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1. Lizas ChildrensENTER THEATRE Museum :ENTER MUSEUM South Carolina 2. `LOBBYDigital Clocks 3. An analog clock is a clock that displays the time ofday by the position of hands on a dial.Source: thefreedictionary.comAn analog clock has two needles, or hands, theshorter of which points to the hour, and the longerof which points to minutes. The longer hand movesfaster clockwise (following the numbers in order)and the shorter hand moves slowly from hour tohour in the same direction.Return to Museum 4. A digital clock is a clock that displaysthe time of day digitally.Source: thefreedictionary.comThe first two digits before the colon(double dots) show the hour from oneto twelve. The last two digits afterthe colon show the minutes from zeroto fifty-nine. As time progresses, thenumbers get bigger on both sides!Return to Museum Return to Museum 5. EXIT 6. Dictionary:"Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus." The Free Dictionary. Farlex.Web. 25 Feb. 2012. .Images: to Lobby