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VIP Account Enrollment Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Funeral Homes Edition. Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health Registry of Vital Records and Statistics WEBINAR - VIDEO VERSION. There are four forms to fill out. Three on paper to be mailed to RVRS: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


VIP Account EnrollmentElectronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Funeral Homes Edition

Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health Registry of Vital Records and Statistics


Welcome to the VIP Account Enrollment ModuleFuneral home users are essential to the Commonwealths new Electronic Death Registration System. Funeral home users must be online prior to EDRS start up on January first.. A funeral home that is not online prior to implementation will be required to "work through" another funeral home that is online. Please do not delay.This video guides you in enrolling in the Vitals Information Partnership EDRS system, commonly known as VIP.

Enrollment encompasses three paper forms that must be completed, two which must be signed by a contractually binding member of your funeral home, and one agreement form for each user. and The originals, not copies, are to be mailed to our office in Dorchester. Additionally, there is one Excel spreadsheet, listing all the specific users within the funeral home which must be emailed to our office.

The enrollment process should be initiated now as it involves multiple state offices and typically takes three weeks, with no expedited process available.Training is available now. Lets discuss the environment for todays training:

1VIP Account EnrollmentWebinar Requests

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Please hold questions for the endComment on slide: Id change the subtitle to Webinar Instructions. Id add on the slide the instruction to not place the call on hold. Change hold questions to lower case.

If you are viewing this video as part of a live webinar, please mute your phone using the star 6 on your keypad. Use the same star 6 to unmute.

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Please take notes and hold your questions until the end. This training is comprehensive and growing. The questions that you provide us at the end will be answered immediately, if possible, or by email, and we will factor your questions into the next presentation. If you are viewing this outside of a live webinar, please email your questions. Contact information is provided at the end.

We strive to improve and make this process easy for you.

The overview for the enrollment process.2There are four forms to fill out

Three on paper to be mailed to RVRS:1. Virtual Gateway (VG) Services Agreement2. Designation of Access Administrator Agreement 3. VIP User AgreementRegistry of Vital Records and StatisticsATTN: Hansy Noel150 Mt. Vernon Street, 1st FloorBoston, MA 02125-3105One form to be filled out in Excel and emailed to RVRS4. User Request

There are four forms to fill out to be enrolled in the VIP process as a funeral home.

Three of the forms are on paper.

The first form registers your funeral home organization with the Commonwealths Virtual Gateway.

The second designates one or more Access Administrators that will be responsible for establishing and disabling accounts your funeral home

The third, required of every user, is a security, and policy agreement informing the Commonwealth that the user knows and agrees to abide by the system rules.

A fourth form is filled out, by the Access Administrator, in Excel, and specifically emailed from the Access Administrators email address to the RVRS.

The entire process takes about 3 weeks. Please enroll now.The Virtual Gateway Services Agreement


VG Services Agreement

Virtual Gateway Service terms

Contract between your organization and the Commonwealth.One per organizationSubmit the paper originalComment on slide: For the video version, I would show snippets of the top of the forms that shows their titles, rather than the whole forms, as they are really completely unreadable in the video. Or, just show the form that the slide is talking about.

The VG services agreement is a paper document binding your funeral home to proper use of the services of the Commonwealths Virtual Gateway. The Virtual Gateway connects your office computer to the VIP Electronic Death Registration system.

One owner, or manager, or director, with contractual signature authority files out this paper form.

When all the paperwork is ready, and signed, the ORIGINALS are physically mailed to our office in Dorchester. (Address is given later.)

Access Administrator Form4

Designation of AccessAdministrator AgreementIdentify your Access Administrator

Access Administrator manages all of your users

Document to be signed by your owner or directorOne per organizationSubmit the paper originals by USPSIt is important to set up a main access administrator as well as a back-up administrator. You may have multiple back-up administrators.

The access administrator is the funeral homes official gatekeeper to the system. The access administrator designates employees to be added or removed. The access administrator assigns the permissions and the pin password-recovery pins for the individual users at your funeral home.

The Access Administer agreement is filled out on paper, and the original signed copies are USPS mailed to the Registry of Vital Records office.

The User Agreement


VIP User AgreementRSVS user agreement terms and conditions.

Every person is required to read and sign.

One per or AdministratorSubmit the paper original

Every user of the VIP system must understand their functional role and agree to the terms of using the system. This is key personal data and must be handled according to mandated rules of respect and privacy.

Every one of your users must complete and sign a paper VIP User Agreement. The originals must be sent by mail to the Registrys office in Dorchester.

Paper work is done, now for the one Excel emailed document.6

USER REQUEST FORMOne per organizationEmail the Excel file from the ACCESS ADMINISTRATOR

Access Administrator emails the User Request to

Required to generate the VIP and VG user accounts.

Form is used for future user changes.Comment on slide: Make sure it is as legible as possible. Include email address to send to?

The user request form is an Excel spreadsheet that is submitted and updated by email to RVRS by the Access Administrator and allows for modifying a users permissions, security pin or creating a new user, or removing a user who has left your employ.

It is the responsibility of the Access Administrator to promptly update your employee privilege list and keep it current.

Lets review the basic Funeral Home Enrollment Process. We will go over some of the form details later.7Overview of Steps

A funeral home may register for the VIP Electronic Death Registration system by completing 4 forms.

The virtual gateway Services Agreement establishes the relationship between your organization and the Commonwealth computer services through their secure virtual gateway.

The Access Administrator agreement designates people at your funeral home authorized to manage users and their system privileges at your funeral home

The Vitals Information Partnership User Agreement binds every user to the policies and proper use of the system.

The User Request Form, an Excel document, allows the Access Administrator to authorize new users, modify existing user information, or revoke exiting employee accounts in near real time.

Now, lets get into some of the details of these forms.1Virtual Gateway (VG) Services Agreement


Chapman, Cole, and Gleason Funeral Home12345-67David ChapmanDavid ChapmanDirector, President8/23/2013

Chapman, Cole, and Gleason Funeral Home2599 Cranberry HighwayWareham, MA 02571VG Services AgreementEnter the name of person to receive a copy of the agreement and addressDavid ChapmanEnter the legal business or organization namefollowed by the tax ID #. Complete with signature of a person authorized to sign legal documents for the organization, printed name, title and the date

10VG Services Agreement(Completed Sample)


The virtual gate way services agreement is a binding contract between your funeral home and the commonwealth that sets up your responsibilities to manage information, and your employees for safe secure information transfer into the vital records electronic death registration system.

In the top half enter the mailing information for your funeral home. We will send copies of this and other documents to this address.

In the bottom half we are looking for an authorized representative of your business, your FEIN or Tax id number, title, dates and signature.

Please leave the commonwealth portion empty.

Ignore the address on the form and use the address provided at the end of this presentation.112Designation of Access Administrator Agreement

The key purpose of the administrator agreement is to set up an administrator and one or more backup administrators to set up permissions and roles of your employees. We will now look at populating the fields of the form.12

This information is the same as the VG Services Agreement(Page 1 of 2)Designation of AccessAdministrator Agreement

The person who will be designated ACCESS ADMINISTRATOR signs followed by printing name and titleChapman Cole & Gleason 12345-67David ChapmanDavid ChapmanDirector, Presi


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