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Vine for Good

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Learn about the ins and outs of the social video creation and sharing app, Vine, and its applications to social impact. Slides are great for simple examples and resources, but the real meat comes from our guest host Peter Heacock. So be sure to watch the complementary audio that goes along with it here: Areas covered: Intro to Vine Content Theory Case Studies


  • Vine for Good
  • Meet Dave and peter @davidgloss @peteheacock
  • Who is HMC? Social Impact Storytelling Contact [email protected] @HMCTwit
  • Agenda #HMC101 , #VINEFORGOOD Who is Peter and Why is he here? What is Vine? Getting Started Thinking in Content Ways you Can Use Vine for your Community Resources Questions
  • AgendaPeter? Who is
  • Agenda vine? What is
  • Agenda uSE Ways to VINE Show Off Your Personality Show Off a Product or Service Quick Product Demo or How-To Create Hype Collaborate with Partners Human Resources #HMC101 , #VINEFORGOOD
  • Agenda uSE Ways to VINE
  • Agenda Started Getting Vine Is Video For The Masses The best Vines use the limitations of the app to their advantage Consider Looping Carefully Be positive Vine Is A Great Way To Harness UserGenerated Content Be creative Vine Requires Care And Feeding Be vulnerable Use Vine's hashtags Enter contests Think about the sound
  • Agenda rESOURCES DOWNLOAD VINE/TWITTER FAQ Peter Heacock ; @PeteHeacock Heres My Chance ; @hmctwit #HMC101 , #VINEFORGOOD
  • Thank you for your time Questions?