    until years later that he began his ca-

    reer in photography. Born in Istan-

    bul but based in Switzerland, Kuyas

    studied architecture and law in Zu-

    rich. While he holds a law degree, his

    interest in photography and archi-

    tecture prevailed and this self-taught

    photographer and 2002 Hasselblad

    Master began accepting commercial

    assignments in 1989.

    Although he considers himself a

    generalist with a credo of order, re-

    duction and richness of lightele-

    ments that come naturally to his

    style of shootingKuyas commer-

    cial assignments revolve around


    10 YEARS LATER //


    FERIT KUYASarchitecture, interiors and environ-mental portraits. But cityscapes have

    been at the center of his personal

    photography for about the last 8

    years. He currently plans to contin-

    ue his cityscape work with a trip to

    Guatemala City, which he will pho-

    tograph on 4x5 film.

    In addition to his commercial and

    editorial work, and numerous exhi-

    bitions, the award-winning Kuyas

    has published a number of books.

    His most recent project, which he

    plans to self-publish in a limited edi-

    tion next year, is Quintology of Dia-

    ries. Its a 5-part artist book with hu-

    morous and ironic titles such as 50

    objects I havent touched in 5 years

    and Everything you didnt want to

    know about me. While it may not

    hit the New York Times best-seller

    list, Quintology certainly has

    piqued our interest and is another

    indication of Kuyas versatility and


    In closing, Kuyas talked about

    his 2002 Hasselblad Masters Award.

    Im really proud of the award and

    very honored, says Kuyas. Prob-

    ably the biggest impact was t hat I got

    more confidence in myselfconfi-

    dence that helped him move forward

    with this career in photography that

    he is so passionate about.

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    30 ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    32 ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    34 ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    36 ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    38 ONLINE 5/2012


    Items and topics in the next issue of VICTOR online may be

    changed or post-poned due to editorial or other reasons.

    Be surprised by inspiring portfolios, keep

    up-to-date with the most significant photo-

    graphic trends and read leading news for

    the photography community. On June 1st,

    2012, check your monitor for the next

    issue of VICTOR online.

    All articles and illustrations contained i

    the online magazine are subject to the l

    of copyright. Any form of utilisation bey

    the narrow limits imposed by the laws o

    copyright and without the expressed pe

    sion of the publisher is forbidden and w

    prosecuted. We accept no responsibility

    unsolicited material and this will only b

    returned if appropriate postage is includ

    Hasselblad is a registered trademark of V

    Hasselblad A/S, Denmark.

    VICTOR online | 5/2012

    [email protected]



    Hejrevej 30

    2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark


    Global Photographer Relations

    Manager Hasselblad:Paul Waterworth

    [email protected]



    OWNERS CLUB5/2012

    >>Discover the aesthetic world

    of the photographer who took the

    Hasselblad Owners Club photo of

    the month: Jo Fober.

    MONTY RAKUSEN>>industrial photography with the beautyof graphic design

    RODNEY SMITH>>an exquisite synergy of fashion

    and landscape captured on film

  • 8/2/2019 Victor Hasselblad 05 2012


    ONLINE 5/2012



    PANTONE is the property of Pantone LLC. 98% coverage of PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE solid coated palette based on Epson Proong Paper Wh

    Semimatte printed with Epson printer driver at 2880x1440dpi. PANTONE coverage may vary when printed with a third-party RIP.


    Create photographs and ne art images with colour thats true to your original.

    Delivering one of the widest colour gamuts available and rst-class colour-matching

    abilities from Epson UltraChrome HDR inks and the Epson Advanced-TFP printhead.

    In addition, Digigraphie by Epson ensures the highest standards for digital art

    reproduction, guaranteeing exceptional print quality and durability every time you print.

    The Epson Stylus Pro 4900 delivers prints that are every bit as good as the original.

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