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Vinfotech is creating an impressive folio of best in class web and mobile solutions, with a strong product development methodology in collaboration with exciting startups as well as veteran business globally. www.vinfotech.c om

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  • Vinfotech is creating an impressive folio of best in class web and mobile solutions, with a strong product development methodology in collaboration with exciting startups as well as veteran business globally.


  • LocationsIndiaUSAIndustries We ServeOur Solutionswww.vinfotech.comVinfotech Corporate Profile

  • Vinfotech is a great combination of right-brain & left- brain capabilities.

    While our designers create award winning user interfaces; our engineering team, armed with its ever-expanding portfolio of technical abilities, develops innovative applications for them.

    Together when the designers and engineers work you can be sure that it will result in pure magicwww.vinfotech.comUI Focused Engineering

  • Web and Mobile Engineering

    UI Designing


    Support & Maintenance



  • www.vinfotech.comOur Project Management Process

  • SERVICES FOR STARTUPSwww.vinfotech.comAgile Development Methodology


  • www.vinfotech.comBest in Class Tools

  • www.vinfotech.comWhy Vinfotech ?

  • Hire VinfotechTo Create


  • Strong ProcessesHomegrown Project Management Methodology for Successful Project Delivery.

    99.0%Success Rate


  • Office in San Francisco and offshore development center in India

    Experience: Weve successfully executed 400 plus mobile, web and cloud projects over the last 10 years

    With 150+ full time staff, we are big enough to handle your most important projects and small enough to be nimble

    Ability to scale quickly: Weve made some very smart processes to ensure that we can put additional designers or programmers on your project, almost On-Demand

    www.vinfotech.comBenefits Vinfotech Can Offer

  • Efficient process: Every project goes through around 400 checklist items during the course of design and development. We will not go wrong

    Consulting and mentoring

    Intellectual Property: Through confidentiality agreements with team members, an infrastructure that offers world class security and a deep sense of ethics, we safeguard your sensitive information at every step

    www.vinfotech.comBenefits Vinfotech Can OfferContinued

  • 100 Programmers (and growing)Challenge us with a problem in Programming and there is a high probability that weve dealt with it before

    Weve strong skills to develop complex, highly scalable and data intensive applications.

    Were Agile: We understand that Product

    Development initiatives need regular and quick rollouts

    We Learn quickly: We never claim to know it all; but

    the culture at Vinfotech is all about learningwww.vinfotech.comExpert Engineering Skills

  • Our Engineers are Smart, Really Smart: We pick only the best, offer them best-in-class salaries. When you hire us, you can be confident that you are getting an A+We area Passionate: As a team we are crazy enough to a believe that we can change the world

    Quality Checks: If our QC team says its working well; you will not see any issues. PERIOD

    Blazing Fast Applications: Front End Optimized, DB Checked, SQL Tested, Application Logic vetted. Your app will go through multiple benchmark tests to make sure that it loads and runs incredibly fast

    www.vinfotech.comExpert Engineering Skills.Contd

  • www.vinfotech.comDedicated Relationship Manager is assigned the moment a customer signs up. He works with them throughout the lifetime even after the project is complete

    Your Representative at Vinfotech, the Relationship Manager works across teams and the length & breadth of the organization with the sole aim of addressing and fulfilling customer needs

    Works on three key areas 1) Escalations 2) Track progress and gauge if there are any areas that need tightening 3) Identify New Avenues that we can work together on

    At Vinfotech, we believe in Building a Lifelong Customer RelationshipsCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Our presence & clients are spread across the Globe.Geographical


  • www.vinfotech.comOur Customers Speak

  • Very impressed with your team! MVP2 is not only beautiful but also delivers a fun and smooth user experience. I felt overwhelmed with appreciation for my team, you guys. You're not just programming, or taking on another project, but really investing your thoughts and efforts into making sure this thing is great. Client Testimonials



  • Client Testimonials

    Charles TaniguchiCinnamonwww.vinfotech.comwww.vinfotech.comAs a first time client of an oversea service for the design of my app, Vinfotech has been of great help, bringing valuable advice and support along the process on different matters. Not only offering very competitive pricing, they also provided a great team of designers that was very reactive with a strong understanding of the business. Definitely a company that I woudd recommend." Charles T.


  • I was told that "India designs would not be as good as an American designers." Gentlemen, I am here to tell you that you have proved everyone of those doubters WRONG! The website looks absolutely amazing and it's everything I could have dreamed of.Chris

    Client Testimonials


  • This is definitely the World Class UI Design I was hoping to get, and in addition, I am totally enjoying the responsiveness of the entire Team working on this project. I really appreciate the Team's thoughtfulness in making suggestions and recommendations where they deem necessary. This indeed, shows that you carry-on projects as if they were your own.Client Testimonials

    Tony Hubbard


  • www.vinfotech.comOur PortfolioPlease have a look at the below link to go through our portfolio:

    Link :

  • Look forward to our collaborationThank-youKamlesh [email protected] our portfolio app