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  • We create UI driven & HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Solutions on Web & Mobile

  • We specialize in Healthcare software innovations on Mobile & Web We help the innovators solve healthcares biggest problems with Human-Centric design married with disruptive ideas. We are a team of 225+ exceptional designers and developers, for delivering ground breaking Healthcare IT products with an end to end compliant driven process.

    Who we are ?

  • What we have built ? Some of our work


    ClinicYou Collaborative medical practice management software on web & mobile PHYSICIAN PORTAL


    ClinicYou Collaborative medical practice management software on web & mobile PATIENT PORTAL


    ClinicYou Collaborative medical practice management software on web & mobile

  • Medlinx: Enterprise collaboration Platform that unites physicians, careteam and patients in hospital

  • Medlinx is a collaboration platform to securely share patient information between authorized members of clinical team comprising of Doctors, Nurses, Support staff, and the Patient. Medlinx offers secure ways to chat, plan a discharge, create and assign tasks, update a patient's status, share pictures, and view snapshot of a patient's information from the EMR.

    . Medlinx is built with interoperability and integration in mind, which makes it easy to bolt-on to existing EMRs and break silos of information in healthcare system.


    Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, AES 256 encryption, Xcode, Android SDK


  • *Medlinx supports many transfer protocols used across healthcare industry like MLLP, HTTP, TCP/IP, SOAP, SFTP, DICOM, XML, CDA, CCD, X12 etc. *Medlinx seasmlessly integrates with AllScripts EMR (Native API integration with SunRise products using Helios SDK) * We also integrate with HL7 ADT feeds from the hospital system to automatically add patients during admission, capture updates during transfer, and get discharge information of patients.

    Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, AES 256 encryption, Xcode, Objective C, Android SDK

    Technical Information

  • *Medlinx has a robust role-based access control in place to fully

    control the access of electronic patient health information (e-PHI).

    *Medlinx has an in-built audit trail log feature which captures

    information on who, what, when, and where the e-PHI is accessed

    for tracking.

    Medlinx allows administrators full control of read, write, and delete

    permissions so that e-PHI is not improperly altered or destroyed

    *All Medlinx users are authenticated using a unique ID and

    password during login.

    Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, AES 256 encryption, Xcode, Objective C, Android SDK

    Technical Information

  • *Medlinx mandates the use of SSL / TLS during all data

    transmission in and out of API, ensuring unique session keys to

    encrypt and decrypt the data and validate the integrity of the data.

    *All data during transmission is encrypted using AES 256 along

    with SSL/TLS encryption.

    *In Medlinx, all e-PHI is stored in encrypted format using AES 256

    cryptographic algorithm.

    Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, AES 256 encryption, Xcode, Objective C, Android SDK

    Technical Information

  • PACS System: Medical Imaging Solution for Opthalmology URL:

  • This is a PACS system on web designed for Opthalmology. This

    system connects with various devices in various offices. These are

    OCT and retinal angiograms.

    Zeiss & Heidelberg OCTs sends the DICOM files to SFTP location from where it gets pushed to the PACS server. Any new files generated from the OCT machines gets added to PACS file listing interface via Mirth (SFTP location). Physicians can view the files on a secured DICOM viewer with comparer tool for left and the right eye.

    Technology Used: DCM4CHEE, Mirth, ASP.NET


    compliant HL7

  • MyEMAR: Online Electronic Medication Administration Records URL:

  • One of the most critical things in healthcare is the medication given to patients in Assisted Living Facilities. Despite all precautions, patients

    often suffer at the hands of caregivers when given incorrect medication or dose to the patient. MyEMAR aims at making the medication

    administration process simple, accountable and effective to the benefit of the patient.

    MyEMAR application follows HIPAA for secured sharing and integration of key patient information. It is an accurate and a comprehensive system

    where the data is converted and carried in a reliable manner.


    Technology Used: .Net, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, JQuery

  • Technology Used: DCM4CHEE, Mirth, ASP.NET

    Technical Snapshot

  • Technology Used: DCM4CHEE, Mirth, ASP.NET

    Patient DICOM files UI listing interface

    We have implemented HL7 mechanism for getting DICOM images from OCT

    machines and send them to PACS system via an HL7 interface, Mirth.

  • Carepoint: Drug tracking application

  • Carepoint is a HIPAA compliant iPad application that enables doctors in practices and pharma companies to excecute efficient drug tracking all

    the way from order through reimbursement.

    We have implemented EMR integration, and ADT HL7 patient appointment feeds in the system.

    Technology Used: ASP.NET, MySQ, Xcode, iOS 6


    compliant HL7

  • Technology Used: ASP.NET, MySQL, Xcode, iOS 6

    Patient Information Interface

  • PopRx: Prescription management & delivery app URL:

  • PopRx is a secure and reliable prescription management and

    delivery app. You can use this app to Rx Fill, Refill, Transfer

    prescriptions in seconds. Door-step delivery free of cost.

    Take a picture of your prescription and get it delivered to you on the

    same day for free by our partner pharmacies near-by your location.

    PopRx is highly secure. Bank grade encryption in place. All data is

    encrypted using AES256 and securely transmitted using ADT.

    Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Angular.js, HTML5, iOS



  • Coming Soon

  • MedCare Tech: Electronic Medical Record System for Hospice URL:

  • KOL: Secure platform that faciliates communication between pharma professionals & physicians


  • How do we work with Customers ? Getting the requirements & design right


    Agile development methodology


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